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After a few arrangements and updates by Ankama's sound team, the most iconic music compositions from DOFUS MMO, WAKFU MMO, the WAKFU animated series, Princess Dragon and even Lance Dur were handed off to the Budapest Symphony Orchestra. Listen to – and watch – the results!

In 2011, when it was announced that WAKFU: Les Gardiens would be discontinued, players were quite upset. Despite the disappointment you felt, the encouragement you gave us, and the motivation we had, we were unable to keep the game up and running. But that was without counting on the determination of three fans who managed to keep the game alive! Check out Ashes, the worthy successor of WAKFU: Les Gardiens!

Fitsef, the Meridia of Fun, loves to see people enjoying themselves and having a good time with friends or around a gaming table. revealed That's why he works day and night to create more and more opportunities to party! And this year he wasn't satisfied with just Flovor 16, so he is back today!

In an earlier post, we shared the need to alter the Blacksmith Dungeon experience and asked you – the people most directly concerned – for your opinion. Today, we need you again to quantify which changes seem to you to be the most interesting through a survey!

Kwismas and wrapping paper go hand in hand. But what happens to the mountains of paper after the big unwrapping? There is one special entity with a soft spot for artfully folded paper, and he is known to reward his favourites generously...

Season 4 of KTA has already got 6 months of tournaments under its belt… but this year packed with PvP is still far from over!

As sad as the naturalist Enutrofs are to see another Summer coming to an end, it’s likely to inspire them and all holidaymakers to make the most of the remaining August days. Now is the time to seize the moment and go all out. Live your best Summer, and make sure to send us a postcard via Stagecoach!

A lot of effort and work has gone into gathering the community feedback and to involve the community in the class balancing initiative. This effort didn’t stop with the surveys. We continuously try to identify ways to work better, for the benefit of our players, and sometimes this means putting aside old ways and embracing change.

May 2 is a special day for us all. Were you wondering what you'll do to celebrate Echo's Anniversary? Well, look no further: for such a fierce community of adventurers, we have what you need! We're talking about 100% bonus XP and DROP for 24 hours!

Kwismas is the season of giving and we (the CM team) would also like to give you something and celebrate with you the festive period.

You've been waiting for the reopening… Well, it has finally opened its doors! What's in your stockings this year? Kwismas Island and a slew of new features!

Simply put: you weren't satisfied with the first initiative, and neither were we; we want to improve and start over. Communication is a two-way street. Instead of dropping this idea or coming up with another communication concept, how about we give it a go at improving things, together? Let's work with each other and ensure the process is simple, easy to use, and of added value to the community. Are you in? ;)

The divinities of the World of Twelve like to change things up from time to time, and when it comes to words, you have only Eniripsa and her mischievous spells to blame. Who else did you think swapped your "Aie!" for "Ow!"?!


The aura of Saint Ballotwine still hangs in the air of the Krosmoz, and that hopeless romantic Duf continues to spread his influence here and there… Spread the word: February is definitely the month of crushes and romance! It's the perfect occasion to talk to you about two couples who met out of love… of the game, in this case!

Online game Ask Ankama #0 Community - January 30, 2018

Share with us all of your questions for the Ankama team!

You'll soon bear witness to the Server Fusion. The divinities of the World of Twelve are delighted to count you among their guests at this ceremony, and you'll be one of the first to witness it. More still: it'll be up to you to choose a name!
Fan creations The February FanTape! Community - February 24, 2017

The FanTape was launched in January on the Krosmaga site and is coming to this month! The idea is to promote a video and YouTuber each month to introduce (or reintroduce) them to the Ankama community. You can share your favorites with us too!

Before you feast on oysters and chocolate, let's take a moment and review the year 2016. Tot will also use this occasion to give you a small preview of 2017. Small, because all the details will be in GAMAKNA!

You were very enthusiastic when we announced the Osamodas revamp, and most notably so about the idea of being able to fuse your character with their summons. This is why we are now asking you to contribute to the design of these transformations: take a few minutes of your time and fill out this survey!

Are you ready to take up arms and make the blood of your enemies run for the entertainment of Goultard the Barbarian? That's good... but you're a bit early!

The DOFUS Zaap! is back for its 6th instalment! Discover the best among the best fan videos, compiled into a single one for your convenience. Players from all around the world put their hearts into it!

Check out right now what the new "zaaping" (made in DOFUS) has in store: the DOFUS Zaap! #5 is live! 

Music is at the heart of this fourth installment of DOFUS Zaap! The Gobstock contest has once again brought many a talented artist into the spotlight, leading to some pretty memorable moments. Here's a preview!

Did you like the first one? Did you love the second one? Then, be ready to simply adore the DOFUS Zaap! #3: it's online! Once more, we've found the best of the best of player videos. The selection was tough, but we had to do it! Discover, right now, this new "zaaping", DOFUS style!