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recent News

Dofus Rushu's Larvae Info - May 16, 2019

It'd been a week now. A week since Agent Mystheur had disappeared, "snatched" right in front of Agent Skelet's eyes. The temporal anomalies continued to be front page news. The press had noticed that the Sram's partner was missing and hassled her continuously about it. But what was the FBA doing?

A live stream on our Twitch channel just ended, covering details on the upcoming Sacrier and Osamodas class improvements. Here is a summary of the overall modifications that you will be able to test out as of this upcoming Thursday, May 16th. The Beta server will open sometime in the afternoon on that day. 

Soon enough, it won't possible to gain experience when losing a fight in Infinite Dreams.

Dofus The Clockmaker Info - May 09, 2019

This weekend, our two FBA agents didn't go to work. Their superior had to convince higher-ups that his team was working night and day to solve the "The Zaap Mystery" and that no, they weren't the ones who suggested that title to the press! Reluctant to sit idly by, Fax couldn't stop himself from visiting Nada…

The results of the second stage are now available. We’ve taken our time getting back to you about the class improvements, but it’s all for a good cause… Let us explain.

The third and final installment of Silam's visit to Ankama!

When the Amakna Gazette started running with what it called "the Zaap mystery" on its front page, the Assistant Director of the Office of Frankly Bizarre Affairs, Retlaw Renniks, called his two agents into his office. It was time he took a closer interest in these temporal anomalies…

Silam's adventure in Ankama continues. In this second part, Lorko walks him through the process of creating the perfect hat...

Mystheur and Skelet's investigation had taken them to the Sufokia Bay Zaap on the trail of Dathura. Their stakeout had just barely begun when something unexpected took them by surprise… What if the temporal anomalies were just the Treechnids hiding the forest?

Silam designs cosmetic items for DOFUS just for the fun of it. At Ankama's invitation, he came to meet the DOFUS team and to have one of his items, chosen by you, created and implemented in the game!

Online game Sadida's Favorite Info - April 17, 2019

The investigation was spinning its wheels for Fax Mystheur and Nada Skelet. Even though they'd made the connection between three frankly bizarre affairs near Zaaps, they were horribly short on clues. Doubt was slowly settling in – what if the temporal anomalies stopped appearing?

Tomorrow, with the arrival of Fleaster Island, a new dragon egg will make its chocolaty debut – the Cocoa Dofus. Do you crave it too?

The temporis server closed its doors last week and it's now time to send the rewards, the ceremonial items bought, the Dungeon Rusher shields and the XP Potion.

+ de Dofus A Chocolate Tune! Info - April 12, 2019

The first sounds from the floating island of Fleaster, as it comes ever closer, have reached us. We were able to capture them using the latest cutting-edge technology perfected by geniuses in the World of Twelve. Check out the musical ambiance in this mysterious universe…

From April 16 to May 14, chocolate will be flowing freely in your MMO. And when cocoa lovers hear of the existence of an all-chocolate dragon egg, things are going to get… nuts!

In the World of Twelve, frankly bizarre affairs happen every day… and no one bats an eye! No one? Not quite! Nada Skelet and Fax Mystheur identify such cases, study them, and even try to solve them. Often, the truth is out there, but with the temporal anomalies, the real question isn't where but… when?

The Zaap network will start to malfunction as a result of your actions in the World of Twelve. Kolossium scores will be reset for this 3rd season.

Dofus An Adventure, Bar None Info - April 08, 2019

Get ready to see chocolate – in all its glorious forms – everywhere you look starting mid-April! Today's guilty pleasure? A maxi Ecaflip bar!

Dofus Stir Up Some Fun! Info - April 04, 2019

What do DOFUS and chocolate have in common? Both are good anytime, anywhere! In April, your MMORPG will be chock-full of vitamin-enriched, super-chocolaty adventure.

They're back to right wrongs, save the world from devastation, convince everyone that their version is right, and uncover the truth. Nothing can stop them. Nada and Fax – more revealing than hottest tell-all in print – are here to save us all from… temporal anomalies!

We wish you a month full of tasty adventures of the joyful kind. Prepare your taste buds!

When the boundaries of what is real become blurred, when there's something strange in your neighborhood, or when unexplained glimmers seize the Zaaps, who you gonna call? Fax Mystheur and Nada Skelet, our two agents from the Office of Frankly Bizarre Affairs! And what could be more bizarre than… temporal anomalies?

How are you going to stay ahead of the game with the coming upheavals? Will you find any clues in this gameplay video?