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Starting right now, Osamodas welcomes you with open arms to Osatopia, a land of hunting, learning, and discovery that's filled with extraordinary creatures. Experience DOFUS like you've never played it before and become the greatest beastologist of this 7th edition of Temporis!

The Osatopia adventure has been getting all the attention, and Update 2.64 intends to carve out a little space for itself in DOFUS news! Learn about the modified system of temporal anomalies and legendary pets it features, along with the latest balancing changes applied to Cras, Rogues, and Enutrofs.

Starting tomorrow, get ready to express your most deeply buried instincts. Osatopia, the new adventure that's as wild and woolly as its creator, Osamodas, is finally about to begin! Read on to learn about all the packs and services we've made available for this extraordinary experience.

Pre-registration is now closed for the animal adventure of the summer. So get ready – the hunt will be on before you know it!

Due to a technical problem, we are unable to update the Osatopia pre-registration page with the latest class spell changes. In order to ensure that you are certain of your choice for this Temporis edition, we have compiled all of the changes that have been made to the Temporis spell classes on this changelog.

In just a few days now, Osamodas will be ready to welcome you to a world that's as wild and woolly as he is. A world where you'll discover all-new locations, fabulous creatures and exclusive rewards. And to top it all off, we're also offering Twitch Drops to celebrate the grand opening of Osatopia!

Fight a boss in its dungeon, with a shield as your reward for victory: Dungeon Rusher Rewind is back with a baaang on the first weekend of Osatopia. Get ready to face off against the Royal Gobball on classic servers and Temporis servers alike!

Aaaah, just sitting on the sunny beaches, looking out across the Asse Sea, eating cotton candy, wayal cones, mumussels and fries, and drinking corktails… What more could you ask for? A pack full of accessories so you can show off on the sand? Okay then. But only until July 6!

Hunt. Tame. FIGHT! Guaranteed fun… at least for those who are pre-registered. You've still got a few days left, so show us that eye of the tiger and pounce on this opportunity to pre-register!

Today, the World of Twelve is grooving to the sounds of singing, strumming and drumming. To properly honor this new edition of the Gobbstock Festival, how about thrilling the crowd with a bit of unbelievably complex choreography? Pick up the Barbi Cajob Dance emote and we'll throw in a free Music Mix-Mash Blind Box!

Let's talk about the recent information you might have heard of...

After two years of involuntary confinement, Ankama can once again attend Japan Expo! And why not take advantage of this joyous occasion to pay us a little visit dressed as your favorite character? Give it your best shot because your cosplay could earn you some nice rewards… 

To protect yourself from enemy attacks, sometimes you need to put yourself in danger. That's what makes Bullseye Shield so unique: instead of repelling your enemies, it actually draws them toward you… so you can mow them down even more efficiently! Brilliant, right?!

Nine pets have recently surprised you by showing their furry faces in the shop again. This inspired a number of petsmounts, who got to thinking: they want to be adopted too! Check out which ones you can rest your behind on!

To coincide with the release of the beta planned for Wednesday, June 15, which mainly concerns the Temporal Anomalies, we are giving you the opportunity to take part in an exclusive event! Don't miss these Temporary Opportunities!

WHOOSH! Time to step through a new portal – wait! what am I saying? a new GATE! – and unveil the name of our new game along with its first trailer and the possibility of giving it a try. Three little steps for Oropo, but a huge leap for the Krosmoz…

Djinn, Logan, and Kewl were here for the livestream presenting Temporis VII: Osatopia! 

Dofus Beta 2.64 Is Coming! Info - June 09, 2022

For the past three years, Temporal Anomalies have been sowing mass confusion in the World of Twelve. This year, we've decided to give them a little tune-up to make the experience even more enjoyable! This improvement will appear in beta 2.64, along with several others that we'll be talking more about soon.

Dofus Sumens Pack Shop - June 09, 2022
A devout servant of Enutrof, Sumens received a very unique gift from his god: the ability to turn whatever he eats into precious stones. Are you too a gutsy adventurer in your own way? If so, pick up the Sumens Pack!

In the starting blocks since the triumphant return of the Temporis servers was announced, you're ready for the kick-off on June 29. But before that happens, we're here to explain every detail of this seventh edition!

Packing your luggage is always an exciting time when you are off on vacation. And the same is true for every big launch of a new Temporis adventure! As you may have noticed, it's pre-registration time! You have until Sunday, June 26, to confirm your participation in this 7th edition!

It looks like the party might be over before it even begins! The singer of AB/CD has worn out his vocal chords by practicing too much… Help him out and save the Gobbstock Festival while there's still time!

After being gone for 2 years, Japan Expo will return from July 14 to July 17. Can you guess who'll be there?

Osatokoi? OSATOPIA: the World of Twelve according to Osamodas! Revealed by a very promising trailer! Mark your calendars for 2:30 p.m. (Paris time) on Tuesday, June 7 and tune into Ankama Live, Ankama's Twitch channel, to learn all about the event of the summer.