Since the start of the year, we've had a lot of feedback and concerns from you about in-game performance and stability.

DOFUS will be celebrating its 15th birthday this year, and we've let problems build up that are now preventing you from taking advantage of a consistently satisfactory in-game experience.

Since the start of the year, the development team has been working to correct these problems, but since they are complex and potentially regressive, we couldn't bring the main changes online outside of a major update and without testing them for you in beta beforehand. Update 2.51 is therefore the opportunity to share these developments with you, and we're counting on you to give us as much feedback as possible before its release.

Here's a little overview of the bug fixes and technical improvements with the greatest impact that await you (the full list of bug fixes will be available in the version changelog, as usual).

Bug Fixes

  • Missiz Freezz: You were eagerly waiting for this bug fix, as this boss (snowdrift mechanic) hadn't been working as planned for several months now. We've rewritten her from the ground up so she'll recover her initial gameplay.
  • Spectator mode in the ISK: We've fixed two bugs that made it impossible to watch an ISK fight as a spectator (possibility of watching several different fights during the same session and access to spectator mode from the Kolossium map).
  • Distribution of monsters on maps: Monsters tended to build up in the top-left corner of maps, which will no longer be the case.
  • Previewing damage: Previewing spell damage was overhauled entirely during the previous update. A few problems persist, and we've fixed (among other things) the previews of Rogues' bombs, Xelors' movements, and trap areas of effect.

Game Client Performance

This is the big one in this update. The team worked on improving performance (consumption, RAM and CPU) and reducing memory leaks.
For this update, we focused our attention on the following:

  • Loading characters,
  • Loading interfaces,
  • Searching and sorting in marketplaces and the encyclopedia,
  • Displaying characters, monsters and auras,
  • And calculating movements on the map (outside of combat).

Simultaneously, an effort was made on the graphic and animation side to optimize certain elements that were too resource-hungry (monsters, emotes, FX and equipment).

During our tests, we noted improvements of between 15% and 40 % in memory consumption, depending on the actions performed.

These optimizations are being complemented by a reduction in loading times. As an example, when changing characters, entering the game takes two seconds, whereas it previously took 10 seconds.

This is just the beginning, and this effort will continue throughout the year.

So, What's Next?

Certain priority optimizations and bug fixes are not yet ready to be brought online and will continue throughout the year. Among our objectives, we will focus on:

  • Continuing with bug fixes on previewing damage,
  • Continuing optimizing performance, especially in terms of displaying characters and animations,
  • And continuing optimizing graphical elements.

Other bug fixes are in the works and will arrive quicker, but won't necessarily be linked to a major update:

  • Bug fixes relating to unlocking shields and displaying the KE,
  • Reactivating transcendence runes,
  • And bug fixes for mount and petsmount emotes.

We're always mindful of your feedback! We can't always immediately answer your questions about in-game bugs and developments. We've decided to make major efforts in terms of how we manage our communication about the game, and this implies not making false promises that might disappoint you. Therefore, we only communicate once we're certain we can provide you with a reliable answer.

However, we encourage you to stay active and continue to report any bugs and issues you encounter in the game, so that we can continue to work on improving your experience in DOFUS, day in day out!