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Love… It can bring out the best or the worst in us. One of the strongest feelings, along with hate (that can't be a coincidence…). Naturally, it deserved its own holiday! This year too, Saint Ballotwine will play games with your heart. Find out what you could gain in return!

Since 2018, the Krosmoz Tournaments Arena (KTA) has come after the DOFUS World Series (DWS). In 2023, you'll get a new system, with a kind of return to basics!

Dofus Lunar New Year: Party On! Event - January 16, 2023

"The party's over," sang the troubadour Durti Eyrs. But is it really? Not quite… At least not for the Pandawas! The streamers from the Clockwork Ball have barely been put away, and now there's another date to celebrate soon: the Lunar New Year. Are you going to the party?

Online game Game of Crowns, Season 5 Event - January 02, 2023

You've only just finished digesting the feast from the Clockwork Ball, and you're already looking forward to the Thwee Kings Cake. You know what that means… A new season of Game of Crowns is on its way! Get ready to win as many prizes as you can by knocking down some noble crowns. Let the game begin!

Dofus Retro Kwismas Dungeon Farmer Event - December 14, 2022

Once again this year, we're offering the chance to take part in a 3-in-1 Dungeon Farmer! Itzting, Father Kwismas, and Father Whupper are waiting for you in the Kwismas Dungeon to give out chestnuts!

Online game Kwismas Island Ahoy! Event - December 01, 2022

You have been looking out for it off the Bontarian coast now for several days. And glad tidings we bring because Kwismas Island is back again!

You've been looking out for it off the Bontarian coast for a few days now. Glad tidings we bring, because Kwismas Island has finally come!

The 2022 Krosmonote conference took place on Friday, October 28. Let's have a look at the main DOFUS points that were discussed. 

Dofus DOFUS Masters 2022 Event - November 05, 2022

After months of competitions, with the DOFUS World Cup that saw Rafale crowned last week, it's on to the most prestigious tournament of the year: DOFUS Masters 2022 is about to begin!


The curse of Al Howin has returned! Jump into the game starting Wednesday, October 26. And there's just one instruction: Go squash some squash!

The curse of Al Howin has returned! Jump into the game on Tuesday, October 25. And there's just one instruction: Go squash some squash!

After the first merger of international servers, the schedule continues with the first French-language server mergers, set for Tuesday, October 25!

As we mentioned last week, the DOFUS server merger is fast approaching. The first merger will be on Tuesday, October 11, and will affect international community servers.

Recently, at Japan Expo, we challenged you to visit us disguised as your favorite Ankama character and have your picture taken (and, most importantly, to win prizes too). And now that we've called on our community's talents as costume designers and actors, we're asking you to play one more role: that of impartial judges!

Dofus A divine intervention Event - September 22, 2022

Following the issues with the deployment of Update 2.65, we have decided to activate the «Combine and Harvest» event for a few days. Arm yourselves with your Tingy-Catcher and help Goblaud harvest as many D'vine Tingies as you can!

Dofus DOFUS World Cup 2022 Event - September 13, 2022

The DOFUS World Cup is back! Who will take the title from reigning champions Rafale? Maybe you!

You were looking forward to it, marked with a red cross on your Almanax like buried treasure on a map: Septangel 19. A day when you are entitled and encouraged to use and abuse colorful language! How about testing some of your new insults on LeChouque and the Queen of Thieves?

How would you like to spend a weekend with a mummified Ouginak condemned to a life of suffering for having killed one of Xelor's protégées? Not interested? Really? Hmmm… Even if we tell you there's a killer shield up for grabs? Now you're interested? Haha! We knew it… You're so corruptible!

Think you've learned everything there is to know about beastology? Prove it! Take part in the Four Elements Tournament and show the world that you've mastered the art of fighting alongside all sorts of powerful and surprising creatures. Registration is now open!

This year, Vulkania has been updated with a few new additions to make the experience even better! Charlie's Agents have nobly sacrificed themselves to the cause (most of them in a metaphorical sense, fortunately) to give us an advance look at what's new in this iconic vacation spot that draws thousands of thrill-seeking tourists every year. Let's find out what they've got to report!

While some look forward to summer for its rush of outdoor festivals, others with a taste for danger make their way to The Dreggon Peninsula. That island has got a soundtrack all its own – screams, heavy footsteps and desperate scampering, chomping and slurping and cracking bones – and its own unique pleasures, like coming back in one piece with a new shield!

Ahem… Sorry to interrupt you in the middle of your Osatopian adventure. Much as we hate to pull you away from polishing your beastology skills or capturing Modsters, something tells us you'll find this interruption useful… heck, you could even win an adorable new pet!

Osatopia is an opportunity to see the World of Twelve through Osamodas's eyes (in other words, with fur everywhere, scratches on the furniture, and so much more). To really get this event purring, we're inviting you to take part in a tournament where players face off in teams alongside their Modsters!

If you're the kind of adventurer who's always looking for a challenge, you'll soon have something to sink your teeth into. Over several days, you'll get to take on something bigger than you… and be rewarded for your bravery! (Assuming you make it out in one piece, of course). Get ready for a kromatic marathon!