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Online game The Metamorphosis #2 Info - August 10, 2021
Osorry, the polished crackler who was polite to a fault, had just done what few had ever dared to attempt. Out of love, he had intentionally thrown himself to the Destroyers, convinced that once he was possessed, he would finally have a strong enough argument (and strong enough muscles) to win his true love's heart. But fate had other plans…

Picture this sweet community challenge: starting the DOFUS adventure over again with players and streamers! Over a span of two weeks, you'll take on solo and community challenges and unlock tons of rewards. It's like a summer camp for rushing! All that's missing are the shushus and donuts…

Dofus Retro Jurassik Pack Shop - August 04, 2021

Do you hear that? The ground is trembling. Ripples are forming in the lakes. Again. Just like last year… The World of Twelve's most infamous scaly monsters are back on the peninsula. Hurry down to fight them! But, uh… First take this pack, and maybe update your will. You never know…

Online game Amphitrident Pack Shop - August 03, 2021

Forget the sunscreen that makes you look as white as an Eniripsa's bandages, that coarse and irritating sand that gets everywhere (and we do mean everywhere!), and sunburns so intense they're practically visible from space. This year, thanks to the Amphitrident pack, you'll hit the World of Twelve's beaches with enough style and charisma to make everyone swoon.

Online game The Race for Ogrines Shop - August 02, 2021

In the World of Twelve, being as stingy as an Enutrof doesn't mean you're weighed down with dough. With the all-new Race for Ogrines, you can dig into your pockets in order to line them! 

Online game The Metamorphosis Info - July 29, 2021

Recently, a new threat appeared in the World of Twelve. Off the coast of Pandala, in the northeastern part of Nolifis Island… That's where they work… there in the shadows. Or more precisely, in the mist… People say that no one returns from their lair unscathed. That those who venture in are… transformed. For some, that's a good enough reason to stay far away. For others, it's a powerful argument for going straight in to meet them…

Online game Class Pack – Enutrof Shop - July 29, 2021

They'd be the first to tell you they're too old for this stuff… But constantly hearing about their neighbors' new class packs and never seeing one of their own was giving the World of Twelve's senior citizens even more gray hair than usual. So here it is at last!

This just in: A fearsome creature has been spotted near Pandala. Caution is advised, as it is highly cunning and won't hesitate to use insidious strategies to lure its victims. Don't give in to its cheerful eyes or its unmatched sweetness, or else you'll be done for! You've been warned.

Sun and clear skies are back. Everyone's working on their tan… Getting together to grill Lousy Pig sausages on the patio… Smashing up sauroshells that were just minding their own business… and getting chased by Grozilla and Grasmera. Isn't summer great?

Looking fit as a fiddle and ready to make you face the music, Skeunk is your next opponent in Dungeon Rusher Rewind! And if you thought that music would tame this savage beast… (sad trombone) He'll soon have you singing a different tune.

The special offers in the online Ankama Shop are about to sail away… Don't let them pass you by! Surf the final wave of the summer sales that will steamroll prices, and don't return to dry land until you've found treasure!

We're committed to updating and improving game modes and features to maintain the most satisfying in-game experience for as long as we can. Unfortunately, this commitment to an uncompromising in-game experience means that we sometimes have to eliminate modes and features that are no longer sustainable and that no longer offer much interest for players. 

Get ready for another dip in prices in the online Ankama Shop. We're taking a deep breath before diving back in for the second mark-down* of the summer sales! But just so you know, there won't be enough for everyone!

Dofus Retro Kromatic Weekend #2 Event - July 12, 2021
Kromatic Weekend is back! It's time to show 'em who's boss! Log in to the game from July 16 to July 19 for an event that'll make your headgear spin…

After the horsemen of the Eliocalypse and the spirits of Pandala, did you think you'd seen it all? Haha, how naive of you… Pandamonium, the latest DOFUS update, is now online. Dive in and we'll tell you more! 

Demons of a new kind have chosen the World of Twelve as their vacation destination. This summer, it's really gonna heat up over on Nolifis Island, just off the coast of Pandala… Would you like to wreak destruction too? Then get the Chaotic Pack now.   
Online game The Elioxorcist Info - July 05, 2021

A few years ago, a word arose out of nothing and invaded the World of Twelve, resonantly suggesting that it was going to drag the world back where it came from. Even when said in a low voice, "Eliocalypse" rings out like a thunderclap and makes some Twelvians who hear it indescribably uneasy. Along with it, a handful of healers of a new kind emerged, healers of the soul: the Elioxorcists. Since most of them are Enutrofs, many people see them as low charlatans who have merely found a golden opportunity. What if they were really saviors who – yes, it's true – love kamas?

Although it might be a bit against the rules, thanks to our many contacts, we can get you into Vulkania. Oh yeeeeeah! No need to say thanks: The plesiosaur is all ours…

Oh dear, oh dear… Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later! All good things come to an end. Hey, don't look at me with those sad bow wow eyes! Spin that wheel so we can get this over with! Oh? Ah, that's right, I'm supposed to do it… Gimme a break! I'm feeling emotional! Here we go… OOH! That's what I call ending on a high note… My golden boy… You guessed it – our beloved Kerub Crepin will close us out!

It's time for another round of sales in the online Ankama Shop! Take a deep breath, because this first mark-down* features breathtaking deals!

Feeling like the chips are down? Don't worry. Even if you're normally the unlucky type, just remember what the famous Iop gambler once said: Eventually, the turntables will always… um… Actually, never mind. Jump into the divine dimension of Ecaflipus now and test your luck in the Catseye Challenge!

That's all, folks – Temporis V is over! And what an event it was! Our temporary servers were on fire again. Once again, many of you came out and performed well. Kudos to all!

On Monday, June 21, Logan, Crocus, and Djinn discussed the new 2.60 DOFUS update: Pandamonium. Get yourself a nice cuppa because here's a recap of the most important information.


You do know that your happiness is a recurring theme for us, don't you? This year once again, in honor of the Gobbstock Festival, we're upping the tempo and offering you a box that is bound to make you dance a little jig – the Music Mix-Mash Blind Box!