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The leader of the Vilinsekts apparently appreciated your last head-to-head so much that he's back for a rematch… Get out your bug spray for another Dungeon Rusher Rewind with the villainous critter!

Ankama Covid-19 Information Info - March 16, 2020

The entire world is having to adapt to the current situation, and Ankama is no exception. Here is more information about what this new way of working implies for you.

Not long ago, a new Heroic server opened its doors in DOFUS, offering players adventures that were more exciting, but also more deadly than ever... If getting out alive is already a feat, reaching level 200 takes nothing short of a miracle. And yet, Specter did it!

A new Temporis adventure is about to be written... A new experience, never seen before, will be offered to you very soon. Back to today's live show dedicated to it...

Sometimes, the end of the month can seem far away when you're waiting for the new subscription packages. To help pass the time, we have a one of a kind offer for you! What do you mean, you already know about it? Oh, right... it's all in the title. 

DOFUS, WAKFU, WAVEN, Ankama Editions and Ankama Shop: find out the latest news about your favorite Ankamaverse projects.

For the past few days, Twelvians have been whispering strange words to each other while keeping an eye out on the shadows. OsadidaSacriopEliotrof… A bizarre sort of jargon that's making people curious and giving rise to all kinds of crazy theories

Online game It'll soon be time… Info - March 06, 2020

There's a rumor going around… THEY have no choice but to bring the truth to light!

Take advantage of a special offer now available in the online Ankama Shop! When you spend €10 or more, you'll get a free Tofuphone as well as a card you can use to receive 2 tracks from the DOFUS 15th Anniversary Soundtrack. Supplies are limited, so act now!

Online game KTA: Champions' Leagues Info - March 05, 2020
Season 4 of Krosmoz Tournaments Arena is getting down to the nitty-gritty: the first League Tournaments are here!
Dofus Class Pets Mystery Box Shop - March 05, 2020

While it's true that the best adventurer is a well-equipped adventurer, it's also true that to be truly happy, a Twelvian needs good company and strong support. Preferably from a little friend who will obey their every whim without question. The Class Pets Mystery Box is here!

Over in DOFUS Retro land, you've had a whopping 11 servers to get your daily nostalgia fix over the last few weeks. Always aiming to make the game experience more convenient and enjoyable, we decided to merge 9 of these servers. And this is happening very soon!

Soon They Will Rise… Info - March 03, 2020

Unite and resist! For a while now, the disciples of the Twelve have had to join forces in a struggle against oppression…

The Sacrier class is getting a brutal facelift in the next major update. Come test these changes early on the BETA version!

Online game The Rise of the Scrollsayers Info - February 26, 2020

The disciples of the Twelve are about to experience something completely new. And their world is going to be turned upside-down…  

Keep reading for answers to all of your questions about the incredible project that is DOFUS Retro Remastered! And for the truly curious, there's also a changelog for your perusal!

Online game Miss & Mister: Final stage! Info - February 25, 2020

The Miss & Mister World of Twelve competition is about to enter its final round! It's time to present the results of the second round and the description of the third round.

The Thanatena heroic server has just gone online! Take the plunge and get ready to experience some all-new, deadlier-than-ever adventures… Find out more in the article below!

Online game Karnaval Pack Shop - February 25, 2020

The Too Faux Karnaval is finally upon us! Although Masqueraiders got a little head start with their recently-released class pack, all is not lost for everyone else. They're sure to be blown away by the Karnaval Pack, available now!

Starting Wednesday, February 26, you can play just like back in the day… only better! Version 1.29 of your favorite MMO recently got a fresh coat of pixels. The perfect opportunity to play DOFUS Retro without straining your eyes!

Wanting to be ever close to our communities, we have dabbled in bi-lingual streams, and even tested our luck with translations the length of the ol' Road to Brakmar. This time around, here is last week’s Ankama Live, with English subtitles. Check it out!

The first collaboration between Ankama and Displate has been encouraging – so encouraging that we're back with 4 new metal posters as promised. You'll find them in the Ankama Shop online! Come quick and check them out...

Pre-registration is now open for Thanatena! Soon, you'll experience a new competitive thrill when you join the World of Twelve's brand-new heroic server in style! Find out more in this update…