Grab a group of adventurers, an annoyed Gobball, and a tub of donut batter. Stir well! You'll know why the Big Wave emote is on sale in the Shop until Sunday, March 10…

The World of Twelve is full of tall tales, the authenticity of which just can't be proven. But this one is, of course, 100% true! It happened during the Too-Faux Karnaval.

A small group of adventurers was on their way back from a tofuhouse, loaded up with eggs to make donuts, when suddenly an enraged Gobball charged at them. They all took off running – all but one, lost in thought as he nibbled on a donut. To warn him of the impending Gobball collision, his friends started waving their arms frantically. "Gobble, err, Gobball!" they yelled. At the last second, the donut nibbler narrowly avoided one disaster only to cause another. As he dodged the Gobball, he dropped his donut, tripped, and landed smack dab on it.

When his friends helped him up, his donut was hopelessly flat – flat as a pancake. As he gazed sadly down on it, a revolutionary idea popped into his head: "Hey, guys, what do you say we make pancakes for a change?"

The Big Wave emote was created in memory of that fateful day, and that's why pancakes are served at the Karnaval. (What isn't commonly known, however, is that a small faction on the Emote Naming Committee is still, to this very day, lobbying to change its name to the "Flat-as-a-Pancake Wave".)

You're in luck: The emote is on sale in the shop starting today. It'll be available until Sunday, March 10 (at 11:59 p.m. Paris time) for just €4,50!