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First there was the magical orb, now other services have entered the DOFUS Retro shop. Do you think your character needs to make a change? A new name? New colors? A new gender? Now, you can change all that!

The goddess of sacrifice has sweated blood and… uh… blood, to offer her followers a pack that meets their expectations. It's sure to bring joy to the bloodthirsty warriors of the World of Twelve!

Much more than a mere piggy bank, this Ecaflip Maneki-Neko will add a decorative touch to your home that'll make your guests yowl with envy. And it brings good luck as well! Just about all it can't do is make your coffee and iron your clothes… (Wait, can it…?  Right, right. Never mind.) But it does come with two items that can be used in DOFUS and WAKFU! Note: limited edition of 1000.

Spellbook, oh great spellbook… Tell me, who will be the most stylish atop their spellbook-like petsmount? Come on, don't do that to us… You already know the answer! Let the magic begin with this new Mystery Box inspired by the latest chapter of Temporis!

Is your Ouginak looking a little tired? Your Enutrof falling to pieces? Your Sadida feeling drained? Or is your Osamodas all washed up? Oh dear, oh dear… Looks like it's undeniable. It's high time to change your class! From now through May 2, take advantage and get 50% off this feature!

The first time you saw her, your jaw dropped. She had such an amazing presence, such skill in combat… it was love at first sight. If this sums up your first meeting with the guardian of the Opaline Dofus, then her new embossed gold-foil poster is perfect for you!

It's fitting that the Sadida pack should take root in your shop just as Spring is arriving. But there's not much time left to go green: from now through Wednesday, April 22!

From today until April 15, you'll get 3 items for free when you spend €25 or more* in the Ankama Shop! Whether you play DOFUS, WAKFU or DOFUS Touch, no need to be jealous, there's enough great stuff for everyone!

Online game Coulive Set #2 Shop - March 31, 2020

Fierce battles (for one blood-red mess), the Amakna Swamps, muddy and nauseating trails in Brakmar, brambles in the Treechnid Forest… Sets come in all sorts of colors, but the Coulive Set comes in only one: yours! Available now in the new subscription packs!

Some of you might be stuck at home, but your characters can still go get some fresh air! If you wanted to join your friends on another server, now's the time!

All it takes is one glance. A short second where your gazes meet for a fleeting moment, and you are struck by the obvious realization that this pet is too cute... despite its perplexed expression. 

Sometimes, the end of the month can seem far away when you're waiting for the new subscription packages. To help pass the time, we have a one of a kind offer for you! What do you mean, you already know about it? Oh, right... it's all in the title. 

Take advantage of a special offer now available in the online Ankama Shop! When you spend €10 or more, you'll get a free Tofuphone as well as a card you can use to receive 2 tracks from the DOFUS 15th Anniversary Soundtrack. Supplies are limited, so act now!

Dofus Class Pets Mystery Box Shop - March 05, 2020

While it's true that the best adventurer is a well-equipped adventurer, it's also true that to be truly happy, a Twelvian needs good company and strong support. Preferably from a little friend who will obey their every whim without question. The Class Pets Mystery Box is here!

Online game Karnaval Pack Shop - February 25, 2020

The Too Faux Karnaval is finally upon us! Although Masqueraiders got a little head start with their recently-released class pack, all is not lost for everyone else. They're sure to be blown away by the Karnaval Pack, available now!

The first collaboration between Ankama and Displate has been encouraging – so encouraging that we're back with 4 new metal posters as promised. You'll find them in the Ankama Shop online! Come quick and check them out...

Dofus Class Pack – Masqueraider Shop - February 14, 2020

The class packs are still coming, and this time it's our dissimulation pros' turn to unpack what's inside. Don't miss out if you want to make a huge splash at the Too Faux Karnaval!

Dofus Retro DOFUS Retro: Komet Pack Shop - February 05, 2020

You have probably already seen his large, sparkling eyes… After making the World of Twelve's hearts melt like chocolate in the summer sun last winter, he's back as a retro version. Hurry up! Komet won't linger long!

Recently, Ankama took the quest for Dofus even further and offered you an Emerald Dofus pendant in Swarovski crystal, produced in association with Art de France. Barely laid, already out of stock… Don't panic! A second batch is ready to hatch!

Starting today and until Wednesday, February 12, the Feca Pack is here for adventurers who've decided to be one with their companions!
+ de Dofus Winter Sales: Last Call! Shop - January 29, 2020

The grand finale is here! This third and final mark-down in our winter sales slashes prices with a vengeance that will send shivers down your spine… Take advantage of the discounts before it's too late!

The first round of mark-downs was just a warm-up. Now you're ready to pounce on the second mark-down without any risk of pulling a muscle. But when it comes to avoiding a spending spree, we can't make any promises! Be warned! There won't be enough for everyone!

As the year gets going, temperatures are dropping and so are the prices of services! Today and tomorrow, get a 20% discount on services. The Ankama Shop online store has jumped on the bandwagon, too, with a selection of products on sale. Supplies are limited!

Dofus New Set: Vanelle Sings Shop - January 09, 2020

There's always a horde of Twelvians clamoring for more sets… This new outfit, now available in the store, should sate their hunger for a little while. It resembles the most famous monster hunter ever! Don't miss out on the Vanelle Sings Set!