When the boundaries of what is real become blurred, when there's something strange in your neighborhood, or when unexplained glimmers seize the Zaaps, who you gonna call? Fax Mystheur and Nada Skelet, our two agents from the Office of Frankly Bizarre Affairs! And what could be more bizarre than… temporal anomalies?

A feline shadow appeared in the blurred glass of the door. After knocking, she entered with a creaking noise, without waiting for a reply.


A red-haired Sram moved forward in a poorly lit office where the rare high windows suggested the room was in a basement. A ray of light drew the attention of Nada Skelet to a poster; "I BELIEVE!" was written in capitals on the blurry drawing of Father Kwismas, walking through the woods with an outstretched hand, as if he were protecting himself from a blinding light.

"This drawing was made with charcoal a few weeks ago by an Enutrof named Bybo Bahr," Fax Mystheur asserted proudly, who got up suddenly from under his desk, full of conviction, but with his hat on crooked. "He was coming home from the nightclub… you know? That club they join if they're too busy in the daytime to join dayclubs? Anyhow! The creature was staggering through the woods when an old man startled him. He took some paper and charcoal out of his pocket to draw wi…"

"It's a fake, Mystheur. Even my grandmother could see that."
"A 'fake'?"

"Yes, a fake – not worth a dime!"

"Oh, a 'fake'… Well I believe it's real!"

"I know," she sighed, showing the poster. "It's marked on it… But I don't want to start another interminable discussion with you. What's going on? You left me a message to come here as quickly as I could because… (she forms quotation marks with her fingers and her voice changes) 'this time, I'm telling you, it's real, Skelet…'"

The Xelor showed no emotion in response to this mediocre imitation. He took off his hat, reshaping it properly and adjusting it, before taking a new illustration out of his drawer. With a wave, he slid it across the desk toward Skelet, who caught it and gazed at it. It depicted a hooded Huppermage in a crimson cape. Her strong, profound gaze seemed to tell a tale…


"That's right, Skelet. 'The Butcher of Brakmar.'"

"But why are you showing me this drawing?"

"It's a facial composite I was given this morning. Let me give you the rundown: Last night, at 10:57, Nett Werkfolt collapsed in the vicinity of the Brakmar Zaap. The Masqueraider fell to his knees and got the impression that in the blink of an eye, he was taken to a place that looked like Brakmar, but without being Brakmar. He recognized the purplish ground, the spiked buildings, but there was something strange. The place seemed deserted, everything seemed dead, as if time had stopped. He raised his head. That's when she appeared, compelling – her gaze weighed very heavily on Nett. He was unable to move. Julith seemed at home, in a world where she reigned master over all. Until that… unsettling… moment… that I can't analyze…"

"Which one?" the Sram asked, seeming captivated at last.

"Well… Nett told me that Julith was startled by a squirrel."


"It was scampering after an acorn."


"She tried to char him in one move, according to Nett, but the brute apparently survived and fled… I don't know if this has any meaning, if it's an interpretation by the brain – maybe a kind of defense mechanism against an extremely scary situation – or a purely symbolic vision… Anyway, Nett Werkfolt woke up 56 minutes later in the same place and guess what?… His watch had stopped at 10:57! Isn't that incredible?"

"And how did he know that 56 minutes had elapsed?"

"I don't know; he must have asked a passerby."

"Or a squirrel…" she murmured.

"Come again?"

"Oh, nothing… So where's the acorn in all that?" the Sram said sarcastically.

"Not a trace…" Mystheur replied mysteriously rather literally.

"It was a joke, Fax! I don't care about the acorn or the squirrel! You were telling me about a Masqueraider who had a fainting spell and… a woman who died over 200 years ago!"

"Oh! I immediately thought of a spirit too! But Nett Werkfolt looked at me weirdly when I asked him if he'd tried putting his arm through her… Never mind. If you want further clarification, here's a very-much-complete file I wrote about our beloved witch…"

He slid a folder across the desk and Nada read the first page:

First Name: Julith
Last Name: Abigor
Class: Huppermage
Profession: Witch, butcher, guardian of the Ebony Dofus, organizer of dramatic events
Hobbies: Knitting and necromancy

Key Dates:

  • In the middle of the 80s (380!), Julith became a Huppermage at the end of her training alongside Jahash Jurgen.
  • At the end of the 80s, having earned her witch's certificate and diploma as guardian of the Ebony Dofus, she tried to destroy Bonta. But Jahash, now guardian of the Ivory Dofus and protector of the city of Bonta, wasn't too eager – destruction could project an image of his city that was hardly positive.
  • Their combat is said to have lasted 68 days, until on the 69th day, a turn of events (huhu…) brought things to a close – they fell in love.
  • A son was born of this union: Joris Jurgen, in the year 390 (info to be verified – there are inconsistencies regarding his age… he's apparently still alive!).
  • That same year, Jahash sacrificed himself to save Bonta. The circumstances of this disappearance are unclear, but Julith seemingly made a huge blunder.
  • So, still in 390, Kerub Crepin took Joris in (it should be noted that the same inconsistencies as for Joris apply to this Ecaflip…).
  • In the year 400, the renowned witch with the off-putting name of the "Butcher of Brakmar" made a resounding comeback, but the circumstances and consequences of this return are even more unclear than the last time…

"Actually, that does look very complete to me…" Nada nodded.

"Thanks! At the end, you'll find Nett Werkfolt's full statement. He's the one who made the facial composite…"

"We're incredibly lucky that all the witnesses know how to draw so well…"

"Yes, I think so too!" Fax replied with true enthusiasm, not noticing his colleague's sarcasm as she rolled her eyes. "Right, to work!"

To be continued…

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