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Online game Kwismas Island is coming... Info - December 02, 2020

Have you been good this year? Really…? Look into our eyes so we can see. Hmm… Riiight… We'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Go on… Get out of here! Before we change our minds! But beware… Despite what you might think, on Kwismas Island, the only gift Father Kwismas has for you is a beating!

The next update may be essentially focused on the third and final part of the Pandala Island revamp, but it's also an opportunity to add some polish to certain aspects of the game. To find out more about upcoming improvements, join us on our Twitch channel on Monday, November 30!

Online game Crossing Over Info - November 26, 2020
Lay wiped down Rylow-San's forehead while continuing to eye the Eniripsa. The doctor's silence made it feel like a hand was squeezing her heart. Her muscles were as tense as a drawn bow. Her jaw was so clenched, you could make out the blood flowing in her jugular vein.

Ankama would like to invite you to the second edition of its exceptional conference: KrosmoNote! Join us on our Twitch channel on December 3. Looks like Christmas is coming early, you lucky devils…

Online game UNLIMITED DUNGEON WEEKEND! Info - November 25, 2020

We announced this event during the DOFUS Livestream on Monday, November 9, and now it's finally coming to DOFUS and DOFUS Retro: unlimited dungeon weekend! Muster your legendary courage and your unwavering determination, and log in to the game between Friday, November 27 and Monday, November 30!

Missed the live stream? Missed out on the tweets too? Don't worry, we got you! Get yourself a nice hot drink and get comfortable because here is the information (and images) shared during the last Ankama Live Twitch stream.

The conclusion of "Pandala Awakens" is fast approaching. In this third part, you'll find out more about the dragon who watched over the island and its spotted inhabitants for millennia before passing the torch. Watch the trailer for Update 2.58!

Did you know that your Ilyzaelle character can get some fresh, mono-account air? Get yourself a nice hot drink and get comfortable, because we are about to have a chat about the upcoming Ilyzaelle to Jahash server transfer.

The multi-game portal that combines all our PC/Mac titles is destined to become much more. Witness the beginnings of video on demand in the Ankama Launcher!

Winter is coming… so spend it with a friend! Pick up this Virizeon pet, break the ice with Virizeon's Breath, and pitch in to help fund the cash prize for the KT Finals!

After giving away a free 3-day subscription for DOFUS, we figured you could use a little more. So, we'll keep up this spirit by offering not just one, but two bonus weekends!

The new-and-improved Pandala gave you thrills. Nolifis Island gave you chills. But you ain't seen nothin' yet! The third and final part of the Pandala revamp has amazing things in store for you. Starting with two dragons for the price of one. Plus a Dofus within which two are hidden… Does that calm your nerves? We didn't think so. Join us next Monday for a whole livestream about this update!

Let's face it – the world has seen better days… To support you during this difficult time and help put a smile on your face, we're offering a getaway that won't require you to step foot outside! Between today and Monday, November 9 at 9 a.m. (Paris time), you can pick up a free 3-day subscription!

Contrary to popular belief, Al Howin isn't just about harrowing cries in the night, and its color palette needn't be limited to black and Pumpkwin orange! Al Howin can also be a time to celebrate love and artistic creativity. And it just so happens that we're combining them both in a new contest!

Online game Dungeon Rusher: Al Howin Info - October 28, 2020

Win a pitcheater!


For two weeks, the Inglorium battles have been the hottest thing going. After 14 qualifying rounds, the best fighters have been chosen for the final phases. Watch streams of their exploits!

For three weeks now, you've been wandering the World of Twelve across no fewer than eight single-account DOFUS Retro servers.
In order to improve your gaming experience, we're planning not one, but two mergers!

Today we're talking all about bugs! What's the best way to report them? And what happens afterward? Find out here!

As we announced a month ago, DOFUS Retro is getting ready to offer an even more intense gaming experience with the launch of two single-account servers. Well, the wait is almost over: log in on Wednesday, September 30 to join in the fun!
[EDIT] For non-pre-registered users, a first server will be launched on the release of the single-account servers. We will open additional servers depending on the population increase, to ensure an optimal gaming experience for you.

Ankama Ankama Live 9/18: The recap! Info - September 25, 2020

The Ankama Live is now over, and lots of new information has been revealed!
Learn about all kinds of great stuff on the way, including single-account servers for Retro, Pandala part 2, update 1.33, and of course Dofus Unity…

PvP lovers, are you ready for the biggest competition of 2020? Come join Inglorium!

+ de Dofus DOFUS's Future Info - September 18, 2020

Writing this is challenging, knowing that these lines will be read and reread, and passionately analyzed and dissected. But it's also a huge pleasure to write this article and start a discussion with you about the future of DOFUS! 

Online game Ankama (Not) Live: Episode 8! Info - September 17, 2020
After some time off over the summer, Ankama (Not) Live is back! Alvi and friends are more determined than ever to take on the start of fall! Discover all the latest Ankama news in a video that includes a little surprise
Online game Paper and ink Info - September 17, 2020

Adventurers were arriving in droves and jostling their way through the door of the tavern. And the chalkboard sign at the door, which cheerfully announced "Saint Potrick specials: help us empty our kegs!", wasn't the only reason. Normally, entry to the Forbidden Inn was restricted to a small, select group of privileged individuals, as implied by its name. Except for this one very special day. To celebrate the anniversary of Pandawa's coming, Grandapan and the Daimya had mutually agreed to give everyone a chance to pass through the doors of this sacred temple built to honor the goddess.