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In the desolate lands of Sidimote, fearless and foolhardy travelers not long ago discovered some rather intriguing dwellings that sported impish grins. Their name will make you either laugh or run for the hills, but the Magik Riktus are in fact the kings of plundering, pillaging, and Cawwots! A look at one of the weirder clans around...

Vast unwelcoming areas, locals with serious dental hygiene issues (not to mention the smell), danger, and of course epic adventures! Here's all that is awaiting you in Update 2.42, available in Beta right now!

Beta-adventurers have already scoured the sands of a new island and might know a little bit more about its owner, the famous Mishell... Others had to wait a few days longer to discover the new features in update 2.41, which is online now!

Animals are her life. Killing them for fur: she’ll never let that happen! This young Osamodas has only one objective: to protect the island’s fauna and preserve its many species for future generations. From Tofus to Plain Pikokos and even Craborals, she keeps them all safe!  Today, we present an exclusive interview with Mishell for Animal Nation with Rigide Barjo

Dofus 2.41 is in Beta! Updates - March 22, 2017

A nature reserve where the fauna is hunted nearly to extinction, a new fight mode that adds a new dimension to the Inter-Server Kolossium, and shields with new possibilities... All of this awaits you in update 2.41, available in beta now!

Update 2.41 is nearly here and all we can say is, it’s going to blow you away! Summer is still a long way off, but pull out your shades cos’ you’re gonna need ‘em! Check out two exclusive sketches of the new zone right now: Mishell Island.

Update 2.40 has leaped out of the kennel on Valentine’s Day, and it won’t be loving feelings that the new class of characters (available to all) inspire... more like RAGE! Your Ouginak is waiting for you in the game, sitting quietly, waiting for the order: “Sic ‘em!”

It's here! Update 2.39 is online! Do you hear that rumbling in the distance? That's the sound of scores of monsters hitting their alarms and rising from their graves! Today, you can log in and experience the second chapter of the Ohwymi story!

Alone on the saaand, on a pile of booones, say goodbye to Eeel Pikooo. Your mission is coming to an eeend, you'll gooo, and greet Tal Kasha waaarmly! As you can see, the second chapter of your adventure in the heart of Ohwymi will soon open with Update 2.39: The Slumbering City of Gold! Log in to the game on December 6th!

On the left: YOU, a valiant adventurer, bandanna-clad with a look that means business, finger on the trigger. On the right... Ohwymi! Desert sands, uncrossable dunes and Castucs who let their guns do the talking. A mismatched duel? But for who? The spiciest DOFUS update we've ever made is online right now: come and get a taste, it will blow your mind!

Dofus Beta: Update 2.39 Updates - November 23, 2016

We hope that you filled your canteen, because your journey across the desert is just beginning! Update 2.39 is now available on the BETA server, and we're counting on you to dig up all the bugs you can find.

Dofus Beta: Update 2.37 Updates - October 05, 2016

A duel in the Ohwymi dunes! Update 2.37 is now available for beta testing. The heat is scorching, tumbleweeds bounce along the empty street. There's just you... and Ohwymi. Be the first to uncover the bugs!

The Kastout Breeders teased you about the Osamodas revamp and their spells. Nosawr informed you about Cania’s monsters and whereabouts, and even more! There’s only one thing left to do before you start this new adventure: Mind the Steppe!

The Cania plains have always been a dangerous place for travelers who might wander them without proper preparations, and soon the danger will increase!

Dofus In a submarine… Updates - May 25, 2016

Quietly but surely, Update 2.35 is coming into port. Can't you see it on your radar? Maybe because you're not looking in the right place! Near Sufokia, it isn't a little periscope that's emerged from the water, but a great big submarine that's already docked! Ready to get on board?…

The Eniripsa class revamp is one of the major points in the upcoming Update with, amongst other new features, the Community Challenges! Between the devblogs and the DOFUS Live, you've already seen some of what we have in store: it is now time to go and see for yourself what we're offering you in the Beta server! 

This year’s theme of Dungeons and Challenges will impress you starting from the first update of 2016! Who other than the Big Tease could look at you out of the corner of his eye with such disdain? Which other dimension could possibly represent challenges and gambling better than the one related to our greatest challenge, DOFUS the film?

Dofus Update 2.33 is in Beta! Updates - January 18, 2016

This weekend you have seen the first few pictures from the next update. Today, we’ve got a trailer for you, which will reveal a little more about the new Divine Dimension which is coming in February! And it’s happening at the right time, seeing as it’s directly linked to the film DOFUS – Book I: Julith!

Shuffle through your Haven Bag in game without losing your stake, now that is a good deal! That's right, in Update 2.32, you've got a brand new home! Just make yourself comfy in your new crib and discover all the other new features...

Dofus Update 2.32 menu Updates - December 04, 2015

Perhaps you already got a sneak preview, but remember, next week, “Stairway to Haven”! This is what’s in store for you with Update 2.32, whose beta is accompanied by several devblogs... just so you know what you’re getting into!

Play the beta of the 2.32 DOFUS update starting today! If you couldn’t wait for Haven Bags to make their appearance, then you’ll soon know all there is to know about this new feature.

In just a few days, the new DOFUS update will hit the Beta server and bring with it its usual bundle of brand new content, and first and foremost... the arrival of Haven Bags! At long last, you'll be able to enjoy your own customizable private space! But that's not all...

Things are bubbling in Al Howin's Stewpot, so let's take a look at the pipping hot treats in update 2.31! New legendary treasure hunts, new outfits, and a fresh new change to the rune generation system, let's find out more!

Adventuresses, adventurers, we welcome you aboard this Update 2.30! This Island? Moon! Landing is scheduled for September 1st. Please fasten your seatbelt and  make yourselves comfortable, we're doing all we can so that you may have a nice trip!