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Iop has given the green light! Registration for the Temporis Retro Goultarminator is officially open. Now's the time to add your name to the list of potential winners of the legendary tournament! Make the god of war proud – charge in without a second thought! (After you've read the rules, of course.)

Discover in this news the tournament rules for the Goultarminator.

The countdown leading to open registration for Goultard's famous tournament has begun! Starting next week, specifically on Tuesday, March 8, those who want to get their fight on will be able to register for the Goultarminator!

The rustling of leaves. The silhouette of a chestnut burr armed to the teeth. A malignant presence. The latest update, Bosking in Evil, invites you into the underbrush of the Evil Forest. And we invite you to watch the livestream that deals with it!

The Evil Forest is home to a new opponent, and they're determined to guard the treasure found there. You finally get to see the trailer for the upcoming Update 2.63: Bosking in Evil.

Time to crack open a bottle of Pandapils: There's a new pack in the shop! Check out the Pandikaze Pack, which is meant for renegades, people who refuse to be gobblies (that describes you all, right?). 

In this second episode, Djinn, Logan, DUSK, and Shax from KTA got together to spend an hour talking about the DOFUS Retro Temporis! Let's sum up a few important points for this Temporis and talk about the return of a legendary tournament! 

Online game 30% Off Services! Shop - February 25, 2022

Wide awake? Good. Why? First, because you can take advantage of a 30% discount on all services! And second, because this tempting discount is only available until Sunday 11.59 p.m. CET! If you don't want to miss it, make sure you stay awake…

We're in the home stretch of Temporis Retro, and only the bravest will go all the way! And so, we decided to bring them all together.

Petsmounts or pets? Kangacats or bow wows? It's an age-old debate, and we won't be settling it today. On the contrary! Before 3/9 (11:59 p.m. Paris time), you'll need to weigh in on your favorite furry friend: Meowjestic, Pandauge, or Ginger Bow Wow!

Ankama Large Stuffed Royal Tofu! Shop - February 23, 2022

He's ruled over the World of Twelve's dynasty of feathered friends for decades now. Despite his menacing glare, he has a lenient and even soft side rarely seen in other monarchs… All the more so in this large stuffed version! Ready to settle in under the Royal Tofu's wing?

We're offering a totally new Dungeon Rusher this month! Head to Pandala Island to go up against Shihan and Hanshi, two Kozaru whose temperaments diverge yet go together, bound as they are by blood ties…

Meylon Moosk, a perfectly average Huppermage druid, isn't done showing off the full dragoturkeypower of his mikrosmowave oven. After the Shushus, now the Demons of the Hours will be going in the frying pan. (Get it? It's a cooking joke.) It's time for the second episode of 30 Seconds in the Mikrosmowave!
Online game A Set for the Unromantic Shop - February 14, 2022

Got a broken heart or a heart of stone and no use for silly Saint Ballotwine? Does Duf have no effect on you (besides making you want to open up your peers when you should be opening up to them)? Reject the expectation to love, and get the Heartbreaker Set!

Welcome back to this new Ankama Live series!
For this first episode, Djinn, DUSK, Papinaut, and Sastip kicked off the 1-hour long stream by jumping right into what was on everyone’s mind: the DOFUS Retro Temporis launch!

For this write up, we have decided to bring forward more details and clarity to some of the points that were discussed during the live.

It's that time again: new month, new class shield! This time, it's Ecaflip's turn to show his hand. And we might as well put all our cards on the table with you: the style of the (chameleon!) Poe Kerfay Shield, inspired by his feline divinity, is truly one of a kind!

Anyone who loves Temporis in DOFUS knows that whenever temporary servers are opening, it means a couch confessional with our two joyful gents: Djinn and Logan. You'll find them on our Twitch channel AnkamaLive on the 9th and 23rd of February, and then on the 9th and 23rd of March!

Saint Ballotwine is back! It's time to fill up on heart-shaped chocolates and beat up on gobballs with a heartwarming pink hue! Many rewards await you.
Saint Ballotwine is back! It's time to fill up on heart-shaped chocolates and beat up on gobballs with a heartwarming pink hue! Many rewards await you.
Dofus Silvosse Pack Shop - February 03, 2022

It's a new month, and that means a new protector pack! This time we're offering one inspired by a very gentle being who can talk to plants (no, it's not Francis Lalande). We're of course referring to the famed master of cuttings: Silvosse!

You are about to witness a major milestone in the history of DOFUS Retro: The first ever Temporis Retro adventure is beginning! Enter the game now to declare your love for glory and fighting!  

Make no mistake: Love for the Krosmoz and for Ankama's creations has no borders, and certainly no language barriers! We present the result of a lengthy undertaking: a replay, subtitled in three languages, of the live segment of KrosmoNote 2021! Now available to view on our YouTube channel.

For this third and final markdown in the Ankama Shop Winter Sales, discounts are reaching new heights! Don't get left in snowfall – take advantage before it's too late!

Your loyalty and dedication are about to be rewarded once again! Have you heard of Twitch Drops? They're rewards that you receive every time you watch one of Ankama's official Twitch channels or one of our partner channels. And guess who's coming to the launch of Temporis Retro…?