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After leaving the big stadium, will it be time to play Gobbowl indoors? Not exactly! Though it could happen one day… No, in celebration of Super Gobbowl Day, two new Haven Bags are coming to the shop! Visit them before Sunday, May 19.

Where in the World of Twelve does this first Temporal Mystery Box come from? No way to know for sure. How about when does it come from? Also unknown. We can at least say it'll be in the shop until Sunday, May 12 (11:59 p.m. Paris time)! And it's chock-full of stuff, including a new ceremonial pet!

Out of breath after a difficult fight against a Marshmallow Bearbarian, the Wodent continued on his way (a Wodent???!!!) and started across a puddle of melted chocolate. He yelped when he stubbed his toe on something under the surface of the puddle and immediately picked up the object: A box! Whatever could it hold?

Finally! The doors to cocoa paradise are open wide. But now that the chocolate is flowing freely and thoughts of whipped cream are filling your mind, one crucial question rises like the cherry on top: "Wait! What am I going to wear?" Haven't you heard of the Baker ceremonial set?

Ankama Komet Pet Free! Shop - March 27, 2019

Starting today through April 03, the Komet pet will be yours free with any purchase of €20 or more in the Ankama Shop! Now's the time to treat yourself. Don't miss out!

Have you always dreamed of being a pirate and riding the crest of roaring waves, ready to accost and board every ship you cross? Only… you get seasick… Don't be sad. Bring your inner pirate to life with the Pirate Hold haven bag! Through March 31, get this haven bag for free with your Dofus shop purchases!

His detractors claim that Xelor overdid it with the bamboo milk and that he was about to play with time to tease adventurers. That's not the case! On the contrary, he's going to need their help: To answer his call, you'd better be well equipped! The new subscription packs are here for that very purpose!

Online game Saint Potrick's Coming! Shop - March 14, 2019

For her annual festival from March 14 through 21, the goddess Pandawa is waiting for you in the game… And in the online Ankama Shop where, from March 14 through 17, your purchases will set off a shower of gifts at different thresholds!

Grab a group of adventurers, an annoyed Gobball, and a tub of donut batter. Stir well! You'll know why the Big Wave emote is on sale in the Shop until Sunday, March 10…

Online game The Enutrof and the Dragons Shop - February 28, 2019

The legends of the Krosmoz are fairly clear on this point, even though there are always a few skeptics who ponder the mystery of origin: What came first – the dragon or the egg? But the origin of the new Mystery Box that just hit the shop is perfectly clear and without doubt. Settle in as we tell you the story.

"His name's Ogrest. I drew several portraits, and even made a model," announced the Sram. He spread everything out in front of the woman standing in the shadows. "So?" she replied dryly… But how did this story lead to the creation of the Ogrest pack in the Ankama Shop today?!

Online game A Gladiapack to Unleash Fury Shop - February 21, 2019

Can you hear the crowd? It's clamoring for you. You, the Twelvian who became and adventurer, the adventurer who became a great warrior, the warrior who defied everyone in his way. An extraordinary story… And what could be more glorious than enshrining your status with strength and honor by donning the attributes in the Gladiapack?

An expanded reprint of volumes 15 and 16, volume 8 of the DOFUS Double Manga is available for pre-order in the Ankama Shop! And the cherry on top is: The first 20 buyers will get a signed copy!*

Dofus Friends, RAOKs, and Gifts Shop - February 11, 2019

If by some extraordinary chance, you're only nice one week a year, pick the right week! From February 11 to 17, make friends, help them out, and give them gifts. It is written somewhere in the works of Magus Ax that a good deed never goes unrewarded. This week will prove that twice over!

Ankama Winter Sale: Last Chance! Shop - February 06, 2019

It's your last chance to take advantage of the Ankama Shop winter sale! A wide selection of items, including figurines, t-shirts, stuffed toys, DVDs, and more, are on sale for up to 95% off. But act now, because supplies are limited!

Ankama Pets Are Coming Home Shop - February 01, 2019

They follow you faithfully during your adventures, always ready to support and comfort you. What if you adopted them IRL? And made some room for them at your side? Minikrons and Gobgobs give you… snugly softness! Find them at the Ankama Shop either individually or, in the Minikron's case, in a limited-edition pack (only 200 packs available).

Not got the right emote? Don't despair – there's still time for change! This is your last chance to grab your favorite emote. The last of the three Emote Mystery Boxes is available from now until February 3!

As promised, the Emote Mystery Box is back and not just for the weekend! Check out the new content of the week, available as from now until Sunday!

+ de Dofus The Winter Sale Continues! Shop - January 23, 2019

An initial avalanche of discounts recently struck the Ankama Shop. And it's far from over! Prepare to be once again buried under new deals, with products discounted by up to 85%!

Change can sometimes be emotional. Well, this is a good one! With the Emote Mystery Box, get your fill and change into who you want to be! Check it out three extended weekends in a row, with a new item of content each week!

Ankama The Winter Sale Is Here! Shop - January 09, 2019

Hooray, it's winter sale time! That's right, today marks the start of the winter sale in your online DOFUS store and the Ankama Shop. Don't miss out!

Online game Go far with Salar! Shop - December 26, 2018

From the Grougalorasalar-type monster family, you choose Salar! Good pick! This new ceremonial pet is showing up just in time to aid you during the dark days that have befallen the World of Twelve. No questing or combat required: simply choose it for yourself! You can get this pet from the Shop until December 30!

Online game Happy Holidays, Everyone! Shop - December 21, 2018

The holidays are fast approaching, and we wouldn't want to miss this opportunity to give you all a little gift. And, while we're at it, bring back, from December 21 to 25, a subscription plan that you loved!

Online game Pets Every Weekend! Shop - December 14, 2018

In the run-up to Kwismas, a special new Mystery Box is making a showing, or rather several showings. Every weekend until December 31, you've got a date with the Kwismas Pet Mystery Box!