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They're back to right wrongs, save the world from devastation, convince everyone that their version is right, and uncover the truth. Nothing can stop them. Nada and Fax – more revealing than hottest tell-all in print – are here to save us all from… temporal anomalies!

Fax's deformed reflection grimaced in a magnifying mirror. He was inspecting his teeth closely.

"You're sure I don't haf anyfing in my teef?"

Behind the desk, Nada Skelet didn't look up from the file she was studying.

"Absolutely sure, Mystheur…"

The Xelor pushed aside the mirror suspended from the ceiling by a metal arm. Then he ran his tongue over his front teeth.

"I love sunflower seeds, but they get stuck everywhere… (getting back to their case) So, what do you think? (changing the subject again) I wonder where Renniks gets these. The ones I get at the market are no where near as crunchy…"

"What a scumbag!"
"Who? Renniks? He's not that bad… (after some thought) Well, he does sometimes get on my nerves and I want to say, 'Yo, dude, get off my bandages! You want more proof? Fine. But stop throwing out all the proof I get you!' But it's always 'The jury'll never believe that, Mystheur,' 'Clean your glasses, Mystheur,' or 'The eye witness is blind, Mystheur,' with him. You won't get me to do better by tearing me down…"
"I was talking about Leorictus."

"… Just the opposite, fool!"

"I was talking about Leorictus!" said Nada again louder.

(Long pause) "… Oh!"


The young Xelor studied the file that the brilliant Sram handed him.

First Name: Leorictus

Last Name: Sheram Sharm

Class: Unknown

Profession: King of Bonta

Identifying Characteristics: Went crazy.

Key Dates:

  • Leorictus was crowned in 538.
  • In 551 and 552, the King of Bonta watched the events leading to the Frigost big freeze from a distance.
  • In 554, Djaul attacked Bonta but encountered unexpected resistance. The White City launched a counterattack. Brakmar was defeated. Leorictus killed the Prince of the Dark City and seized his crown.
  • In 555, the King of Bonta seemed to lose his mind gradually for no discernible reason. From this point on, he became known as "the Grimacing King".
  • In 564, the people revolted and the Protectors abandoned Bonta.
  • In 567, King Leorictus was overthrown and died when he threw himself off the palace walls. This marked the beginning of the persecution of the Huppermages, who had supported the king to the end.

"Hmmm… The dates look right, but they left out all the documented frankly bizarre affairs. And it's a bit dry… Who wrote this?"

"Renniks. He dropped it off this morning."
"It's very good!" Mystheur corrected himself immediately. "Hmm… But I think I should fill in the gaps. As you can see, he wasn't always a… 'scumbag'. He became one. And when was that?"

"I'd say everything went to… (she made air quotes) 'sunflower seed' when he seized the Prince of Brakmar's crown," stated Nada firmly.

"Exactly! And you've got a way with euphemisms."

"Thanks. When he added the black crown to the white one, his subconscious overloaded, submerged by the weight of the responsibilities of two nations on one man – even though in practice he only governed Bonta…"

"No, I…"

"In denial, he fell into the grips of a syndrome that psychologists call 'Burg Nout', in reference to that tiny burg that remained isolated too long and forced its inhabitants to work incessantly…"

"Nada, I…"

"… So much so that they couldn't see that they were caught in a vicious circle. The ones who didn't die from stress and exhaustion simply went insane! Nowadays, of course, we know that you just need to turn in a circle seven times and lie down until the feeling passes – once a day for seven weeks – until the effects of Burg Nout go away… It's so simple!"

"Well, yes, but… not at all!" replied Fax, who was already sweating at the idea of contradicting his colleague, who was for once very interested in a file. "Hmm… Keep an open mind, okay?"

"I always do. Up to a point. As long as it's not something out of la-la-loo-loo land."

"'La-la-loo-loo land'… Really?… Okay, let's get back to Leorictus's insanity… (deep breath) I believe that the Prince of Brakmar's crown was cursed by Erzal, a necromancer who was in Prince Djamal's inner circle at the time. Erzal, by the way, was hunted down, found and then assassinated by Ilyzaelle on Leorictus's orders shortly after his victory over Brakmar! The insanity emerged one year after the good king came into possession of the crown. That's characteristic of 'delayed-reaction' enchantments that put distance between the enchanter and the enchantee by creating a time lag between the events."


Fax paused so she could digest this opening. Agent Skelet didn't react. Out of pure politeness, he knew. What he was saying fit the "la-la-loo-loo land" category to a T.

"Leorictus was cursed and became the Grimacing King. He died and everything could have stopped there."

"That's usually what happens when you die. It's… over."

"I'm sensing a hint of skepticism," teased Fax.

"I'm listening, Mystheur. Surprise me… again."

"These events happened nearly 100 years ago. And I think the Grimacing King has more grimaces in store for us… One of them has to do with the Ivory Dofus that disappeared at that time. It was found many years later in Externam. No one knows how it got there! Well, I have a theory about that. I think that Leorictus was connected to Dardondakal and his egg, and that when he died, the Grimacing King took the Ivory Dofus with him on his last voyage to lay it on the banks of Externam!"


Leorictus in the Dofus novel – Volume 5: Of ashes and ivory
Nada got up and walked to the middle of the Office of Frankly Bizarre Affairs. Silently, she turned in a circle seven times and then laid down on the ground. At that very moment, someone knocked on the door and Agent Renniks came in. He stepped over the Sram without even blinking.

"Agent Mystheur, did Agent Skelet give you the file I gave her this morning?"

"Oh, Agent Renniks! I was just telling Nada that I love the sunflower seeds you get for the FBA office! Yes, I got the Grimacing King file. Brilliantly written! Have you ever thought of writing novels?"

"Mystheur, I sent you the file because it seems connected to the file YOU sent me last week…"

"File? Which file? There are so many of them, you know…"

"The case of the Butcher of Brakmar and the case of the Grimacing King are connected somehow, Mystheur. There's no doubt about it… I just need proof!"


To be continued…


Temporal anomalies are coming to the game in the next update – Eliocalypse: Resonance. Be ready!