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The great Temporis tournament is rapidly approaching. But there's still time to put together an inimitable style that will knock your opponents' socks off (and maybe even a limb or two)! To help, we're offering discounts on a variety of potions!

Ankama 20th Anniversary pack Shop - October 13, 2021
20 years ago, the first lines of Ankama's story were being timidly written. Yes, 20 years already. It's enough to make anyone feel old, isn't it?
To celebrate this red-letter day of the Krosmic calendar, Ankama is releasing its 20th Anniversary Pack, which comes in a numbered* collector's box with a certificate of authenticity! But be warned: This is a limited series of only 1,000!

If you too were enchanted by the Packadabra, you'll probably be equally drawn to the mysterious Dragosayer. Don't seek to understand – its otherworldly charm is elusive…

Dofus Retro New Kannipiwi Pack Shop - October 11, 2021

The tribe keeps on growing: after the Starter Pack, now it's time for the Kannipiwi Pack to be welcomed among DOFUS Retro subscription options!

Online game Back to the Bones Pack Shop - October 07, 2021

The new subscription packs will take you back to the past, to the days of your most distant ancestors. They smell of dust, animal musk and physical effort (all right, let's be honest: they stink). You can tell right away… that you're back to the bones!

In bubblegum pink, it looked good enough to eat. In black, it was darkly fascinating. And in flamboyant red, it'll set your heart on fire! To celebrate Ankama's 20th anniversary, the ever-popular XL Dragoone stuffed toy is back in colors that bear a striking resemblance to a certain well-known logo

Dofus Retro Prezzie Pack Shop - September 23, 2021
20 years! Well, now we feel old! We still remember your first steps in the World of Twelve, proudly showing off your Boon Set. In those days, you didn't have a pet by your side. Now you get to adopt one that's both badass and iconic. Are you intrigued yet? Sure you are – it's obvious you're totally wigging (yep, our vernacular's over 20 as well).

With this globally pre-sentient potion, you can forgo those grueling trips and get from point A to point B just like that. Already available for mounts, it is now available for petsmounts! You laz– uh, busy adventurers can rejoice! Also included: a blind box featuring old petsmounts!

Ankama is turning 20… and BAM! You get 50% off on all services in the shop, all weekend long. Oh yeah! You know how we roll. To celebrate our anniversary in style, we'll be surprising you with offers and events whenever the spirit moves us, all year long. Sound like a plan?

To celebrate Me Hearty Party the right way, you are cordially invited to jabber like a true corsair. It might last all day Sunday or the whole weekend – we'll let you decide (but we sympathize with your loved ones). Your treasure hunt? Judging by the cross marked on our map, it'll take you straight to the shop… Get ready to board!

Online game TEMPORIS VI – PACKADABRA Shop - September 02, 2021
Pre-registration for Temporis VI opens today! While there's still no magic formula to make every adventure a success, certain equipment will probably help! And with a name like this, the Packadabra might just cast a spell to help you win again…
Ankama Ankama Shop Braderie Sale Shop - September 02, 2021

Ding, ding, ding! The match is about to begin! So loosen up your wrists, crack your knuckles and your neck and jump in the ring for a new Ankama Shop Braderie Sale!

There's no way you could have missed it (or did you?)! The Panache set most likely marked you (for life)… Today, you have another chance to get one of the four shields that go with the elemental headgear in the set and a Neutro pet. With all that, you'll have more panache than anyone else in the World of Twelve. No, wait, make that in the Krosmoz! 

Already available in our other games DOFUS and WAKFU, today the Starter Pack is also joining the family of DOFUS Retro subscription options. It's the perfect pack to give you a leg up on your first DOFUS Retro adventures!

Dofus Retro Jurassik Pack Shop - August 04, 2021

Do you hear that? The ground is trembling. Ripples are forming in the lakes. Again. Just like last year… The World of Twelve's most infamous scaly monsters are back on the peninsula. Hurry down to fight them! But, uh… First take this pack, and maybe update your will. You never know…

Online game Amphitrident Pack Shop - August 03, 2021

Forget the sunscreen that makes you look as white as an Eniripsa's bandages, that coarse and irritating sand that gets everywhere (and we do mean everywhere!), and sunburns so intense they're practically visible from space. This year, thanks to the Amphitrident pack, you'll hit the World of Twelve's beaches with enough style and charisma to make everyone swoon.

Online game The Race for Ogrines Shop - August 02, 2021

In the World of Twelve, being as stingy as an Enutrof doesn't mean you're weighed down with dough. With the all-new Race for Ogrines, you can dig into your pockets in order to line them! 

Online game Class Pack – Enutrof Shop - July 29, 2021

They'd be the first to tell you they're too old for this stuff… But constantly hearing about their neighbors' new class packs and never seeing one of their own was giving the World of Twelve's senior citizens even more gray hair than usual. So here it is at last!

This just in: A fearsome creature has been spotted near Pandala. Caution is advised, as it is highly cunning and won't hesitate to use insidious strategies to lure its victims. Don't give in to its cheerful eyes or its unmatched sweetness, or else you'll be done for! You've been warned.

The special offers in the online Ankama Shop are about to sail away… Don't let them pass you by! Surf the final wave of the summer sales that will steamroll prices, and don't return to dry land until you've found treasure!

Get ready for another dip in prices in the online Ankama Shop. We're taking a deep breath before diving back in for the second mark-down* of the summer sales! But just so you know, there won't be enough for everyone!

Demons of a new kind have chosen the World of Twelve as their vacation destination. This summer, it's really gonna heat up over on Nolifis Island, just off the coast of Pandala… Would you like to wreak destruction too? Then get the Chaotic Pack now.   

You do know that your happiness is a recurring theme for us, don't you? This year once again, in honor of the Gobbstock Festival, we're upping the tempo and offering you a box that is bound to make you dance a little jig – the Music Mix-Mash Blind Box!

Waiting for the next subscription renewal can seem like a dog's age… For some of you, it really rubs your fur the wrong way. Well, how about a little bone to gnaw on in the meantime? Today we're offering the Pooch Pack!