Have you always dreamed of being a pirate and riding the crest of roaring waves, ready to accost and board every ship you cross? Only… you get seasick… Don't be sad. Bring your inner pirate to life with the Pirate Hold haven bag! Through March 31, get this haven bag for free with your Dofus shop purchases!

There are Gobbowl fans who really let their expertise shine while stuck to their jellivision sets… and future explorers who spend more time dreaming about dungeons than exploring them… So why not play the pirate from the safety of your own home?! Set the tone with the Pirate Hold haven bag!

If you make any purchases in the shop, through Sunday, March 31, as soon as the amount of your purchases reaches 13.000 OG* you'll receive the Pirate Hold haven bag as a bonus!

Ahoy, mateys!

Hoist the mainsail and head to the shop!


* The minimum amount of 13,000 OG must be reached in a single basket.