For her annual festival from March 14 through 21, the goddess Pandawa is waiting for you in the game… And in the online Ankama Shop where, from March 14 through 17, your purchases will set off a shower of gifts at different thresholds!

As soon as the bamboo milk starts flowing and the green starts growing, they can't help themselves: Leprechauns come running! But there's no way Twelvians are going to let them spoil the Pandawa festival from March 14 through 21! So, they're going to flush them out wherever they're hiding: in Astrub, in the Low Crackler Mountain, and in the Bwork and Goblin Camps (which says a lot about their relationship skills…). And there's always one or two Clover Fairyworks to win!

The in-game shop is even getting in on the occasion: for those eight days, it's offering the Saint Potrick haven bag! Until Thursday, March 21 (11:59 p.m. Paris time), the haven bag will be available for €4 or 3,500 OG!

And so it isn't left out, the online Ankama Shop is ready to shower you with gifts! From March 14 through 17, not only will it give you a Maskemane or Remington figurine* with every purchase (selected randomly), but it'll throw in more gifts that increase based on your purchase amount:

  • €15 purchase = a free Tofu stuffed toy**
  • €25 purchase = a double card: free Ancient Sufokia shield (DOFUS) and free Bump costume (WAKFU)**
  • €35 purchase = a free Krosmaster Arena Piwate Pack**
  • €50 purchase = a free Lady/Flèche Maliki pillow**
  • €100 purchase = a free Kassius Kaos XL figurine**

Don't wait! Take advantage of the offer through Sunday, March 17 at 11:59 p.m. (Paris time)!

* Offer limited to the first 150 orders.

** Excluding shipping. While supplies last.