In the World of Twelve, frankly bizarre affairs happen every day… and no one bats an eye! No one? Not quite! Nada Skelet and Fax Mystheur identify such cases, study them, and even try to solve them. Often, the truth is out there, but with the temporal anomalies, the real question isn't where but… when?

Renniks had assigned Mystheur and Skelet to the case of the Grimacing King a week ago now. He'd also given them the green light to dig further into the Butcher of Brakmar case that they'd started investigating on their own. As far as the head of the Office of Frankly Bizarre Affairs was concerned, the two cases were connected. In one, there was a Masqueraider who'd seen a vision of Julith near the Brakmar Zaap; in the other, Renniks had been contacted by an Osamodas who'd been horrified by his reflection in the Bonta Zaap – instead of his own face, he'd seen an evil being staring back at him with a horrible grimace. After a professional sketch artist had completed the portrait, it turned out that the demonic face looked exactly like Leorictus Sheran Sharm, better known by his nickname "the Grimacing King".

At this point, it was obvious to both investigators that everything pointed to the Zaaps. What exactly was going on? Were they out of whack? Had someone hijacked them or… had these temporal anomalies always been part of their workings? Was there some sort of Fleaster egg in the Zaaps?

Mystheur and Skelet hadn't had time to find a clear answer to these questions – something else had come up…





Edge of the Evil Forest

8:00 a.m.

A few kameters from a Zaap, Agent Skelet was examining a hole surrounded by piles of dark dirt. She was holding a notebook and pencil, and wearing glasses that telescoped out in a succession of round lenses, from largest to smallest. There was a button on the side of the glasses. Each time it was pressed, a thin metal arm holding a magnifying glass rose up to adjust the focus. After a few minutes, Nada spoke:

"I can't see squat, Mystheur."

The Xelor was standing behind her looking elsewhere. He had been sure she was going to say that. He bit down on a sunflower seed with his molars, took it out of his mouth, removed the shell, and ate the seed.

"I was sure you were going to say that…" said Fax before dipping into the pouch hanging from his belt.

"That's not what I mean, Mystheur," she corrected, removing the glasses. "I'm talking about your thingies here – I can't see anything with them on! But without them… I noticed a lot!"

"Oh…" said the special agent, tossing a sunflower seed into his mouth. "Go on then, tell me!"

"First off, there's a hand print right here," said Nada, pointing her pencil at the top of a clump of earth. "We won't be able to get fingerprints, but it's a start… Then, I can see traces of mud here… and here, but the ground is fairly dry everywhere else… In addition, it contains some kind of… [She picked up a brownish mass with her pencil.] … smelly 'vegetation' that doesn't match the biotope at all. This type of sediment is more commonly seen in coastal areas."

"Hm…" nodded Fox as she spoke.

"Same thing with this moss, usually found near waterways…These traces seem to come out of the hole and head toward [She turned progressively toward the portal.]… this Zaap."

"Or the opposite."


"Well, maybe 'it' came from the Zaap and then went into the hole," suggested Mystheur.

"Are you suggesting we're dealing with a Drheller, Mystheur?"

"You're forgetting the hand print."

"A… 'Were-Drheller'?"

"Aaaah… You make me happy, Skelet. [He continued in a dreamy tone.] Really. Unfortunately, that doesn't line up with what SHE says," he said, pointing to a young Eniripsa curled up at the base of a tree.

"Maybe we should have started there…"

"Yes, but I wouldn't have had the joy of hearing you say 'Were-Drheller'," said the Xelor with jubilation as he bit down on another sunflower seed.




Agent Skelet went over to the young girl. She seemed to be in shock: she was frowning and her small wings were all wrinkled. In addition, her eye was shining. The other was hidden behind a white eye patch with a red cross sewn onto it.


"Elly! Elly Verdrai," sad Fax as he stepped over.

"Hello, Miss Verdrai, can you tell me what exactly you saw?"

"First of all…" she began, turning to Mystheur, "I didn't see any Were-Drheller, or any Enutrof crossed with some kind of hairy critter that digs underground tunnels!"

Behind Skelet, the Xelor was gesturing at the Eniripsa to keep quiet, but when Nada turned around, he rapidly changed gestures to spin his index finger near his temple.

"Are you suggesting that I'm crazy? I saw that, you know!"

"But nooo… We use this gesture often at the FBA… It means we're on to something… something big! Really big…"


"Okay, okay."

Fax stepped aside to eat his sunflower seeds.

"Agent Skelet, Office of Frankly Bizarre Affairs."

The two women shook hands.

"Tell me what you saw, Elly."

"I was just walking along, whistling… a joyful but terrifying tune I've had stuck in my head for days… Listen!"

She stood up and whistled the tune.


"When suddenly… I saw a hand break through the ground in a shower of dirt! Then another… Then a hairy head appeared… and so on until I saw the body of a woman…"

"… coming out of the ground?"

"Exactly. At first, I thought she was a Sadida… recovering… They do strange things in nature sometimes… But then I noticed that she was half woman, half… plant or mineral, I couldn't say which. She started advancing… I wouldn't say walking because I didn't see any feet, just some kind of moss… that made a disgusting noise when she moved. She reminded me of those creatures that appeared a while back… you know the ones? They look as dead as they do alive…"


"A little less stingy and a little more dead…"

"Oh! Of course! The Veriun Dead?"

"Yep! Anyway, she looked like she was in bad shape. So I offered to help… I didn't mean any harm… And that's when she stared at me with… empty… eyes, literally! Then she said… hm hm… [imitating a raspy, ghost-like voice] 'Agony doesn't need anyone, especially not a little girl playing healer. Go back to your dolls! The sad irony is that agony is the burden Agony must now bear…'"

"Hm… I wonder if there's some hidden meaning there…"

"Unbelievable, the gall of that old thing! It's the straw that broke…"

"… the Dragoturkey's back?"

The Eniripsa stared at the Sram.

"I'm sorry, I think my colleague is a bad influence on me…"

"Skelet! Come see this!"
"Speak of the Boowolf… I'll be right back!"



Sitting in front of the Zaap, Mystheur had opened one of this notebooks.

"I pulled up this file while you were gossiping with your friend…"

"While I was gossiping with my…"
"Shush! Read this…"

Fax held out the file:

First Name: Agony
Last Name: Unknown
Class: Unknown
Profession: Powerful Necromancer
Hobbies: Pottery; creating livid hearts/death; bringing the dead back to life.
Identifying Characteristics: Said to be the mother of Raval, protector of the month of Septangel.

Key Dates:

  • Agony is rumored to have created livid hearts and given some of them to her son, Raval (date uncertain…).
  • In 647, when the tower on Petrified Hoarse Heath was attacked by the gods, Agony disappeared with a livid heart. Result: The tower fell and Agony and the "air" livid heart… vanished.
  • Raval used his mommy's livid hearts to bring Solar (former guardian of the month of Javian) and Bethel Akarna (an Osamodas sorcerer) back to life (oh, and, he also rose an army of Veriun Dead along the way). Result: The gods granted their disciples new powers to fight Ravel's Veriun Dead army.


"Hm… Interesting, but we really don't know much about this Agony…" concluded Nada.

"No, but we're making progress."

"Didn't you notice, Skelet? Of all three cases, this is the first one where we've got more than a simple 'vision'… [pointing to the gaping hold in the ground] This time, we've got tangible proof… and that… Ha ha… that's going to make Renniks happy…"


To be continued…

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