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Last week, during a DOFUS Retro special on Ankama Live, we mentioned the possibility to add the Ebony and Ivory Dofus into that version of the game. The time has come for you to give us your opinion by taking the survey!

In recent weeks, Twelvians have been flocking to the new and improved Pandala. But be careful! No one should venture to the World of Twelve's most mythical island completely unprepared… That's why Charlie's Agents are back in action to give you a guided tour of the different areas of the island. We'll start with Pandala Village!

Tomorrow on Ankama Live, we'll be talking about DOFUS Retro and what's coming. Don't miss it!

The new-and-improved Ankama Launcher is available starting today.

Some of you have already noticed that in the Ankama Launcher, you can now add and log in with multiple accounts. We're here to explain why.

For three weeks, we lived for the WAKFU Season 4 Kickstarter. It was a constant thrill. To be honest, it got our hearts beating faster than usual! But it's nothing compared to the adventures that await the Brotherhood of the Tofu. And that await YOU! Here's a video of Djinn looking back at an emotional last several days.

We have decided to postpone the release of update 2.56: Pandala Awakens by one week. You'll have to be patient just a little while longer to discover what's brewing on the mythical island of Pandala. See you there on Wednesday, July 15!

Grozilla and Grasmera have sharpened their teeth, claws, and shells… They've been going round in circles for months, waiting for this moment when, each year, droves of daring adventurers arrive in Vulkania! Your hour of glory will come: Vulkania will open on Tuesday, June 30, with rewards for the survivors…

You've got what it takes to be a hero. Seriously, we mean it! Just like the members of the Brotherhood of the Tofu, you're committed… even downright tenacious. And tough, too. You never give up the fight! Thanks to your determination, our WAKFU season 4 Kickstarter has been even more successful than we expected. If you haven't done so already, you've got one week left to show us your support!

Our desire to treat you grows as the WAKFU Season 4 Kickstarter progresses. Nothing in WAKFU is set in stone. Rewards can change and adapt… Something old but new is piggybacking on the €25 tier: the Yugo Set!

You've astounded us. You've challenged us. And… we've listened to you! Your rock-solid support and unstoppable enthusiasm have pushed us to go even further in creating this 4th season of WAKFU. You've left us no choice!
Dofus Retro Retro Server Merger Info - June 12, 2020

On Tuesday, June 16th, we will merge 9 of the 11 DOFUS Retro servers, a way for us to make your game experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Find out everything about this merger right here.

A new update = a new Livestream! We'll soon answer (almost) all your questions about the future beta for this major revamp of the mythical, mystical island in the World of Twelve. On Monday, June 15, there'll be a special DOFUS Ankama Live all about Pandala. Don't miss it!

We were going to keep it a surprise for a little longer, but we are so thrilled by your involvement and commitment to the Wakfu Season 4 Kickstarter that we think you deserve to see this trailer ASAP!

We recently launched our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Your quick and enthusiastic response has far exceeded our expectations, and the seventh milestone has already been reached! To celebrate the good news, log in to the game to take advantage of the 50% combat XP bonus we promised you!
As you know, we've just started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the fourth season of the WAKFU animated series. Some of you are fans of the series, while others may not be familiar with it, but either way, the progress of its Kickstarter campaign affects all of you…

Our final weekly event has arrived! Djinn and Logan for the first part, followed by Kewl for the question-and-answer portion, are back to share more updates about Temporis IV, DOFUS and DOFUS Retro. Watch the replay!

Seven. It's the number of episodes we're now committed to producing for this fourth season of adventures… all thanks to you! The fifth Kickstarter milestone has been reached – so let's keep the momentum going!
To watch Yugo grow up. To find out what happens to Adamai. To see Eva, Percedal, Elely and Flopin again. To see what becomes of Amalia and the Sadida Kingdom. To learn what comes before WAVEN. And to see if Ruel is still whacking people with his shovel. In short, to reunite with the Brotherhood of the Tofu. The story starts now.

It's true that the circumstances in which we filmed this new episode of Ankama (Not) Live were a bit… unusual. But who cares! It'll take more than a little lockdown to keep us from giving you the latest news on DOFUS, WAKFU, DOFUS Touch, Ankama Éditions, our boardgames, WAVEN, and of course your beloved WAKFU animated series and its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign!

Our very last video! Are your eyes still sparkling like kamas after watching our video about Ruel on loop? They may be shining with tears after this final video, dedicated to our young lad with the incredible powers: Yugo the Eliatrope! Get ready, because our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is starting next Monday!

THE weekly event has arrived! Djinn and Logan for the first part, followed by Kewl for the question-and-answer portion, are back to share more updates about Temporis IV, and to answer your questions as well. Watch the replay!

Make way, MAKE WAY! Here it is! The weekly Brotherhood of the Tofu video. Ruel has come along to take a look back at a retrospective that's as shiny as a kama and as stinky as old wet socks (you can be both at once, you know!). Just to give your memory a little shove-l (hehe): The WAKFU 4 Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is starting soon!

THE weekly event has arrived! Djinn and Nazkan for the first part, followed by Logan and Kewl for the question-and-answer portion, are back to share more updates about Temporis IV, and to answer your questions as well. Watch the replay!