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Wanting to be ever close to our communities, we have dabbled in bi-lingual streams, and even tested our luck with translations the length of the ol' Road to Brakmar. This time around, here is last week’s Ankama Live, with English subtitles. Check it out!

The first collaboration between Ankama and Displate has been encouraging – so encouraging that we're back with 4 new metal posters as promised. You'll find them in the Ankama Shop online! Come quick and check them out...

Pre-registration is now open for Thanatena! Soon, you'll experience a new competitive thrill when you join the World of Twelve's brand-new heroic server in style! Find out more in this update…
Dofus Class Pack – Masqueraider Shop - February 14, 2020

The class packs are still coming, and this time it's our dissimulation pros' turn to unpack what's inside. Don't miss out if you want to make a huge splash at the Too Faux Karnaval!

The Miss & Mister World of Twelve pageant is keeping up its momentum! It's time for the results of the first round and the description of the second round.

Starting this afternoon (at 17:00 CET), do something to make your sweetie's heart melt faster than chocolate in a Bwork's sweaty palm. Give them a bouquet of demonic roses, an Emerald Dofus pendant, or even the still-warm body of a Chocrosis-infected Gobball, disembowelled especially for them! Or maybe a service from the shop

Online game Eliocalypse: The Great Flood Info - February 11, 2020

Theft, treachery, murder... As he explored the thread of time ever deeper, Martalo's appreciation for the World of Twelve began to spoil, like a rotten fruit. Today, the watcher was counting on the Sanctuary of Last Hope to enjoy a little respite...

Ever wonder what this turtle has in common with the moon? Just like that glowing orb in the night sky, she's been around for ages! So long in fact that – like the chicken and the egg – no one is sure which came first: the heavenly body or the reptile? What is sure, though, is that you aren't the first person to covet her shield!

Online game Musical Ambiance Info - February 08, 2020
Update 2.55 is on its way…How about a sweet treat with just the slightest touch of sour to get your taste buds ready for the main course? Yes, it'll soon be time to roll up your sleeves and fight! But before returning to face the Eliocalypse once more, we thought we'd whet your appetite with these 3 tunes from update 2.54!

Their hellish ride is far from over… The Four Horsemen of the Eliocalypse are galloping together at breakneck speed toward the next update. On Tuesday, February 11, prepare for the epilogue to a quest that's had you on the edge of your seat for a whole year!

Dofus DOFUS Retro: Komet Pack Shop - February 05, 2020

You have probably already seen his large, sparkling eyes… After making the World of Twelve's hearts melt like chocolate in the summer sun last winter, he's back as a retro version. Hurry up! Komet won't linger long!

Log in now and enjoy this extensive update that's got loads of new features and ergonomic improvements!

Recently, Ankama took the quest for Dofus even further and offered you an Emerald Dofus pendant in Swarovski crystal, produced in association with Art de France. Barely laid, already out of stock… Don't panic! A second batch is ready to hatch!

Starting today and until Wednesday, February 12, the Feca Pack is here for adventurers who've decided to be one with their companions!
In collaboration with the Skiny team, it's time to prove to your mirror (and the entire World of Twelve) that you'll be the prettiest one on the dance floor or the most handsome one strutting around!
+ de Dofus Winter Sales: Last Call! Shop - January 29, 2020

The grand finale is here! This third and final mark-down in our winter sales slashes prices with a vengeance that will send shivers down your spine… Take advantage of the discounts before it's too late!

You've been waiting, and finally, Update 1.31 will be released in a few days! 

Dofus KTA: Season 4 Is Revealed! Info - January 23, 2020

E-sports fans, it's time for us to fully unveil what will add excitement to your next few months of gaming: Season 4 of the Krosmoz Tournaments Arena!

(Last updated: 02/03/2020) E-sports fans, it's time for us to fully unveil what will add excitement to your next few months of gaming: Season 4 of the Krosmoz Tournaments Arena!

The first round of mark-downs was just a warm-up. Now you're ready to pounce on the second mark-down without any risk of pulling a muscle. But when it comes to avoiding a spending spree, we can't make any promises! Be warned! There won't be enough for everyone!

You had to have seen it coming. The year-end festivities are over and since then you've been as bored as a dead rat… Luckily, you can always count on Pandawas and their love of partying – and on those little cookies full of promises: Fortune (or rather, Fortunawa) Cookies!

A few weeks ago, we asked for your opinions in a survey. Here are the results.

As we start the new year, we're keeping our good habits going in DOFUS! Your regular Dungeon Rusher event is back with the first Rewind of 2020 in an extremely rat-tractive setting. We'll let the rat out of the bag right away: this time, you'll be facing off against Sphincter Cell!

2019 was an eventful year for DOFUS, but now it's behind us, and 2020 awaits with its own fair share of new developments and projects.