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Zaaps allow you to travel the World of Twelve in record time. The DOFUS Zaap! video allows you to travel through the community of DOFUS players on Youtube, so you don't miss the best of what's out there. Our mission: find great videos and share them with you!
So we promised, so we deliver! Thanks to your contributions, the DOFUS Zaap N°1 is now live! From now on, you set an alarm for every third Saturday of the month, to watch the latest installment of this zapping montage of videos from all over the world!
On the 17th of April 2015, a select few players have discovered the newest video game projects by Ankama. Let’s have a look back at the Ankama Line-Up 2015!

In a few days, a contest will be taking place, giving you a chance to shine among the brightest stars (well, you'll have to win first, of course!). But this time, you won't be pitted alone against the rest of the world, you'll be pitted WITH YOUR GUILD against the rest of the world. You'll have to be creative, combative, inventive, and various other -tive words (maybe some -ive words as well for good measure) in order to win an appearance in the DOFUS feature-length movie!

Animation Merry Kwismas! Community - December 24, 2014

ANKAMA wishes you a MERRY KWISMAS!! And since you answered the call with your guild pictures, it’s now time for some gifts!

10 years, 11 quizzes… 50 winners! The drawing has spoken. And we owe you a bunch of thanks: for the sheer number of participations and the quality of your answers! You. You are our best fuel, driving us to... the next ten years! 

You might not be aware of it, as we're keeping that on the down-low, but DOFUS is actually celebrating its 10 Year Anniversary. I know, crazy, right? Who would have thought! So it got us thinking: "How do you see DOFUS in 10 years?". Quite the question, right? Answer it with a drawing, or any kind of graphical creation, with the utmost liberty. You could make your way into the top 51 of our creative contest!

Today is World Egg Day! To celebrate, we're offering you the opportunity to win numerous gifts by participating in our "Legg's Go!" creative contest, from October 12 to October 26

You've already overcome eight obstacles! Pressure is building up... and you're going down... down below the oceans, since we're taking you Foggernaut fishing! Careful though, now is not the time to be hitting rock bottom!

This was yesterday! After months of superheroes and super-villains, in December came the Multimen! This tenth quiz in our grand contest is here to remind you of that, but also to keep getting you closer to the P'Nata Shield. If you want it, only one way: be a... super-player!

For this eighth stage in our great contest, we could have asked you what was the record that was beaten on Februray 27, 2011. The correct answer would have been, of course, the number of simultaneous connections with 216,000 players connected at the same time! But you'd call us out on our roguish side. So instead, we'll test you about two very classy releases.

You've correctly answered the first six quizzes in the contest celebrating the 10 years anniversary of the DOFUS MMO? Perfect! Of course, you'll have to stay on course if you want to get the next item: the P'Nata Cape is the goal of this next and seventh stage. A reward that you'll need after today's flashback: Frigost!  

What passion! And what talent! Not only are you many to participate in the contest, but to top it off, you are many to answer it correctly! The Fairyworks and the P'Nata Wand have been flying off the shelves! Today, we continue, on to DOFUS 2.0!

You're already half-way through! Who among you can already brag about his P'Nata wand? Congratulations! This means you've won them all so far. Don't get too cocky if you want the cape... The theme of this quiz is: the Dark Knights. So. To your Tormentators... take aim... fire!

We are men of our word! Gifts meant to thank you for your fidelity, the Veteran Rewards are finally here (for realsies this time)! When, where, how, and what exactly? We're telling you (again), in that exact order!

Well, it seems like you're nasty little buggers! You cling to the hope of acquiring the P'Nata set like a Iop clings to his sword! And a good thing too, for we're not anywhere near done yet. The Great DOFUS contest goes on!

Whether or not you've brightened the whole Krosmoz with your genius during the first two steps, you are too far gone now to stop there! Like a Xelor, you've put your finger in the gears and now nothing can stop you... The game has taken you! So... let the Great DOFUS Contest continue! 

Did you beat the first quiz like a dungeon boss? Or, instead, did you fail miserably, proving to all that you have all the brains of a Iop? Whether you want to take your revenge or scream to the world that DOFUS holds no secrets for you, the second stage of the Great Contest is waiting for you! 

Think you're infallible for anything DOFUS-related? Do you pretend to know, by heart, the recipe to the Vaulting Rye Bread and to be able to reach Lord Crow's Library with your eyes closed? The World of Twleve's history arcana have no secret for you? Now' the time to test your knowledge and, maybe, to walk away with the P'nata ceremonial set

You've read, and read again, the devblog about Shadow. You crossed arms on the beta. You took part in the achievements points race. Are you happy with yourselves? Good. 'Cause now, we're removing the training wheels! Only the best (and even then, not all of them!) will survive on the Epic Server! Are you ready to confront the Grim Reaper right now? 

We promised you sweat, blood, and tears in Vulkania! Through your postcards, you send sweat, blood, and... laughter! And the contest isn't quite over yet! You have until July 24 to write one to whomever: the one your heart beats for, your mother, or even your dog... via Twitter! The three best postcards will earn a reward.

You're vacationing in Vulkania, you lucky adventurers. But think of your little friends who don't have such luck! What message would you send them? Create your postcard, share it and attempt to win one of the three gifts we are giving out!

Finding your characters and playing DOFUS from a browser, wherever you are: this is the goal of the hard work our teams are doing. After a first closed beta phase that was only for Premium accounts, let's take this up a notch! Now, it is 50,000 players, hand-picked amongst our oldest active subscribers, that will participate in the beta!

Srambad Making-of Community - June 28, 2014

The city of thieves wasn't built in a day, and less so in a single stroke of the brush. What is hiding behind the heavy curtains of fog surrounding Srambad? Don't wait any longer, enter one of the brains from which the dark alleys of the King of Thieves' city came!