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Meylon Moosk is at it again! The Huppermage druid has more to say about his mikrosmowave oven. Care for a slice of demon topped with destroyer sauce?
Online game Nabala bormana tachuba Event - April 12, 2022

There are many adventures that unexpectedly fall upon us, like a drop of water that breaks the calm surface of a lake… Grab your boots and a hearty snack because the DOFUS and DOFUS Touch Animation Teams have decided to give you a new in-game story to follow!

A long-eared chocolate Wabbit, a cream-filled piwi egg, Kwakao Treat candies… Can you feel your internal organs quivering in terror at the very thought? There's no doubt about it: you're a victim of "Blecchster" syndrome, which manifests as a categorical rejection of all things chocolate. There's only one way to deal with it: by wearing the Fleastrecker Set and publicly acknowledging your attitude!

The Temporis Retro Goultarminator drew to a close on Sunday with victory for the guild Hades. Let's take a look back at some of the highlights of this legendary competition.

It's back! An event with all the ingredients for a super sweet time. An adventure meant for the World of Twelve's cream of the crop of warriors, for those who gladly take a bite out of life. You guessed it: it's almost time to celebrate Fleaster! Don't let this chance slip through your butterfingers!

Online game Say Yes to Arjan's Set! Shop - April 07, 2022

Money can't buy happiness (or at least that's what Enutrofs say when asked for charity). Nevertheless, Arjan's Set will certainly provide the charisma to make you a blessed adventurer! Getting one for yourself guarantees good fortune!

Certain attacks call for a more brutal, vindictive response. The Aegishield is one you can now wield in the face of your enemy. Adventurers who are always on the defensive should approve!

Recently, Dark Vlad handed over the keys to his Evil Forest to a young Iopette with a fiery temperament. As cruel as she is reckless, Hell Mina is now the forest's guardian, and she looks to be a worthy successor! Before you venture into the forest to meet her, take advantage of our "buy one, get one free" offer on 7-day subscriptions and our 50% discount on class changes!

To take on the boss for March, and more importantly, score a brand-new shield, you won't be entering uncharted territory, but rather an abandoned one. Let's not beat around the bush: your freewheeling adventure will take you to the far reaches of Plantala – namely, Damadrya's Bamboo Grove, whose guardian will mess with your head…

Djinn, Papinaut, Sastip, and DUSK were here for this final edition! We talked about the Temporis server's closure, the Goultarminator, and some slightly contentious topics! 

After three good months of brawling, the 13th season of the Kolossium is about to end. The arena hasn't even cleared out, and we're already gearing up for an equally fierce Season 14!

The Temporis Retro adventure is drawing to a close! Are you out of breath? Come on, one last effort! To encourage and inspire you to complete your final objectives, we're here to go over the rewards that await you once the event is over. Ah! There, we can tell you're feeling perked up already!
Online game The Hunt Info - March 24, 2022

To satisfy their passion for science and experience the thrill of discovery, some researchers are prepared to go a long way. As far as it takes. Perhaps even… too far? Libet, an Eniripsa researcher and herbalist, recently made her way to the deepest, darkest heart of the Evil Forest. What she discovered there would literally change the course of her career, and even her entire life…

Time goes by, shields come and go, not two alike… Take the Eternashield, for example! It remains one of a kind. With its timeless design, this shield will make your style withstand the test of time… and your enemy's attacks!

Today, you can do whatever you like. But if you want to witness the unveiling of new quests (including the ones leading to the Ochre Dofus) and new creatures (the Malters and some new additions to the Goblin population), then you'll want to dive into DOFUS right away!

Before rushing head-first into the Evil Forest to face the Malters and Goblins (and just to be sure you're looking halfway decent when you cross paths with Hell Mina), this might be the time to treat yourself to a bit of a makeover and connect with some new friends.

It's here at last, so let's cut to the chase: The first matches of the Goultarminator are starting tonigh at 8 P.M. CET! Don't miss a second of it thanks to our Twitch partner channels who are honoring us by streaming the tournament. Experience the clash live!

The Temporis experience means suspense, emotions, solidarity and above all… Bash Ups, Bang Ups & Brawling! We've called on the best mathematicians in the World of Twelve to turn the data on the ultimate thrill into meaningful numbers. Check out the results right now; some are absolutely amazing! 

The update titled "Bosking in Evil" will kick off the spring season on Tuesday, March 22 by offering, along with other fun stuff, a revamped Evil Forest. To see new quests and creatures sprout up, be among the first adventurers to get this update!

Exkweese me? Kwhat did I just hear? A new piece of polykwome headgear has arrived in the shop, and it hasn't kwossed your mind to go and check it out? Well, kwhat are you waiting for? The Polykrome Kwak Headdress is kwazy cool – see for yourself!

Give these items the warm shoulder! To go along with the skins in the Coulive Set included in the most recent subscription packs, we're offering 10 pairs of chameleon shoulder pads!

Little green men are about to appear in the World of Twelve! Don't panic – they're not the ones you're thinking of. Are they less fearsome? Well… You'll have to see for yourself!

With the approach of the Bosking in Evil update, in which you'll be meeting new Goblins and other vile creatures, we thought we'd ask Aster Ax to tell us what she knows about these shifty little pests…

Djinn, Papinaut, Sastip and DUSK were here for this third edition! In it, they talked about the server merger and Goultarminator registration, and answered your questions.