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Update 2.62 welcomes you to two iconic cities made brand-new! Rediscover Bonta and Brakmar, see them in a whole new light, and if you dare, enter the new zone in search of the Nightmarish Dofus.

Along with the wreaths and stockings, open hostility will be on display this Kwismas season.

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Online game Update 2.61 Now Online Updates - September 14, 2021

Update 2.61 is now available in the game. It deals with the Kolossium and class balancing.

After the horsemen of the Eliocalypse and the spirits of Pandala, did you think you'd seen it all? Haha, how naive of you… Pandamonium, the latest DOFUS update, is now online. Dive in and we'll tell you more! 

It took 15 years to come full circle and get all six of the coveted Dofus into the original game for players to discover… Now you need to go out and find them! The DOFUS Retro update you've all been waiting for is now available. The final quest for the Six Primordial Dofus can begin!

Online game Beta 2.62 Is Now Online! Updates - November 26, 2021

Do you hear it? It's screaming, it's shouting, it's bellowing… Well, there's no doubt about it! The Update 2.62 beta is now online. It's time to discover the fresh faces of the cities of Bonta and Brakmar at last. It's also time to defend your colors!

It took 15 years to come full circle and have the six coveted Dofus within the original game and ready to be discovered… Now you need to find them! After a few delays, the update to DOFUS Retro you've all been waiting for is coming on Tuesday, June 1. the final quest for the Six Primordial Dofus can now begin!

Online game Update 2.59 Is Here! Updates - April 20, 2021

Self-care is important. The DOFUS MMO has taken this to heart! Log in to the game now and check out the latest improvements made by the team. To keep the flame alive… 

As you look closely into the future of your favourite game, we can't forget that the first overall maintenance update for DOFUS is around the corner. Let's take a moment to tell you more about what it contains!

The history of Pandala continues to be written... Stop what you're doing and log on to check outthe third and final installment of the newly revamped island!

On December 1, there'll be two key things to remember: open the first window of your calendar full of chocolates (whether you believe in the Twelve or not, because after all, gluttony is universal!), but more importantly – log in to the beta server to test the upcoming Update 2.58!

Do you hear that? That sound of pounding drums? That's the ghostly creatures of the cursed island marking the end of your long wait! It's off to Nolifis, friends! 

DOFUS Retro's latest update is here! Come discover all the changes and fixes in the update!

Online game Beta 2.57: Now Online! Updates - September 08, 2020

The Beta server has just been updated so you can test what's new!

Our next update, "Pandala Awakens - Part 2", is just around the corner. While you're waiting, why not try out the latest content on the Beta server?

Do you hear that pounding noise? Like the beating of a heart. Yet the creatures behind it are not of flesh and bone, and not a single drop of blood flows in their veins. But they're dead set on spilling plenty of yours… Nolifis Island is nearly ready to open. The question is, are you really ready to set foot there? Watch the teaser for an idea of what's in store…

Don't forget to set an alarm tomorrow! If you sleep in, the Pandala adventure won't wait for you… The new update promised you mountains and marvels, and you're about to see that it's kept its word. Get ready to experience one of the oldest areas in the World of Twelve in a whole new light…

The "Pandala Awakens" update is coming soon! In the meantime, why not test out its content on the Beta?

Despite the lockdown, we really wanted to continue improving your gaming experience by adding new features and applying bug fixes that should be to your liking.

Although all of the changes in this update planned for April 29 are available in the changelog below, we'd like to give you more details about some of them.

Keep reading for answers to all of your questions about the incredible project that is DOFUS Retro Remastered! And for the truly curious, there's also a changelog for your perusal!

Starting Wednesday, February 26, you can play just like back in the day… only better! Version 1.29 of your favorite MMO recently got a fresh coat of pixels. The perfect opportunity to play DOFUS Retro without straining your eyes!

Their hellish ride is far from over… The Four Horsemen of the Eliocalypse are galloping together at breakneck speed toward the next update. On Tuesday, February 11, prepare for the epilogue to a quest that's had you on the edge of your seat for a whole year!

Log in now and enjoy this extensive update that's got loads of new features and ergonomic improvements!