His detractors claim that Xelor overdid it with the bamboo milk and that he was about to play with time to tease adventurers. That's not the case! On the contrary, he's going to need their help: To answer his call, you'd better be well equipped! The new subscription packs are here for that very purpose!

Starting with the next update (2.51), time and space will produce both strange and unexpected cocktails: temporal anomalies. Lo and behold, characters from other places and times will be showing up (and showing people up…) where they don't belong! And then your bearings will be very close to disappearing!

Xelor, who takes a dim view of all this, will need you! To lend him a helping hand, you must be able to resist these infernal distortions both mentally and physically! Your best weapon? The Anakronik set! You'll find it in the new subscription packs, available now in the store.

  • 1 month: 1 item from the Anakronik set (of your choosing)
  • 3 months: 1 Anakronik set (full - hat, cloak, and shield)
  • 6 months: 1 Anakronik set (full) + 1 Anakronik dragoturkey harness
  • 1 year: 1 Anakronik set (full) + 1 Anakronik dragoturkey harness + 1 Anakronik emote