Zaaps going wild, unexpected creatures and characters coming out of them… A new era is about to begin. Will you be there?

A shroud of mystery is taking hold of the World of Twelve, and the fabric of spacetime – called the Continuum – is in danger of tearing itself apart. Will you rise to this new challenge? Will you get to the source of the temporal anomalies in an attempt to save the World of Twelve?

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What's in Update 2.51

The Makings of the Eliocalypse

Hunt down the temporal anomalies and face the monsters in the suspicious sub-areas – what you and other players do will trigger the opening of the Zaaps into… the unknown!

Rare Loot

You asked for them, and they're back! Three new items to collect straight from monsters, inspired by the "Aquatic" theme, are arriving in this update.

Kolossium Season 3

A reset of the ratings will inaugurate this new season, which looks full of promise.

Fleaster Island

Nope! It wasn't an Aperirel fool's joke! Fleaster is entitled to his island, and very soon, it'll reveal itself as a chocolate surprise egg. To explore it until the very last bite, however, you'll have to wait until mid-April, after having encountered the temporal anomalies… All in good time!

The Legendary Pets

Your little companions are evolving! You can now grant your pets a legendary power once they reach their maximum level and after completing a series of objectives.
Unlike what the in game text says, the legendary power won't be available for the moment for non-evolutive pets and petsmounts (for example: Karmeleon), nor for breeded mounts. However, it is expected that these powers will be available later, although we have no date to announce.

Special Pack

The Eliocalypse is beginning… Lay low! Okay, but… where?

Until Sunday, April 14 (11:59 p.m. Paris time), in the store, the special pack released with this update offers you one month of subscription, 6,000 OG, and a temporal haven bag – the ideal hiding place in the event of a cataclysm!

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