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Protecting yourself is one thing. Protecting a whole population of wildlife, some of it quite vulnerable, from the incessant attacks of Twelvians with a passion for crocodyl skin bags and other animal-unfriendly fashion choices is something else entirely. An essential mission like this calls for a powerful shield – in this case, the Horned Shield!

In DOFUS, pets are like one big family. All of them have their qualities and shortcomings that make you simply love them… or hate them! The ones arriving (or rather returning) to the shop today are no exception, but the idea is that you find one that YOU find exceptional.

You may remember that we left our inveterate inspector face-to-face with Feline Vion in the bathroom at Ecaesars Palace. Now Saul Greyjack is back. Well actually, he's leaving, since he's determined to enjoy a few days' rest away from the crowded streets and grimy goings-on of Ecaflip City…

As you read these words, the World of Twelve is like a giant field that Twelvians are relentlessly plowing, digging, and raking in hopes of harvesting as many D'vine Tingies as they possibly can. To help them complete their mission by acquiring the precious Ochre Dofus, the Giant Kralove is coming out of its shell to lend a helping tentacle!

Dofus Retro White Chafer Set Shop - May 19, 2022

The Super Gobbowl took place on Maysial 15. Want to take the event into overtime? Then pick up the new White Chafer Set!

Among the Protectors of the Months, Rosal is definitely the hypersensitive one. But if you think that makes him the biggest wimp or the whiniest crybaby, you're as wrong as an oiled-up Bwork in a string bikini. And if that image makes you wince, maybe you're a bit hypersensitive yourself…

On December 6, 2022, certain items will disappear from your gift area as a result of technical changes if you don't collect them in time!

It's no secret that to complete the Ochre Dofus quest you need to mow a wide swath. Fortunately, the little geniuses from Gob Akademy have struck again! Jykel and one of his most talented disciples have developed a machine that should make the job a lot easier…

The Tree Koholo of Otomai Island is home to a band of warriors who "wood" do anything to defend their land. If you're crazy enough to go encounter them, at least pick up the Zoth Pack beforehand so you can avoid drawing attention. Knock on wood, anyway…

The "PVP Update" is online! This update promises more intense immersion than ever before and such in-game comfort that you'll never want to leave again! Try it right now.

"PvP Update": With a name like that, version 1.38 leaves little room for suspense… but it does leave plenty of room just for your in-game comfort! Isn't that the most important thing, after all? Log in on Wednesday, May 11 to test out the content of this new update for yourself!

As a famed adventurer, you won't settle for anything less than the best. The best set, the best emote, and even the best pet there is! Beef up your reputation with the Glorificus pet! Find it in the shop together with a 7-day subscription so you can test its loyalty!

The space-technology adventure that is Super Nano Blaster will soon turn a corner. Starting from Tuesday, May 3, players can cruise the game's retro universe aboard their ships on Steam, the online content distribution platform!
Think you know the Bwork family like the back of your hand? How wrong you are… The Bworker is nothing like the others. He's sleeker, stronger, craftier, and – most of all – fiercer. The Bworker is eager to welcome you with joy… and pain. We'll let you in on a little secret: The blade in his hand won't be used to open a bottle of mush mush juice that he plunked in the fridge just for you…
Dofus Retro Polykrome Dreggheadgear Shop - April 28, 2022

Have you always dreamed of joining the great family of dreggons? And does that mean you spend most of your time trying to hone your fire-eating skills? Well, stop that immediately and just get a Polykrome Dreggheadgear instead. At least it will be more convincing!

Online game Silouate Pack Shop - April 28, 2022

Have you noticed? The chirping of piwis at dawn. That big, glowing yellow ball shining down from the sky. It's almost as if… That's it, of course! Spring is here! And to celebrate, why not pick up a pack designed in honor of the one who works so hard every year to bring the good weather – and your good mood – back: Silouate!

Lazy ones, as the month of Maysial begins, you'll be so last year! Who're gonna be the real stars? Those who work! To combat Fairy Lax Day: +50% bonus on profession XP, from 00:01 a.m. CEST on May 1st until 00:01 a.m. on May 2. Go on… Put down your weapons and get the old rake out!

Like anyone, we'll bet you like to take it easy on the weekend. Well, too bad! This Sunday, you'll have to work hard instead! Roll up your sleeves and enjoy a 50% XP bonus on professions, valid for DOFUS Retro! Early to rise is professionally wise… even on Fairy Lax Day!

The game is about to get a little beefed up with the imminent arrival of Update 1.38. What's in store for you? If you want to find out, you'll have to watch the livestream happening soon on our Twitch channel!

Do you sometimes feel like night and day? Bright at times, dark at others? The Selenic and Glow-with-the-Flow sets will make you feel more radiant than ever; with them, you're sure to reach your zenith.

Every Fleaster Island dungeon has their Dungeon Rusher! Now it's the Crunchler's turn to get grilled. Log in to the game between April 22 and April 25 to take a bite out of this boss!

Dofus Retro New Gwandpa Wabbit Set Shop - April 14, 2022

Preconceptions are hard to change. When you run into an old person, do you instantly feel all warm and fuzzy and instinctively want to be polite and respectful? Well, you shouldn't. It's time to set things straight and don the Gwandpa Wabbit Set.

Meylon Moosk is at it again! The Huppermage druid has more to say about his mikrosmowave oven. Care for a slice of demon topped with destroyer sauce?
Online game Nabala bormana tachuba Event - April 12, 2022

There are many adventures that unexpectedly fall upon us, like a drop of water that breaks the calm surface of a lake… Grab your boots and a hearty snack because the DOFUS and DOFUS Touch Animation Teams have decided to give you a new in-game story to follow!