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When it comes to drawing, some stop at stick figures, while others keep improving. These skilled artists handle the stylus with ease and go beyond mere scribbling to vectorize images and create pictograms! Sorry, did we lose you there? Our timelapse video on vectorizing a pictogram in DOFUS Retro should help you understand what we're talking about!

It's a Retro-style Temporis adventure! The pre-registration period is over, and the time to make a name for yourself on the battlefield is almost here… So get ready!

2022 is getting off to an auspicious start under the watchful eye of the Twelve! Every month, a class shield will appear in the store to round out the existing headgear and cloaks (which are also craftable). To withstand the harsh conditions of Javian, you'll need to be hot-blooded, and you'll also need the shield inspired by the Sacrier class: the Escuwertcheon!

Want to learn all you can about the World of Twelve, but can't find the time in your jam-packed schedule? (More like you're too busy playing video games to open an encyclopedia. It's cool, we get it…) For the first public demonstration of his mikrosmowave oven, Meylon Moosk has decided to address the infamously hot topic of the Shushus. DING! Ah! Sounds like it's ready.

The second mark-down for the Ankama Shop Winter Sales is whipping up a real snowstorm! Temperatures are dropping, and our prices are too! Take advantage, because there won't be enough for everyone… 

How could you refuse an event that gets you kicking a bunch of bosses' butts so they'll drop a badass and endearing creature? Set off on a quest for your new ceremonial pet!

When Iop asked Xelor to hand over the reins to Temporis, he replied with "In your dreams." Since the god of war tends to take things literally, he assumed this new adventure would actually take place as he slept the sleep of the just. Without even considering what that would entail…

Almost two years ago already, we offered you an interpretation of the dragon Aerafal's egg in the form of a pendant. The Emerald Dofus will no longer grace your neck alone! Check out our new, elegant jewelry inspired by the most majestic creatures in the Krosmoz…

Dofus Retro Only one week left! Info - January 19, 2022

Until what…? The flood? The end of it all? No, you know what we mean: until the end of pre-registration for Temporis Retro! (Still, the visual is clear enough that even a Iop could have guessed it.) And need we remind you that it's the god of fighting himself who's in charge of this edition? And that if you don't pre-register, you'll still be able to play, but you'll definitely be missing out on something? Apparently, we need indeed.

We have just said goodbye to 2021, now is the time to talk about what the future holds for DOFUS in 2022!

Forget the snowy plains of Kwismas Island! The next Dungeon Rusher makes the sparks fly and welcomes you to the Fouxwork Factory of Feudala from January 21 to 24. Looks like Founoroshi will be under fire!

Season 12 of the Kolossium will be ending this Tuesday, January 18 with the weekly maintenance. But of course, the end of one season just means the beginning of a new one!

Even though you may not be wise, wouldn't you at least like to look a bit wiser? For people not to burst out laughing when you impart an old proverb, thinking it's stylish? The Old Soft Oak Hat will give you that learned look, and in the color of your choice, what's more! Yep, it's polykrome, and it comes with a free mimisymbic! But don't wait too long, because this offer will only be out of the woods until 11:59 p.m. (Paris time) on January 26…

Online game Jiva Pack Shop - January 13, 2022

She's got nothing left to prove when it comes to her role in maintaining the balance of the seasons. To complete the mission the god Xelor himself gave her, once a year, she even fights one of the worst demons ever. Would you like to show your support for the person behind the construction of Bonta? Get the Jiva Pack!

Even though you're chilled to the bone, there's no way you'll just sit there when good deals start appearing today in the online Ankama Shop. It's time for an avalanche of discounts that are cooler than ever! 

For many years now, and in 2021 especially, the KTA has been thrilling us with dozens of tournaments. Read on to learn more about the DOFUS competition schedule in 2022!

Dofus Retro Dungeon Farmer #7: Kimbo Event - January 10, 2022

From Friday, January 14 (3 p.m. Paris time) to Monday, January 17 (3 p.m. Paris time), we are giving you the chance to take on a cute but cunning little animal that hides precious stones in his nostrils and wears a wig made of kokokonut fiber to conceal a receding hairline. (You still there... ?)

Dofus Retro Temporis Retro - FAQ! Info - January 05, 2022

You've been on your marks since the KrosmoNote, and you're all set for the starting pistol to go off on February 2. While you're waiting, here's some more information about certain aspects of the very first Temporis on DOFUS Retro!

Good Iop! Temporis Retro is opening its doors, so be the first in line. Careful, though… It's also time to use your head. Get organized with your comrades in arms, and make sure you'll see each other on the field of honor and, most importantly… on the same server!

It's the same thing every time. The same fun. The same emotion. Watching Logan in a livestream – it's simply fantastic! Especially since he'll  be joined by Papinaut, Sastip, and DUSK for the occasion. What occasion? Why, presenting the first-ever Temporis Retro, of course! Come along at 2:30 p.m. (Paris time) on January 5!

Online game Game of Crowns, Season 4 Event - January 03, 2022

You've been waiting impatiently for the new season of the year's first in-game event: the great rush to collect lucky figurines from the emblematic Thwee Kings Cake. Who will get Wa Odanowth's Cwown? His cloak? His sword? His prestigious titles? His… shield (yippee, a new item!)? Find out at the end of the new season of Game of Crowns!

Guess who's coming over for dinner tonight? 2022! To welcome him in style, we're going to have to load the buffet table high with treats, like we did for 2021. How's that? Forgotten already, have you? How about taking a stroll down memory lane through the most striking events in DOFUS in connection with Ankama's 20th anniversary? Let's go!

Guess who's coming over for dinner tonight? 2022! To welcome him in style, we're going to have to load the buffet table high with treats, like we did for 2021. How's that? Forgotten already, have you? How about taking a stroll down memory lane through the most striking events of the year? Let's go!

Huh? What the… Oh! Looks like that jolly and rotund man with a beard who visits every Descendre 24 has already come! Hurry and find out what he's put at the bottom of your Itzting! Clue: ... Actually, no, go see for yourself!