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Welcome to another Tempo Weekly summary, where we write up the main info covered during the fourth Temporis AnkamaLive. This week, we answered your questions on a variety of DOFUS-related topics such as Temporis (well, obviously!), Kolossium, among others, but we also had a little time to talk about Ankama's 20th Anniversary and the pack. 

Hello everyone to another Tempo Weekly AnkamaLive summary!
For this week’s edition, aside from talking about Temporis VI and a Q&A session, we're talking Rogues and bots.

There are those who combine spells, and then those who merge servers. In either case, the goal is the same: to create magic! The Temporis VI servers will merge soon! Read on to learn more about this maintenance update that's meant to improve your gaming experience even more.

Something new has come to the Ankama Launcher again! Now you'll never miss a livestream, thanks to the Stream tab!

Hello everyone to another Tempo Weekly AnkamaLive summary!
For this week’s edition, aside from talking about DOFUS-related topics (including Temporis VI), we’re talking with Midl and Shax (KTA), who organise everything esports related for DOFUS.

As you know, this year marks a very special point in Ankama's history: We're celebrating our 20th anniversary. It has shown up here and there in your favorite games, but… there's still plenty of surprises and gifts in store for you!

Remember the Skratiay Clan we introduced you to earlier this year? Sure you do… Right, the Frigostian family descended from the illustrious Brandon Skratiay! Well, now we've tracked down their rivals from within the Katiay dynasty: make way for the Drakatiay Clan!

Online game Temporis VI - Weekly Tempo 1 Info - September 27, 2021

Welcome back to another Ankama Live Weekly Tempo season! We will change the format a little this time around: we'll be looking at simplified streams focused on answering your questions. To clarify again, these will be Weekly Tempo streams where we will answer your questions not only about Temporis but anything DOFUS related, such as DOFUS Retro, classic DOFUS content, etc.

Online game Temporis VI is now online! Info - September 22, 2021

If you liked playing sorcerer's apprentice in The Rise of the Scrollsayers, then you're going to love this new edition of Temporis, where the Scrollsayers get their revenge! Temporis VI is now online, so drop what you're doing and jump into the game right now!

As soon as the Temporis servers open, BAM! There they are. Djinn and Logan are back, inviting you to tune in for the first Tempo Weekly for the sixth edition of Temporis!

Seeing so many of you pre-registered for this new edition, especially as we celebrate our 20th anniversary this year, is giving us a powerful dose of that warm fuzzy feeling that reminds us why we get out of bed every morning. We're so proud and so grateful to all of you – thanks for being there for each of our events!

Online game Temporis VI is coming… Info - September 17, 2021

You're already pre-registered, so there's nothing to worry about. Wait… what? What do you mean, "not yet"?! Are you serious?! The Temporis servers are opening on Wednesday, September 22, and you still think you've got "plenty of time"? All right, it's not too late to make you into an adventurer worthy of this event. Take our hand and come with us: we'll pre-register together!

It's sure to be a shindig: the Me Hearty Party is coming! Why not pay a visit to the captain of the Dark Hurl to mark the occasion, and shut him up while you're at it?

Online game A Livestream for Update 2.61 Info - September 08, 2021

Do you see it shyly peeking out? Look closely, it's right there… THERE! THERE, LOOK! Did you see it that time? Ooooh, pay close attention! Update 2.61 will be here soon. Come join us on Monday, September 13, for a livestream where it will take center stage!

At last! The time has finally come to pre-register for Temporis VI! Roll up your sleeves, adjust your headset, and let all your friends know: The big rush can begin. We'll be offering a brief reminder about key rules and dates. Let's go!

Online game Temporis VI – FAQ! Info - September 02, 2021

You've been on your marks since the grand return of the Temporis servers was announced, and you're all set for the starting pistol to go off on September 22. While you're waiting, here are a few more details on certain aspects of the sixth edition!

First, we released an announcement video worthy of a big Hollywood studio. Then, a charming trailer reminiscent of the credits from classic 90's shows – all that's missing is a special community event to seal in our shared excitement for the coming server rush: a livestream devoted to Temporis VI – Revenge of the Scrollsayers taking place on Thursday, September 2.

The bow meow's out of the bag: The Scrollsayers will return for Temporis VI! Get ready to see everything you liked in Temporis IV, with a few surprises to boot… To start off, watch this proper new trailer!

DOFUS Retro's latest update is here! Come discover all the changes and fixes in the update!

Online game It's Coming Back… Info - August 24, 2021
Logan is quivering with anticipation (or nervousness – it's hard to tell). Something's brewing behind the scenes, and he seems to be one of the few who know about it. Perhaps after watching this video, you too will learn the truth?
Ankama Ankama is 20! Info - August 20, 2021

This week marks the start of a very special moment in Ankama's history: we're celebrating our 20th anniversary. We say "the start" because from now until the end of the year, we'll be setting up events to talk with you about our shared passion, remember our favorite moments together in our various worlds, and hand out a few gifts as well!

We are implementing a new identification system that will use an email address instead of an account name for new accounts created on or after August, the 24th.

Want to learn more about what's new in the next DOFUS Retro update? If so, get ready for the special livestream that's all about Update 1.36.

Online game The Metamorphosis #2 Info - August 10, 2021
Osorry, the polished crackler who was polite to a fault, had just done what few had ever dared to attempt. Out of love, he had intentionally thrown himself to the Destroyers, convinced that once he was possessed, he would finally have a strong enough argument (and strong enough muscles) to win his true love's heart. But fate had other plans…