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This blackest of days is the day of all hope! In DOFUS, DOFUS Retro, WAKFU, One More Gate, and even the Ankama Shop, what deal will make your heart sing?

This blackest of days is the day of all hope! In DOFUS, DOFUS Retro, WAKFU, One More Gate, and even the Ankama Shop, what deal will make your heart sing?

Dress in perfect harmony with nature and shine brighter than a thousand fires in the heart of the forest! Be careful not to start a fire though…

Yet again, the Kwismas goblimps have worked hard to save your holidays. They've carefully selected the very best WAVEN gifts for you from the shelves of their gigantic workshop. The resulting standard WAVEN Kwismas Pack and premium WAVEN Kwismas Pack are stuffed full of goodies!

Whether you're as beautiful as a god or ugly as a Shushu, you shouldn't be walking around half naked. If you're the former, it will give others embarrassing dreams; if you're the latter, it will give them nightmares. But both looks will at least make a big impression! For an easier way to achieve the same goal, take a look at the Divine Hero and Bloody Hero sets!

It's official… the whole family is here! Three adorable new faces have now joined the plushies and pins of our Creatures line. Ecaflip, Eliotrope and Foggernaut… take your pick of plushies and pins! (Assuming you can choose just one…)

This time, there's no chance you'll ever do it again! To deal with the monsters that crop up all over the World of Twelve during Al Howin, you'll have to use whatever force is necessary… But you can count on the Last Breath Pack!

The greatest profession in the world is the one you show off with pride. Now you can wear the outfit that goes best with whatever activities you have planned for the day! With all the choices in the shop in the coming weeks, you won't be short on work.
Ankama New Osatopia 2 Stuffed Toys! Shop - September 26, 2023

As you know, the hunt is on again, with a second chapter of Osatopia that's even furrier than the last one… But what you probably don't know is that Modsters have taken advantage of this new edition to evolve into a completely new form – adorable stuffed toys! Discover them while waiting for Osatopia's opening this afternoon!

New creatures, new challenges… The second Osatopia adventure sounds promising! No doubt you've got the build of a master. All you need is a pack to help you embark on an adventure without worrying that your feathers might get ruffled. That's what the Osatopia 2 packs are here for!

The new DOFUS Retro update invites the boldest adventurers to complete a quest that will let them rival the gods. The hunt for the six Primordial Dofus can begin! But, erm, you're not going to set off looking like that, are you?

Kerubaby, the Dauge, and Drhellbert: These three pets are folding over backwards, just for you! Available individually or together in a pack; and the latter comes with an early-access DOFUS item. On your glue, get folding… craft!

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve your shopping experience, we've made a few changes to the Class Change service. 

Two great new items in the Ankama Shop! An infamous creature from the World of Twelve has broken away from the herd: catch it quick! Geography and art lovers can also pick up a poster of the World of Twelve in its most comprehensive version to date, now including the Archipelago of Valonia!

Online game Inflatable Pack Shop - August 23, 2023

Warm weather is here, and you're using this opportunity to show off your summer body on the beaches of Bilbiza. For a style that's as cool as a life-size sand castle, there's just one solution: the Inflatable Pack!

Dofus Retro Kitsoune Pack Shop - August 17, 2023

Mystical and enchanting – that's what they'll say about you once you've donned the Kitsoune Set and wandered the World of Twelve alongside the Famystic. You can find all this in the Kitsoune Pack!

He perished at the calloused hand and dirty nails of the demon Djaul. His memory, however, remains intact. Discover the Solar Pack, which brings back the feisty Iop who was once Jiva's predecessor!

As you surely remember, we came to you earlier this year with a happy announcement: the online Ankama Shop now features a series of adorable pins and pocket-sized stuffed toys that are softer than the pads on a Bow Meow's paws. Well, brace yourself: it seems that a new litter of Creatures has just been born…

Amongst the brambles and thorns, there are occasional hidden nuggets that are worth the scrapes and bruises it takes to find them. The Ephedrya and Ephedra Packs are available in the shop now!

What you love about Ankama is its colorful universe, its flamboyant characters, its strategic combat games… and, of course, its goodies! It's just another part of the transmedia experience: great merchandise that pays homage to the original creation. And today, it's WAVEN's turn!

New subscription packs are now available. They contain: a Croum-nificent pet tied to one of the four elements, plus a set providing steely charisma. To put it simply, we brought out the big guns!

Doing something by half measures is nothing to brag about. Unless, of course, it's offering equipment and services at prices slashed by 50%! Through Sunday, July 16, at 11:59 p.m. (CEST), check out our selection of items that are perfect for staying cool this summer. Plus, you'll get a free Kuppatee pet!

Prepare to set forth on a new crusade! Like Nidania Josne, dive headlong into this new series of quests! But first, learn a little more about the two subscription packs that will surely be a great help along the way.

It's time to let your true nature speak: not your passion for kamas, but your love for all things cute and cuddly. Yes, we know! So why not quench your thirst for kawaii with some new stuffed toys and new pins inspired by DOFUS's creature mode?