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In the spirit of Fleaster, this Dungeon Rusher will have you dealing with a rotten egg! Head to the floating island, enter the Chokao Temple, and liberally toss those Chokao Chips. They'll open a chocolatey path to the priestess and her shieldagain!

THE weekly event has arrived! Djinn and Logan for the first part, joined by Kewl for the question-and-answer portion, are back with more updates about Temporis IV, and also answer questions on other topics. Watch the replay!

The situation is serious; explosive, you might say. The Rise of the Scrollsayers is not to everyone's liking. The Magic Committee and the Inquisition are strongly opposed to people having free access to spells without a license or proper instruction. Jaillat Kubiak and Brendo Welsh are about to bear the brunt of their ire. Unless…

Diligently, you fight and loot, fight and loot, leveling up your character on Temporis. This painstaking work will finally pay off through two elite tournaments. Earning XP all spring long? We're glad to hear it. Now win!

It's fitting that the Sadida pack should take root in your shop just as Spring is arriving. But there's not much time left to go green: from now through Wednesday, April 22!

From their respective lairs, Djinn, Wimkote, Logan, and Kewl take a look at what's new with Temporis IV this week. The stream is available now. Watch the replay!

From today until April 15, you'll get 3 items for free when you spend €25 or more* in the Ankama Shop! Whether you play DOFUS, WAKFU or DOFUS Touch, no need to be jealous, there's enough great stuff for everyone!

You dream about it sometimes… Chocolate Fleaster eggs with a creamy center, deliciously chocolaty creatures, abounding all around! Pastries topped with whipped cream, suckers covered in colored sprinkles, and mountains of fondant! Open your eyes: Fleaster Island is back in the game!

After interrogating one suspect, two agents of a secret service are preparing to step up their investigation into the Scrollsayers. The next witness is about to trigger some explosive new events and also blow away the smokescreen enshrouding the matter.

Following technical difficulties impacting the durability of our infrastructure, we are postponing the fusion of the DOFUS Retro servers to a later date.

After a day full of twists and turns, hopes, and reversals, we're here to debrief you on yesterday's events and the launch of Temporis IV. 

Every week, Djinn and Logan take a look back at Temporis IV from their respective lairs. The stream is available now. Watch the replay!
Online game Coulive Set #2 Shop - March 31, 2020

Fierce battles (for one blood-red mess), the Amakna Swamps, muddy and nauseating trails in Brakmar, brambles in the Treechnid Forest… Sets come in all sorts of colors, but the Coulive Set comes in only one: yours! Available now in the new subscription packs!

As we prepare to let players run wild on Temporis, this patch is a perfect occasion for us to make a few changes relating to the Kolossium.

Synchronize your watches: It's Temporis IV time! If you're a little unsure of what to expect before entering the arena, we have some tips to encourage you and boost your confidence.

The ways of the Krosmoz are impenetrable. Who can boast they know its limits? Or even sketch its outlines? Eras, planets, planes, dimensions… only a handful of superior beings – gods, demons, dragons – have pale glimmers of light to shed on the subject. Forget everything you know. Temporis responds to no rules…

As of next Tuesday, you'll be able to fully emerge yourself in the Temporis IV adventure. But, before that, we have some information to give you!

As we told you in a recent video, a new single-account server is going online today. It's called Jahash, and it's super cool! 

Along with the teams of our main games – WAKFU, DOFUS and DOFUS Touch – we are still doing our very best to keep you entertained over the coming days and weeks in the hopes of making your time in self-isolation more enjoyable.

Some of you might be stuck at home, but your characters can still go get some fresh air! If you wanted to join your friends on another server, now's the time!

Following recent measures taken by governments worldwide, we've consulted the production teams for our main games – WAKFU, DOFUS and DOFUS Touch – to see what we can offer our players in the coming days and weeks to make your downtime more bearable.

We'll say it again: The future of DOFUS Retro is being built in the present with all of you! We're therefore asking for your feedback on a change we're considering and it has to do with the animation of your character when they get on a mount. Find out more in the article below!

All it takes is one glance. A short second where your gazes meet for a fleeting moment, and you are struck by the obvious realization that this pet is too cute... despite its perplexed expression. 

The wait is over – you can now pre-register for the Temporis IV temporary servers! You have until Thursday, March 26th (11:59 p.m. CET) to add your name to the list! So act now, as it's coming soon…