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Who can say no to a bit of splashing about in the pool when the sun is out? Or if it's up to Dantinea, a much deeper dive… The Queen of the Trituns has invited you to the dark depths of her undersea kingdom. Will you take the bait?

So the cats got a contest all to themselves, huh? Those pretentious, egotistical creatures? The ones who prance around all day with their tails held high to show off their… well, you know! Forget about those awful beasts: now the dogs will have their day! Join #teamdog and try to win the Selfie emote and the Mishell Haven Bag!

Mimimeow. Meow. Meow meow. Mimi MEOW! Mimimi, meow mi. Mi mi? Meow! MIMEOW! This has been a message from the "Feline Friends" association to tell you about a contest to celebrate International Cat Day.

In the mood for some Sauroshell hunting on the Dreggon Peninsula? Starting from the weekly maintenance of August 12 and until the next maintenance on August 19, beat up on Grozilla and Grasmera's progeny and try to wake them up…

Was she not so chatty when you last encountered her? Maybe this time around, she'll engage a bit more? Or perhaps once again, the buzzing flies and the ringing in your head will merge into a hypnotizing melody… Either way, from July 31 to August 3, the incomparable Fraktal will challenge you to a duel!

Dofus Retro House for Sale! Event - July 13, 2020

Word has gotten out throughout the World of Twelve – an exceptional house is available for purchase!

July 14 is coming up, and to commemorate the Taking of the Pastille, we're offering two bonuses this Friday, July 10 until next Tuesday, July 14: all mounts are globally pre-sentient, and you'll earn double XP in Vulkania!

With the major revamp of the mythical Pandala Island approaching, a whole series of dungeons will soon be updated, while others will disappear. Why not make the most of the final days before this "facelift" to try and score any shields you don't have yet? Dungeon Rusher Pandala: Before the Awakening is here!

Two weeks after the launch of our WAKFU Season 4 Kickstarter, you continue to pledge your support in droves, allowing us to reach our set goal (much) faster than expected. We're so delighted! With that in mind, it's only natural to continue showing you how grateful we are with a +50% bonus profession XP weekend!

From June 19 to 26, you're invited to participate in a new community event as part of our WAKFU Season 4 crowdfunding campaign. Get out your finest paints, watercolors, colored pencils or even your drawing tablet, and be sure to bring your sense of child-like fun: our coloring workshop is about to begin!

The days go by, your enthusiasm is going strong, and our little hearts swell with so much emotion that we're floating on air, as the progress bar for our Kickstarter fills up as well… See, it's even turned us into poets! To celebrate the lovely turn our crowdfunding campaign has taken, this time we're offering an unlimited Bunch of Keys recharges this weekend!

Founded by a brotherhood of bards orchestrated by Veronika Gobbstock, the Gobbstock Festival is for those who like to belt out tunes in the shower every morning, as much as it's for renowned musicians. This in-game event starts tomorrow and goes until Tuesday, July 7!

All throughout our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, you'll have a chance to celebrate the return of the Brotherhood of the Tofu with special events, some of them totally new. Today we're presenting you with a Dungeon Rusher that's a bit out of the ordinary, for extraordinary heroes! See you in-game from Monday, June 15 through Monday, June 22!

Our voices (or rather, our fingertips) are trembling with emotion as we announce that, even though our crowdfunding campaign for WAKFU Season 4 has just barely begun, it's already reached the first milestone of 100,000 Euros! A fantastic first lap to get us warmed up for the marathon to come!

In the spirit of Fleaster, this Dungeon Rusher will have you dealing with a rotten egg! Head to the floating island, enter the Chokao Temple, and liberally toss those Chokao Chips. They'll open a chocolatey path to the priestess and her shieldagain!

Diligently, you fight and loot, fight and loot, leveling up your character on Temporis. This painstaking work will finally pay off through two elite tournaments. Earning XP all spring long? We're glad to hear it. Now win!

Synchronize your watches: It's Temporis IV time! If you're a little unsure of what to expect before entering the arena, we have some tips to encourage you and boost your confidence.

The wait is over – you can now pre-register for the Temporis IV temporary servers! You have until Thursday, March 26th (11:59 p.m. CET) to add your name to the list! So act now, as it's coming soon…

The leader of the Vilinsekts apparently appreciated your last head-to-head so much that he's back for a rematch… Get out your bug spray for another Dungeon Rusher Rewind with the villainous critter!

The Miss & Mister World of Twelve pageant is keeping up its momentum! It's time for the results of the first round and the description of the second round.

Starting this afternoon (at 17:00 CET), do something to make your sweetie's heart melt faster than chocolate in a Bwork's sweaty palm. Give them a bouquet of demonic roses, an Emerald Dofus pendant, or even the still-warm body of a Chocrosis-infected Gobball, disembowelled especially for them! Or maybe a service from the shop

Ever wonder what this turtle has in common with the moon? Just like that glowing orb in the night sky, she's been around for ages! So long in fact that – like the chicken and the egg – no one is sure which came first: the heavenly body or the reptile? What is sure, though, is that you aren't the first person to covet her shield!

In collaboration with the Skiny team, it's time to prove to your mirror (and the entire World of Twelve) that you'll be the prettiest one on the dance floor or the most handsome one strutting around!
(Last updated:19/06/2020) E-sports fans, it's time for us to fully unveil what will add excitement to your next few months of gaming: Season 4 of the Krosmoz Tournaments Arena!