As we're mindful of the many discussions we've read about this topic on our forums, we'd like to hear the views of the community.

Previously, when launching a new Kolossium season, all players' ratings were kept. This made the rankings somewhat rigid, causing problems for some of you – and to be honest, for us too.

According to the discussions we've read about this topic on many forum threads, many people think it makes it possible to find more opponents and to reduce the waiting time between fights.

However, you have to keep in mind that, although placement fights partly resolve the level imbalance that may exist between two players, many fights are necessary to reach a stabilized rating.

In order to check with you that a total reset of Kolossium ratings for each new season meets your expectations, we'd like you to give your view by commenting on the thread below.

EDIT - March 20

First of all, thank you all very much for your feedback. 

During an AnkamaLive this week, it was announced that the ratings will be reset with the next Dofus update. Season 3 will kick off the week after the reset so that you can start the new season with a more stable rating.

Edit - April 9

The ratings will be reset in the week after the update. This will also be the kick off of Season 3!