The temporis server closed its doors last week and it's now time to send the rewards, the ceremonial items bought, the Dungeon Rusher shields and the XP Potion.

Starting today, players will receive those elements, but we will only inject one type of item at the time. What does it mean? It's very simple: if for instance you're waiting for your Temporis rewards, your XP potion and a Dungeon Rusher shield, you won't have the three of them together but each one on its time. Do not worry! In the end you will all receive what's due ^^ but it may take several days.

There's also some of you who told us you didn't make your final choice on the rewards. In order to please you all on this point, we will send you the rewards on their original skin (Insectoid), but there will be an NPC (near Amakna's Castle Zaap, on [3,-5]), who will allow you to change the rewards so each one can get the skin he like the most.