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Dofus DOFUS Server merge Info - September 28, 2022

We've recently completed a multi-year comprehensive study, and the time has come: we're merging the DOFUS servers.

Dofus Kolossium: 16th Season! Info - September 27, 2022

Catch your breath, rehydrate, and crack your neck if needed. All good? Ready to go? For what, you ask?! For the new Kolossium season, obviously! There's no rest for true warriors… Season 16 is about to start!

Dofus Update 2.65 is online! Info - September 20, 2022

With improvements to classes and common spells, come enjoy the World of Twelve in a whole new light. The new DOFUS update is an invitation to travel, rediscover and explore… and now it's finally here!

Dofus Forgenews #1: The Stranger Info - September 22, 2022

The Lance Dur transmedia adventure, which started with the launch of its website, is now officially underway! It's a story packed with information, exclusive images, and tons of revelations about this new hero in the Krosmoz and the in-game impact he'll be having over the weeks and months to come… Welcome to the very first of a continuing series of Forgenews posts!

Dofus Your Expedition Calendar Info - September 19, 2022

Say goodbye to your family and friends. For the next three months, there'll be no point in trying to write to you, since you won't be staying in any one place for more than a few hours. Do you want to know your destiny? We've got it all right here in a nice, neat table!

Dofus Update 2.65 is on its way… Info - September 16, 2022

The new DOFUS update is an invitation to travel, rediscover and explore. With its focus on improvements to classes and common spells, the World of Twelve will appear in a whole new light.

Everyone eagerly awaits it almost as much as Christmas (and we're not even exaggerating) – this year's not-to-be-missed KrosmoNote event will be here sooner than you think. We hope you've got nothing planned from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. (Paris time) on Friday, October 28, because if you have, you'd better cancel it!

Dofus Beta 2.65 Now Online Info - September 08, 2022

Being among the first to test the balanced Pandawas and updated common spells is a great excuse to log in to DOFUS today!

Dofus Beta 2.65 Coming Soon! Info - September 06, 2022
Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, September 7, Beta 2.65 will be available in-game! There will be two devblogs and one changelog so you can be up to date before beginning this new chapter.
Dofus 2.65: Almost Live Info - September 01, 2022
Update 2.65 is coming soon! We suggest killing two birds with one stone: Learn more about the contents of the update in detail, and gaze upon the cheery and relaxed faces of Logan and his friends during a back-to-school livestream!

In response to your feedback, we have decided to ban the practice of "discounted offers" on DOFUS Retro. Read more about it below.

In response to your feedback, we have decided to ban the practice of "discounted offers" on DOFUS. Read more about it below.

Walk in the footsteps of the World of Twelve's next great hero! From an animated series and webtoon to a figurine, a new character class in DOFUS, and all-new creatures and areas in WAKFU, DOFUS Touch and WAVEN, this grizzled old warrior will soon be everywhere…

Back in 2014 as the game clocked its first decade, Ankama introduced Veteran Rewards in DOFUS to celebrate all of YOU – the adventurers who had joined us on the first day, everyone who hopped onto the Krosmoz train along the way and supported the game by subscribing. But what about veteran rewards for the "16 years and counting" crowd?

The Temporis VII servers will merge soon! Read on to learn more about this maintenance update that's meant to improve your gaming experience even more.

We invite you to join us on Friday, July 29 at 2:30 p.m. CEST on AnkamaLive, Ankama's Twitch channel, to learn all there is to know about the Osatopia tournament!

We recently announced that certain items were going to disappear from your gift interface. When we did so, we realized that many of you weren't very familiar with the gift interface. We therefore felt a quick refresher could be helpful!

Hear ye, hear ye! The original soundtrack of the first three seasons composed by Guillaume Houzé is now available on many music streaming platforms – just waiting to be listened to on repeat!

The Kamiwolf is an ancestral creature that has long lived in seclusion in the Pandalan highlands. Half boowolf and half bow wow, it's just the friend you need to perfect your most admirable look!

As always in every great Temporis adventure, it's time for the server merger. This crucial stage is anticipated with impatience and excitement. Get ready. The merger of the Tella and Moko servers is scheduled for Wednesday, July 20! 

When we adopt a baby animal, whether it's one with fur, feather or fangs, we do our best not to think about the day it will head out into the world on its own. But one way or another, that day always comes. DOFUS Pets, the free-to-play mobile game from Ankama, is leaving the nest.

Welcome to the summary of the first Tempo Weekly devoted to Osatopia and featuring Logan, Djinn, Kewel and Yaula. We decided to change the content of this livestream to discuss the events since this Temporis kicked off. 

The weekend of July 14-17 will be marked by our reunion with Japan… and you! Head to hall 5A, stand F229…

The most beastly adventure of the year has been in full swing for a few days now, but not without its fair share of challenges…
While we wanted to catch up with you, hear your first impressions, and share ours on everything Osatopia, we first need to address the rollercoaster that this past week has been.