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Jeu en ligne Event postponed Info - September 23, 2005

Because of a technical problem we have to postpone today's event.This event will take place on wednesday the 28th of September.We apologize for the troubles.The DOFUS TeamPostscript: The technical problems do not affect the game.

Jeu en ligne New polls regularly Info - September 22, 2005

In order to allow you to give your opinion on various topics, we have decided to make a new poll every two weeks (the Wednesday).The next poll will be online on Wednesday next week.If you have an idea for a poll or if you would like to know the opinion of others on such or such topic, you can submit your ideas here

Jeu en ligne Friday event: More details Info - September 22, 2005

The event will take place on Friday at 12:00am CDT (17:00 GMT).We hope that you will be ready to stop the 8 machiavellian adventurers.It is told in the memories of Lagherf Hilde that if 8 living beings, all equipped with a tailor's manual and joining their knowledge could make the "Abar Donado" cloak. This Cloak gives strength comparable to a moowolf herd during rutting season to its owner.
If such a cloak was made, it would be a disaster for all the province of Amakna and its inhabitants. It is clear that the guild seeking to get this cloak has no peaceful intentions.All the Amaknians, Bontarian and Brakmarian are asked to protect and keep a watch on the tailor building (2,2).As far as we know, this group is really powerful and can resist to any kind of attack.
This group, created by 7 former mercenaries recruited a eighth tailor in order to respect the prophecy. The latter might be their weak point, because he was not trained to their combat techniques and may act more individually.Come Many!If you want to talk about this event, click here

A big event will take place on Friday!We cannot unveil the content of this event now, except that it will involve Game Masters....We advise you to find friends and regroup or even create guilds as you will have to be many to succeed...You will know more about it during the week.The DOFUS Team

Jeu en ligne New Forum Info - September 13, 2005

Make business with all the community; find the items, pets, raw materials or goods you want at the best prices.
Learn how to become the most skilled craftman of Amakna; give tips to less advanced players...It is now possible with the new forum Trade, exchange and business.SO do not hesitate and post your messages now.The DOFUS TeamDo not forget to post messages in the other forums!!

Jeu en ligne New Forums Info - September 13, 2005

New folders have been added to the forum:You can now discuss about your guilds, jobs, character classes, suggest improvement for the game...So if you want to announce something, create a guild, find a piece of advice or give a trick, give your opinion or solve a problem...Feel free to post a messageSee you soon in the forumThe DOFUS Team

A reboot will take place today at 07:00am CDTUpdates

  • Tofu Monster (not summoning) was level down,
  • Distribution of monsters in the craddle (Tainela) was re-examined,
  • When you die in the Craddle (Tainela), you respawn inside the craddle area,
  • Missing NPC in temples were add,
  • 2 new recipes of bread were added in the baker book of recipes.

Today, around 06h00am (CDT), a quick reboot will be done.
It will allow us to solve connexion problems that some of you might have encountered.Thank you for your understanding.

Jeu en ligne DOFUS back online Info - September 01, 2005

After one day of maintenance and improvements DOFUS is back online.You can download the new version from now at: http://download.dofus.comThe players that subscribed before the 1st of September can pick up their pets at the bank (map coordinates: 2,-2)!You can subscribe now at here. A lot of subscription options are availableHave fun,The DOFUS Team

On the occasion of the release of DOFUS, maintenance will be required on DOFUS' servers.So the game, the community Website and the shop website will be unavailable on Thursday, the 1st of September, from 10:00 am to 08:00 pm.We apologize for these disturbances but in order to improve the performances of the DOFUS' servers, this maintenance is essential. The DOFUS Team

Jeu en ligne SUBSCRIBE NOW to DOFUS!!! Info - August 25, 2005

Get ready for the Official Release of DOFUS on the 1st September!Subscribe to DOFUS NOW for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months* at the DOFUS Shop on http://www.dofus-shop.comAny subscriber of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months will be given 1 pet, randomly chosen among the 5 available.
Any subscriber of 12 months will be also given 1 special item of a set.

  • Only by credit card. Other methods of payment will be available on the day of the Official Release of DOFUS.

On the following page, you can find rates for subscription depending on payment method:
DOFUS Subscription ratesYou will be able to subscribe when the game will be officially launch.
For PayPal, Bank transfer and Money transfer, things still need to be fixed.

2/3 of you said no to a reset of accounts prior DOFUS official release on September the 1st, 2005.
Thus, we will try as much as possible to go this way and not resetting servers.However, it is necessary to warn you that some of you may encounter problems due to the lack of reset. We will try to manage these, so do not hesitate to contact us, using DOFUS Support if it happens to you.See you in DOFUS!Anthony Roux
Project Manager

DOFUS Artbook & Subscription are now on sale on DOFUS Shop.DOFUS Artbook is a masterpiece of graphics which presents the whole universe of DOFUS.
Only 1.000 copies are available and it only cost you $30 to have yours.
But if you want to save money and benefit special offers, you might be interested to subscribe now to DOFUS. BONUS:
If you buy an Artbook + a DOFUS subscription of 6 or 12 months, we offer you up to 12% off on regular prices.EXTRA BONUS:

  • The first 300 buyers of an Artbook (with subscription or not) will have their copy dedicated by one of the DOFUS artist.
  • Any buyer of an Artbook who subscribe for 6 or 12 months win 1 pet, randomly chosen among the 5 available.
  • Any buyer of an Artbook who subscribe for 12 months also win 1 item of a set.
Go to the DOFUS Shop:

The beta-test will soon end.
The DOFUS team wants to thank all the players who participated in this test. Thanks to you, we have been able to discover and correct last bugs. The official release date for DOFUS is the 1st of September.
Before this date, you will have the opportunity to pre-subscribe and benefit special offers.Once again, thank you all for your support of DOFUS over these last days.

Jeu en ligne Best player of the week! Info - January 17, 2005

Congratulations to our new heroe!!! Felicianus, you're now the best among the best!!
SOVIET, aren't you too angry??^^

Jeu en ligne Workers of the week Info - January 17, 2005

Congratulations to all hardworkers!

Jeu en ligne Best player of the week Info - January 09, 2005

Congratulations Soviet!!