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A new update will be available on 24/10/06.

The Ankama Team would like to have your opinion about the last DOFUS update: "The Riders of the Dragoturkey".
You can comment the results of this poll on the forum.

Download the new version of the game :
http://download.dofus.comRead the presentation of the new extension :

You've been waiting for it for months and it will finally be available on October 3, 2006!!

The Ankama team would like to know if you'd be interested in a "solo" campaign in Dofus-Arena. It would be following all the traditional Tacticals RPG features, with an original story inspired from the DOFUS background. It would be released chapter by chapter, week after week at a fair price (about €1 for one playing hour, more or less). You can comment the results of this poll here.

While doing his daily rounds, the royal guardsman was thinking about his King's words... "A renewal wind has just blown on Amakna! I’m proud of you soldiers!

The Ankama team would like to have your opinion on the next DOFUS updates frequency. You can comment this poll here.

Jeu en ligne New International Game Server Info - September 21, 2006
A new international game server will be available on 26/09/06 as from 12:00 pm (GMT+1).This new server will be called ROSAL, Flower Master and Protector of Maysial.The experience you'll gain on this server will be doubled during an entire week!!

The Ankama team would like to have your opinion about the setting up of a test server, which will enable selected players (by our team) to test the future updates before their official release. You can comment and discuss the results of this poll here.

The DOFUS client 1.14.2 is an optional client, you don't have to download it to be able to play DOFUS if you are currently using the client 1.14.1.
You can download the client 1.14.2 from the community website download page.
You'll find the list of the modifications introduced by this new client on the DOFUS forum.

Jeu en ligne HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOFUS!!! Info - September 01, 2006
It's been exactly one year since your favorite MMORPG has been internationally released!On September 1, 2005, you were only a few thousands players. Today, DOFUS counts more than a million players worldwide (1,450,000 to be precise!).Therefore, on this special occasion, the Ankama Team wishes to thank you all.As from October 2006, you will be able to discover our new extension "The Riders of the Dragoturkey" which you'll love!Talk to you soon!             Read the Newsletter +++

Not only is it really really good looking, but it's also full of exclusive novelties that aren't yet available in stores! No, you're not dreaming! The DOFUS Artbook Session 2, the DOFUS Soundtrack and the DOFUS Fashion on T-shirts are all here for you to enjoy!Besides, we thought that you might like to get all these great items in packages at a better value for money, so click through our various packages and pick the one you'd like! Icing on the cake, we added exclusive gifts for you in the packages! Don't waste any more time, go and discover it all!

As the Ankama games Dofus and Dofus Arena keep on attracting more and more players, we couldn't stay passive. After many weeks of hard work, here comes the new Ankama Games websiteSimply go and visit it to make your own opinion about it:>

You've been waiting for it, and here it is, the Spanish Ankama Games website !Soon, the community website, as well as a Spanish forum, will be available !

As stated in the Terms of Service of Dofus, we punish players using "bots" or any program to play.The Ankama Team reminds players using these programs, that they risk a definitive bannishment from the game.

We would like to have your opinion about adding new animation functionalities (to organize "events") that will be directly accessible to the players, in order to evaluate the impact that such functionalities would have upon the game.You can comment and discuss the results of this poll here.

The Ankama Team would like to have your opinion concerning the compensations you've been given on 03/08/06 (further to the rollback and disconnection problems). Is the community satisfied?
You can add your comments about this poll here.

Further to the disconnection problems players encountered these past months, the ANKAMA team decided to offer all its faithful players whose subscription ended or ends after 01/06/06 several compensations (please note that the players who were not subscribers between 01/06/06 and 27/07/06 are not entitled to have these compensations).

We would like to have your opinion on the way you'd like to get your items in DOFUS.
Your opinion will help us improve our next updates. You can discuss this matter under this topic.

We would like to have the opinion of our community on the following subject:what do you think of the possibility to buy items (for real, not virtually) in a future game?
You can add your comments on this poll on this topic

Further to the numerous feedbacks from the community, we decided to change our technique to avoid the banking frauds that we are victim of.

A new client version of Dofus (version 1.14.1) is now available and can be downloaded here.
You don’t have to download this version. It is completely optional. You can keep on playing with the client version 1.14.0 of Dofus.
However, if you keep on using the client version 1.14.0 of Dofus, you must empty the game cache via the game option menu. Indeed, this will force the downloading of the new version of the language file which considerably reduces the number of disconnections.

As you probably noticed, we have been experiencing considerable technical problems with DOFUS.The whole team sincerely apologizes for all the inconvenience created to most of you. But be assured, that we are currently doing our best to make you forget this bad time. First, we will offer you 3 days of subscription further to these difficulties. On top of these 3 days, other compensations will be given out when every single problem will be definitely fixed.Regarding the disconnections, we can’t find any excuses and understand your anger. But no matter where these disconnection problems originate from, our only goal is to have you play without having to undergo them.