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Protecting yourself is one thing. Protecting a whole population of wildlife, some of it quite vulnerable, from the incessant attacks of Twelvians with a passion for crocodyl skin bags and other animal-unfriendly fashion choices is something else entirely. An essential mission like this calls for a powerful shield – in this case, the Horned Shield!

In DOFUS, pets are like one big family. All of them have their qualities and shortcomings that make you simply love them… or hate them! The ones arriving (or rather returning) to the shop today are no exception, but the idea is that you find one that YOU find exceptional.

Dofus Retro White Chafer Set Shop - May 19, 2022

The Super Gobbowl took place on Maysial 15. Want to take the event into overtime? Then pick up the new White Chafer Set!

Among the Protectors of the Months, Rosal is definitely the hypersensitive one. But if you think that makes him the biggest wimp or the whiniest crybaby, you're as wrong as an oiled-up Bwork in a string bikini. And if that image makes you wince, maybe you're a bit hypersensitive yourself…

The Tree Koholo of Otomai Island is home to a band of warriors who "wood" do anything to defend their land. If you're crazy enough to go encounter them, at least pick up the Zoth Pack beforehand so you can avoid drawing attention. Knock on wood, anyway…

As a famed adventurer, you won't settle for anything less than the best. The best set, the best emote, and even the best pet there is! Beef up your reputation with the Glorificus pet! Find it in the shop together with a 7-day subscription so you can test its loyalty!

Dofus Retro Polykrome Dreggheadgear Shop - April 28, 2022

Have you always dreamed of joining the great family of dreggons? And does that mean you spend most of your time trying to hone your fire-eating skills? Well, stop that immediately and just get a Polykrome Dreggheadgear instead. At least it will be more convincing!

Online game Silouate Pack Shop - April 28, 2022

Have you noticed? The chirping of piwis at dawn. That big, glowing yellow ball shining down from the sky. It's almost as if… That's it, of course! Spring is here! And to celebrate, why not pick up a pack designed in honor of the one who works so hard every year to bring the good weather – and your good mood – back: Silouate!

Do you sometimes feel like night and day? Bright at times, dark at others? The Selenic and Glow-with-the-Flow sets will make you feel more radiant than ever; with them, you're sure to reach your zenith.

Dofus Retro New Gwandpa Wabbit Set Shop - April 14, 2022

Preconceptions are hard to change. When you run into an old person, do you instantly feel all warm and fuzzy and instinctively want to be polite and respectful? Well, you shouldn't. It's time to set things straight and don the Gwandpa Wabbit Set.

A long-eared chocolate Wabbit, a cream-filled piwi egg, Kwakao Treat candies… Can you feel your internal organs quivering in terror at the very thought? There's no doubt about it: you're a victim of "Blecchster" syndrome, which manifests as a categorical rejection of all things chocolate. There's only one way to deal with it: by wearing the Fleastrecker Set and publicly acknowledging your attitude!

Online game Say Yes to Arjan's Set! Shop - April 07, 2022

Money can't buy happiness (or at least that's what Enutrofs say when asked for charity). Nevertheless, Arjan's Set will certainly provide the charisma to make you a blessed adventurer! Getting one for yourself guarantees good fortune!

Certain attacks call for a more brutal, vindictive response. The Aegishield is one you can now wield in the face of your enemy. Adventurers who are always on the defensive should approve!

Recently, Dark Vlad handed over the keys to his Evil Forest to a young Iopette with a fiery temperament. As cruel as she is reckless, Hell Mina is now the forest's guardian, and she looks to be a worthy successor! Before you venture into the forest to meet her, take advantage of our "buy one, get one free" offer on 7-day subscriptions and our 50% discount on class changes!

Time goes by, shields come and go, not two alike… Take the Eternashield, for example! It remains one of a kind. With its timeless design, this shield will make your style withstand the test of time… and your enemy's attacks!

Before rushing head-first into the Evil Forest to face the Malters and Goblins (and just to be sure you're looking halfway decent when you cross paths with Hell Mina), this might be the time to treat yourself to a bit of a makeover and connect with some new friends.

Exkweese me? Kwhat did I just hear? A new piece of polykwome headgear has arrived in the shop, and it hasn't kwossed your mind to go and check it out? Well, kwhat are you waiting for? The Polykrome Kwak Headdress is kwazy cool – see for yourself!

Give these items the warm shoulder! To go along with the skins in the Coulive Set included in the most recent subscription packs, we're offering 10 pairs of chameleon shoulder pads!

Online game Ulgrude Pack Shop - March 10, 2022

Oh Storm! Oh Despair! When, oh when will the frozen landscapes of Flovor make way for sunny fields filled with flowers of a thousand colors? Well… it should be pretty soon, actually! Patience, please… Ulgrude is on the case. While you wait, might we suggest picking up the pack inspired by the protector of Martalo? We guarantee you'll be thunderstruck!

Time to crack open a bottle of Pandapils: There's a new pack in the shop! Check out the Pandikaze Pack, which is meant for renegades, people who refuse to be gobblies (that describes you all, right?). 

Online game 30% Off Services! Shop - February 25, 2022

Wide awake? Good. Why? First, because you can take advantage of a 30% discount on all services! And second, because this tempting discount is only available until Sunday 11.59 p.m. CET! If you don't want to miss it, make sure you stay awake…

Petsmounts or pets? Kangacats or bow wows? It's an age-old debate, and we won't be settling it today. On the contrary! Before 3/9 (11:59 p.m. Paris time), you'll need to weigh in on your favorite furry friend: Meowjestic, Pandauge, or Ginger Bow Wow!

Ankama Large Stuffed Royal Tofu! Shop - February 23, 2022

He's ruled over the World of Twelve's dynasty of feathered friends for decades now. Despite his menacing glare, he has a lenient and even soft side rarely seen in other monarchs… All the more so in this large stuffed version! Ready to settle in under the Royal Tofu's wing?

Online game A Set for the Unromantic Shop - February 14, 2022

Got a broken heart or a heart of stone and no use for silly Saint Ballotwine? Does Duf have no effect on you (besides making you want to open up your peers when you should be opening up to them)? Reject the expectation to love, and get the Heartbreaker Set!