Where in the World of Twelve does this first Temporal Mystery Box come from? No way to know for sure. How about when does it come from? Also unknown. We can at least say it'll be in the shop until Sunday, May 12 (11:59 p.m. Paris time)! And it's chock-full of stuff, including a new ceremonial pet!

When Nox is around, you need all the help you can get! From a Chronomorph transformation for deceiving your enemies to the Xelor fatal blow, along with Pearldrops and the Olden Times Set, Temporal Mystery Box #1 may have just what you need! Let's open it up and peek in before time gets wonky…

*NEW: The Pearldrop is a variant of the Shigekax. The effects of these candies are now counted in duration instead of the number of fights. Each type of Pearldrop will increase a different characteristic, the effect lasting for 60 minutes. Here are the bonuses each treat brings:

  • Morello Cherry Pearldrop: +50 intelligence
  • Indigo Peardrop: +50 chance
  • Coco Pearldrop: +50 agility
  • Pippin Pearldrop: +50 strength
  • Caramel Pearldrop: 500 initiative
  • Sour Pearldrop: 100 wisdom

These treats will be linked to your character for 2 months, and their effects do not apply in PvP fights. Regarding the Melon Pearldrop, please keep in mind that its use will not circumvent the AP limit imposed by some equipment.

Get the Temporal Mystery Box from the shop before May 12 (11:59 p.m. Paris time), and take advantage of discounted prices for multiple boxes!

These items are not available in Belgium.
In order to comply with the Belgium Gaming Commission's recommendations, we removed our Mystery Boxes from the shop and from the game.