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Awaken the mercenary within and set out on EXPEDITIONS to explore the World of Twelve in search of rewards!

As masters of making cutting remarks (no matter what the weapon), Bontarians, just like Brakmarians, go to ridiculous lengths to make the other side feel as worthy as peki poop. Now we're giving them a chance to do exactly that and then some with an outfit that will give them yet another shot at the top spot on the podium!

Dofus Strike Gold with Aurum! Shop - September 15, 2022

Are you always looking for a golden opportunity? Or even to be worth your weight in gold? That time has come if you grab the Aurum Pack!

When ghosts try to haunt you and give you a scare, who ya gonna call? Pandawa, the Big Foamy Bear! While her ancestral recipe for fermented bamboo milk is great for lifting spirits, her timeless Totem shield is perfect for driving back the ones who intrude uninvited on unsuspecting Twelvians in the night.

His task is a thankless yet crucial one. He isolates himself to keep everything turning. It's a complex duty that must be intuited. Raval, protector of the month of Septangel, is the latest to get a pack honoring him.

Dofus Retro Paladin Pack Shop - August 30, 2022

The paladin is a divisive figure. Their courage is a source of admiration for some, and of irritation for others… This elite knight has what it takes to impress, but even so… sometimes you just want to give them a little smack right in their smirking little goody-two-shoes face. The Paladin Pack will only strengthen the many feelings that people feel towards them. ALL the feelings. Consider yourself warned!

For Pouchecot, life is like a bowl of cherries, and he's always feeling peachy keen. His secret? Making people smile and enjoying a diet made up entirely of fresh fruits – two strict rules that define his philosophy of life. So though his jokes sometimes go over like a lead balloon, his diet is as light as a summer breeze! The Pouchecot Pack, on the other hand, is worth its weight in golden delicious apples!

Better than a wabbit's foot, get a boost of luck with Sadida on your side! How's that? By sporting his hand-sewn shield in combat, for example…

On one side, a mad king; on the other, a beautiful doll. Two rooms, two very different vibes… and two fascinating characters who have each left their own unique mark on the World of Twelve. That calls for a Blind Box packed with awesome items, wouldn't you say?

You'll have to find some room in your closet, because four all-new polykrome capes are available in the shop now. You're not actually cape-able of missing out on them, are you?

Bzzz… Zzzzzz… ZZZ… ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! SPLAT! There's no doubt about it: Good weather is back. Moskitos too. Luckily, Hecate, Protector of Jullier, can strike a dishcloth backhand like no other. Well, her powers are actually a little more extraordinary than that. We'll tell you more while taking the opportunity to unveil the pack that is dedicated to her!

Dofus Retro Blessed Warrior Set Shop - July 13, 2022

There are several ways to reach blessed status. You can set yourself above the rest with your exploits, resilience, kind soul, or boldness. You could also get yourself an outfit that commands so much respect that everyone will just assume you're impressive! (Psst… We're referring to the Blessed Warrior Set here.)

When it comes to kamas, Enutrof and his followers are getting more ingenious than the greatest mages in the World of Twelve. But not on this occasion. Did the Miser seriously think that no one else would discover his map to a fantastic treasure when he stuck it to a plank that would become your next shield?

Starting tomorrow, get ready to express your most deeply buried instincts. Osatopia, the new adventure that's as wild and woolly as its creator, Osamodas, is finally about to begin! Read on to learn about all the packs and services we've made available for this extraordinary experience.

Aaaah, just sitting on the sunny beaches, looking out across the Asse Sea, eating cotton candy, wayal cones, mumussels and fries, and drinking corktails… What more could you ask for? A pack full of accessories so you can show off on the sand? Okay then. But only until July 6!

Today, the World of Twelve is grooving to the sounds of singing, strumming and drumming. To properly honor this new edition of the Gobbstock Festival, how about thrilling the crowd with a bit of unbelievably complex choreography? Pick up the Barbi Cajob Dance emote and we'll throw in a free Music Mix-Mash Blind Box!

To protect yourself from enemy attacks, sometimes you need to put yourself in danger. That's what makes Bullseye Shield so unique: instead of repelling your enemies, it actually draws them toward you… so you can mow them down even more efficiently! Brilliant, right?!

Nine pets have recently surprised you by showing their furry faces in the shop again. This inspired a number of petsmounts, who got to thinking: they want to be adopted too! Check out which ones you can rest your behind on!

Dofus Sumens Pack Shop - June 09, 2022
A devout servant of Enutrof, Sumens received a very unique gift from his god: the ability to turn whatever he eats into precious stones. Are you too a gutsy adventurer in your own way? If so, pick up the Sumens Pack!

The relaxing properties of Kaliptus are well-known to all Twelvians. Wearing a headband made entirely from these fresh leaves, which the Koolich absolutely swears by, is a great way to keep an optimistic and light-hearted attitude… no matter what life brings! It'll be especially useful the next time you find yourself in a fight you have no chance of winning.

Dofus Class Packs Are Back! Shop - June 02, 2022

Before you go adventuring, there's two things you need to pick carefully: a traveling companion and an outfit. Do you want people to remember you as the Twelvian who roamed the world in pajamas alongside a three-pawed ratou? Boost your charisma with class packs and the Class Pets Blind Box!

Protecting yourself is one thing. Protecting a whole population of wildlife, some of it quite vulnerable, from the incessant attacks of Twelvians with a passion for crocodyl skin bags and other animal-unfriendly fashion choices is something else entirely. An essential mission like this calls for a powerful shield – in this case, the Horned Shield!

In DOFUS, pets are like one big family. All of them have their qualities and shortcomings that make you simply love them… or hate them! The ones arriving (or rather returning) to the shop today are no exception, but the idea is that you find one that YOU find exceptional.

Dofus Retro White Chafer Set Shop - May 19, 2022

The Super Gobbowl took place on Maysial 15. Want to take the event into overtime? Then pick up the new White Chafer Set!