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Ankama Ankama Not Live : Episode 5 ! Info - September 16, 2019

Fall's Here for Ankama (Not) Live! Catch up on all the news from Ankama Boardgames, Ankama Éditions, tie-in merchandise, the WAKFU MMO, and of course the DOFUS MMO in this new episode where, once again, Ankamians show their serious side with a disconcerting austerity…

Ankama DOFUS Retro News Info - September 12, 2019

Last week we unveiled our plans for DOFUS Retro and held a survey to choose the name of the new server. Find out which name won and more information about the DOFUS Retro version!

Online game #KTA: September Open Info - September 03, 2019
In September, experience the third act of Krosmoz Tournaments Arena's third season!
Things are heating up between the weapons masters of the two biggest rival cities in the World of Twelve! Oto Mustam has once again replied to his rival Amayiro, hitting him where it counts… You'll (re)discover that even when it comes to slaying enemies, Brakmarians have quite the sense of humor!
While the Temporis servers are at their peak, the weapons masters of the Bontarian and Brakmarian militias, Amayiro and Oto Mustam, are in a showdown, but using pens instead of swords. They're liable to do just as much damage, though… See these fighters sometimes hit below the belt, allowing us, by way of slanderous slinging, to revisit the background of these two great cities…

Taking jabs at a powerful and cruel Brakmarian weapons master is a bit like playing with Stasis. When Amayiro took a swipe at Oto Mustam, all he did was set off another war – the "War of the Letters" this time. Djaul's friend wasted no time replying…

Bontarians and Brakmarians may be divided as ever, but the 5 Temporis III servers are joining forces!

Although the Temporis servers, the third of their name, are themed around Bonta versus Brakmar, the rivalry between the White City and the Dark City is nothing new. You know them thanks to the alignment quests, but for many years now, Amayiro, the Bontarian Militia Weapons Master, and Oto Mustam, his Brakmarian counterpart, have gotten into the habit of writing each other some rather prickly letters… On the eve of Divine Bonta, let the clash begin!

Vulbis Dofus, Update 2.52 and much more: Given all the questions you have right now about DOFUS, the content creators asked them for you and Logan responded to them! Find out everything you wanted to about the MMORPG in this video!

Pre-registration on the temporary servers is open until Thursday, July 25, at 11:59 p.m. (Paris time). Starting on July 30, enjoy a new community and competitive experience by joining one of the World of Twelve's two iconic cities and earning all-new rewards. More details in this news update…  

After convincing hundreds of teams in Season 2, the Krosmoz Tournaments Arena is coming back to add its splash of PvP in the coming months!

Grozilla and Grasmera have sharpened their teeth, claws, and shells… They've been going round in circles for months, waiting for this moment when, each year, droves of daring adventurers arrive in Vulkania! Your hour of glory will come: Access to Vulkania will be enabled on Thursday, July 4, with rewards for the survivors…

As the music festival soars to an epic crescendo around the world tonight, Twelvians will soon be enjoying a breath of fresh air... Guillaume Pladys, the creator behind the DOFUS and WAKFU soundtracks, is getting ready to put on his composer's wig and start writing some more tunes!

Online game Bank to Hit Info - June 19, 2019

Legends… In the World of Twelve, there are as many of them as there are Fleeflees on a Trool's head. But legends of music, they're not so common! Today, to get you ready for the Gobbstock Festival on Junssidor 21, we're going to tell you about the origins of "Bwork'n'Roll" in the Krosmoz!

Back in May, we committed to having all class improvements available to you on the BETA server by the second week of June.

The latest Ankama Editions releases, new board games for your evenings with family or friends, the latest on DOFUS, WAKFU and DOFUS Touch, merchandise – this new episode of Ankama (Not) Live has, yet again, many surprises in store for you!

Update 2.52, entitled "The Revenge of the Feathered Dragon", will soon be online! While the main focus is on the mysterious Vulbis Dofus, that's not all it includes. Discover what's in store in the following news update and trailer!

Online game KT Finals Season 2 Info - May 31, 2019
After months of clashes, the 16 best PVP teams in Dofus qualified for the Krosmoz Tournaments Arena end-of-season tournament. Both the stakes and the rewards are significant: €3,000 and places at the final phases of the Dofus Cup are up for grabs for the bravest!
Dofus The Shuccubus Info - May 30, 2019

The Eniripsa Odile Bile was being uncompromising: "No! Mr. Mystheur cannot go to Frigost in this state!" Thanks to her, he therefore got one more week. So, Agent Skelet had gone to scout the Zaap in the Snowbound Village. Was the Office of Frankly Bizarre Affairs going to finally get to the bottom of the temporal anomalies?

Tomorrow, May 28, some modifications to the star system will be implemented, along with some bug fixes. Get the details here.

Dofus The Black Crow Info - May 22, 2019

This was a first for Fax Mystheur and Nada Skelet. Never before had they come this close to the strange. Never had they been so deeply involved, so thoroughly caught up in a case. It was as if the roles had been reversed: as if the case had observed them, studied them, before gradually drawing them into its intrigue. Devoured them. Digested them. And in Agent Mystheur's case… spat him back out!

The Support site was given a facelift. The site has been entirely redone with you in mind: better aesthetics, easier to use, more efficient, it will answer all your questions about DOFUS, WAKFU, DOFUS Touch, and much more.

On Tuesday, May 14, we held a live event on our Twitch channel to explain how the Osamodas and Sacrier classes are being revamped. To make sure you know exactly what to look for as you test them, here are some more details about the changes we've made to these two classes.

Dofus Rushu's Larvae Info - May 16, 2019

It'd been a week now. A week since Agent Mystheur had disappeared, "snatched" right in front of Agent Skelet's eyes. The temporal anomalies continued to be front page news. The press had noticed that the Sram's partner was missing and hassled her continuously about it. But what was the FBA doing?