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16 top-level teams, 1 month of tournament action and thousands of euros in cash prizes: Welcome to the KT Finals!

The new-and-improved Pandala gave you thrills. Nolifis Island gave you chills. But you ain't seen nothin' yet! The third and final part of the Pandala revamp has amazing things in store for you. Starting with two dragons for the price of one. Plus a Dofus within which two are hidden… Does that calm your nerves? We didn't think so. Join us next Monday for a whole livestream about this update!

You're looking a bit ghoulish, and your stomach's growling like a werewolf… Need a little comfort? We've got something to sink your teeth into! Today through Thursday, November 26 (11:59 p.m. Paris time), a few items are returning to the shop. For every purchase of one of these, you'll receive a free Fabulous Forty Mystery Box!

Online game Class Pack – Ecaflip Shop - November 05, 2020

You've been waiting impatiently for it, scratching relentlessly at the door and letting out your tension on the nearest piece of furniture. Good news: meow it's finally here! The Ecaflip class pack is available from today through Wednesday, November 18. That's enough to get you purring, right?

This year, you're going to lose. There's no point kidding yourself… No, it's for sure: You won't win the grand prize for the ugly Kwismas sweater this time! But if you wear your woolly fleece in the colors of DOFUS, you've got every chance of leading the flock in the next Miss and Mister Amakna contest! Supplies are limited!

Let's face it – the world has seen better days… To support you during this difficult time and help put a smile on your face, we're offering a getaway that won't require you to step foot outside! Between today and Monday, November 9 at 9 a.m. (Paris time), you can pick up a free 3-day subscription!

Contrary to popular belief, Al Howin isn't just about harrowing cries in the night, and its color palette needn't be limited to black and Pumpkwin orange! Al Howin can also be a time to celebrate love and artistic creativity. And it just so happens that we're combining them both in a new contest!

Online game Dungeon Rusher: Al Howin Info - October 28, 2020

Win a pitcheater!


Online game FRICADAVERA PACK Shop - October 20, 2020

Are you ready to kick some spooky Pumpkwins to the cucurbit? And why not beat some color into them while you're at it? Orange turns black when bruised, doesn't it? The Fricadavera Pack and its colorable set are bringing a splash of color to Al Howin! Check it out while you can!

It's as if this wretched curse will never end… Every year you have to put up with creatures that – let's face it – look pumped full of Pumpkwin… Get ready to make them mewl like ghouls: Al Howin is back!

Every year, for a few days before Octolliard 31, the Al Howin curse strikes the World of Twelve. It turns usually peaceful Tofus and Gobballs into frightful creatures.
Beware: The curse is contagious, even to adventurers!

For two weeks, the Inglorium battles have been the hottest thing going. After 14 qualifying rounds, the best fighters have been chosen for the final phases. Watch streams of their exploits!

For three weeks now, you've been wandering the World of Twelve across no fewer than eight single-account DOFUS Retro servers.
In order to improve your gaming experience, we're planning not one, but two mergers!

Halloween is coming, and we've got a treat in store for you that's even better than a full-sized candy bar. From Wednesday, October 14 through Wednesday, November 4, get three items for free with your purchase of €15 or more in the Ankama Shop!* Available for DOFUS, WAKFU and DOFUS Touch – so no hard feelings, anyone!

This weekend we're offering a new challenge in DOFUS Retro: Try to win the Trophy Wa Wabbit Shield by "farming" the dungeon keeper!

A nice wingspan, dashboard with genuine Lilpiwi down, retractable feet… Falcodove: the ultimate flying machine. From Friday, October 9 through Sunday, October 11, the colorable Falcodove petsmount will be free with the purchase of any pack of 28,000 ogrines or more, not including the Master Pack. Don't miss out!

Did you know today was World Egg Day? No? Well, neither did we...

Experience single-account play in DOFUS Retro… starting right now!

Today we're talking all about bugs! What's the best way to report them? And what happens afterward? Find out here!

The DOFUS Retro single-account servers are about to open their doors to a community that's ready to invest even more in this adventure! To help these players get the most out of the new game mode, we're offering three new subscription packs!

As we announced a month ago, DOFUS Retro is getting ready to offer an even more intense gaming experience with the launch of two single-account servers. Well, the wait is almost over: log in on Wednesday, September 30 to join in the fun!
[EDIT] For non-pre-registered users, a first server will be launched on the release of the single-account servers. We will open additional servers depending on the population increase, to ensure an optimal gaming experience for you.

It seems like it was just yesterday, doesn't it? You remember that newly hatched little dragon egg that fascinated you so much… Sixteen years later, oh, how it's grown! To celebrate it's birthday, your MMO DOFUS is giving you a 30% discount in the Shop!

Ankama Ankama Live 9/18: The recap! Info - September 25, 2020

The Ankama Live is now over, and lots of new information has been revealed!
Learn about all kinds of great stuff on the way, including single-account servers for Retro, Pandala part 2, update 1.33, and of course Dofus Unity…

The mist-shrouded Nolifis Island will soon be accepting visitors. Its phantoms are getting ready to open up their tombs. Know the only way to get out of the cursed island alive? Simply don't set foot there… Otherwise, pick up one of the new subscription packs to blend in with the crowd!