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Online game Beta 2.70 is almost here! Updates - November 07, 2023

Mark it on your calendar in red ink: Beta 2.70 will be opening on Wednesday, November 15 for three full weeks! Come see what's in store in the next DOFUS update.

It's official… the whole family is here! Three adorable new faces have now joined the plushies and pins of our Creatures line. Ecaflip, Eliotrope and Foggernaut… take your pick of plushies and pins! (Assuming you can choose just one…)

This time, there's no chance you'll ever do it again! To deal with the monsters that crop up all over the World of Twelve during Al Howin, you'll have to use whatever force is necessary… But you can count on the Last Breath Pack!

Season 7 of the KTA is almost over… But it won't just fizzle out. There's a big tournament that you can follow right up to the final, and its in our studio!

The new content announcement for the Al Howin event generated a lot of feedback on the rewards. As a result, we have reconsidered our plan! And to give us the time to do everything properly, the event has been postponed for one week. Let's get into some of the details!

Adventurers of the Krosmoz, two-factor authentication is being updated, and we invite you to enhance your account security.

Adventurers of the Krosmoz, two-factor authentication is being updated, and we invite you to enhance your account security.

You really blew us away, and we loved seeing your entries! We hope that you too enjoyed participating in this event. No matter how you took part, whether you got out your sewing needles, contributed by voting, or simply took a peek…

Are you ready to discover what awaits you in the last update of the year? Come discuss it with our teams during an Ankama Live dedicated to the 2.70 version of DOFUS on Monday, November 6. We're eagerly awaiting you to end the year in style!

The greatest profession in the world is the one you show off with pride. Now you can wear the outfit that goes best with whatever activities you have planned for the day! With all the choices in the shop in the coming weeks, you won't be short on work.

As always in every great Temporis adventure, it's time for the server merger. This crucial stage is anticipated with impatience and excitement. So get ready: the first merger is planned for Wednesday, October 25!

The ways in which purchases and gifts are awarded in DOFUS Retro have been updated. Certain items will disappear from your gift area as a result of these technical changes if you don't collect them in time!

Since the dawn of time (so, the 2000s), Al Howin has been overwhelming DOFUS Retro like a carnivorous climbing plant and infecting adventurers, gobballs and tofus before disappearing as suddenly as it arrived. But that was then…

It's that time of year… The tofus and gobballs of the World of Twelve are getting a big head again. It's time to bring them back down to earth… and then put them six feet under!

Missed the most recent Ankama Live livestream? No worries! We've prepared a little summary for you. Papinaut (producer on Osatopia 2), Yaula and Kewl (both game designers) looked back at the second week of the Osatopia 2 adventure… and here's what they talked about!

This year yet again, ANK'osplay contestants got really creative. The costumes were dazzling, moving, and impressive! And, we have to admit, sometimes they even made us laugh! Today, the long awaited moment has arrived. It's time to vote, and it's up to you to select the three winners in each category!

A volcano and an arena… Fights from yesteryear and yesterday… The Bolrog Pack blends a tumultuous past with the biggest DOFUS tournaments of today!

Missed the live stream? Don't worry – we've got you covered! Here's a quick recap of the latest Ankama Live. Papinaut (producer on Osatopia 2), Yaula and Idseas (both game designers) talked about the first week of the Osatopia 2 adventure. Don't miss out on all the highlights!

Osamodas welcomes you with open arms once again in the constantly evolving world of Osatopia 2! Get ready to experience a unique journey, to discover unknown modsters, and to write your own story in this new adventure! Join us and become an Osatopia 2 "Chromaddict", the much awaited sequel to this fantastic tale!

What would Temporis be without the usual live events alongside your adventure? That's why we have some live events for you on our Ankamalive Twitch channel on October 3 and 10!

Ankama New Osatopia 2 Stuffed Toys! Shop - September 26, 2023

As you know, the hunt is on again, with a second chapter of Osatopia that's even furrier than the last one… But what you probably don't know is that Modsters have taken advantage of this new edition to evolve into a completely new form – adorable stuffed toys! Discover them while waiting for Osatopia's opening this afternoon!

Pre-registration for the second edition of this beastly adventure is now over. So get ready – the hunt will be on before you know it!  
New creatures, new challenges… The second Osatopia adventure sounds promising! No doubt you've got the build of a master. All you need is a pack to help you embark on an adventure without worrying that your feathers might get ruffled. That's what the Osatopia 2 packs are here for!
"Osatopia". This word is making a splash in the World of Twelve… and although we're celebrating the arrival of its second edition, some newcomers don't know anything about it but want to get involved (and others simply dare not take the plunge). So guess what? You can find all the answers here!