Health alert! The Frigost whale is a little under the weather. How about getting rid of those pesky pests rumbling about in its stomach? This brand new dungeon rusher will net you the Protoz'orror Shield – as long as you come out on top between Friday, March 1 (at 4:01 p.m.*) and Monday, March 4 (at 8:59 a.m.*)!

The Protoz'orror's not very nice but he certainly has his appeal! This boss infecting the heart room in the belly of the whale (Yes, you read that right! We're in a game, not anatomy class!) even tends to be a bit clingy. It's up to you to flush him out!

From Friday, March 1 (at 4:01 p.m.*) through Monday, March 4 (at 8:59 a.m.*), defeat Protoz'orror in his dungeon and win a Protoz'orror shield!


- The shield will be obtained directly from the boss.

- The boss must be killed in their dungeon; monsters killed in arenas don't count.

- Drops are limited to one shield per character, but the shield will be linked to the account.

* Paris time.