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You may remember that we left our inveterate inspector face-to-face with Feline Vion in the bathroom at Ecaesars Palace. Now Saul Greyjack is back. Well actually, he's leaving, since he's determined to enjoy a few days' rest away from the crowded streets and grimy goings-on of Ecaflip City…

On December 6, 2022, certain items will disappear from your gift area as a result of technical changes if you don't collect them in time!

The "PVP Update" is online! This update promises more intense immersion than ever before and such in-game comfort that you'll never want to leave again! Try it right now.

"PvP Update": With a name like that, version 1.38 leaves little room for suspense… but it does leave plenty of room just for your in-game comfort! Isn't that the most important thing, after all? Log in on Wednesday, May 11 to test out the content of this new update for yourself!
The space-technology adventure that is Super Nano Blaster will soon turn a corner. Starting from Tuesday, May 3, players can cruise the game's retro universe aboard their ships on Steam, the online content distribution platform!

The game is about to get a little beefed up with the imminent arrival of Update 1.38. What's in store for you? If you want to find out, you'll have to watch the livestream happening soon on our Twitch channel!

Meylon Moosk is at it again! The Huppermage druid has more to say about his mikrosmowave oven. Care for a slice of demon topped with destroyer sauce?

Djinn, Papinaut, Sastip, and DUSK were here for this final edition! We talked about the Temporis server's closure, the Goultarminator, and some slightly contentious topics! 

After three good months of brawling, the 13th season of the Kolossium is about to end. The arena hasn't even cleared out, and we're already gearing up for an equally fierce Season 14!

The Temporis Retro adventure is drawing to a close! Are you out of breath? Come on, one last effort! To encourage and inspire you to complete your final objectives, we're here to go over the rewards that await you once the event is over. Ah! There, we can tell you're feeling perked up already!
Online game The Hunt Info - March 24, 2022

To satisfy their passion for science and experience the thrill of discovery, some researchers are prepared to go a long way. As far as it takes. Perhaps even… too far? Libet, an Eniripsa researcher and herbalist, recently made her way to the deepest, darkest heart of the Evil Forest. What she discovered there would literally change the course of her career, and even her entire life…

The Temporis experience means suspense, emotions, solidarity and above all… Bash Ups, Bang Ups & Brawling! We've called on the best mathematicians in the World of Twelve to turn the data on the ultimate thrill into meaningful numbers. Check out the results right now; some are absolutely amazing! 

With the approach of the Bosking in Evil update, in which you'll be meeting new Goblins and other vile creatures, we thought we'd ask Aster Ax to tell us what she knows about these shifty little pests…

Djinn, Papinaut, Sastip and DUSK were here for this third edition! In it, they talked about the server merger and Goultarminator registration, and answered your questions.

The beta for the Bosking in Evil update is now online! Bring something to eat and quench your thirst, because you may be spending more time than you think in this maze-like forest, now guarded by Hell Mina

Iop has given the green light! Registration for the Temporis Retro Goultarminator is officially open. Now's the time to add your name to the list of potential winners of the legendary tournament! Make the god of war proud – charge in without a second thought! (After you've read the rules, of course.)

The rustling of leaves. The silhouette of a chestnut burr armed to the teeth. A malignant presence. The latest update, Bosking in Evil, invites you into the underbrush of the Evil Forest. And we invite you to watch the livestream that deals with it!

The Evil Forest is home to a new opponent, and they're determined to guard the treasure found there. You finally get to see the trailer for the upcoming Update 2.63: Bosking in Evil.

In this second episode, Djinn, Logan, DUSK, and Shax from KTA got together to spend an hour talking about the DOFUS Retro Temporis! Let's sum up a few important points for this Temporis and talk about the return of a legendary tournament! 

We're in the home stretch of Temporis Retro, and only the bravest will go all the way! And so, we decided to bring them all together.

Meylon Moosk, a perfectly average Huppermage druid, isn't done showing off the full dragoturkeypower of his mikrosmowave oven. After the Shushus, now the Demons of the Hours will be going in the frying pan. (Get it? It's a cooking joke.) It's time for the second episode of 30 Seconds in the Mikrosmowave!

Welcome back to this new Ankama Live series!
For this first episode, Djinn, DUSK, Papinaut, and Sastip kicked off the 1-hour long stream by jumping right into what was on everyone’s mind: the DOFUS Retro Temporis launch!

For this write up, we have decided to bring forward more details and clarity to some of the points that were discussed during the live.

Anyone who loves Temporis in DOFUS knows that whenever temporary servers are opening, it means a couch confessional with our two joyful gents: Djinn and Logan. You'll find them on our Twitch channel AnkamaLive on the 9th and 23rd of February, and then on the 9th and 23rd of March!

You are about to witness a major milestone in the history of DOFUS Retro: The first ever Temporis Retro adventure is beginning! Enter the game now to declare your love for glory and fighting!