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recent News

Ankama Pets Are Coming Home Shop - February 01, 2019

They follow you faithfully during your adventures, always ready to support and comfort you. What if you adopted them IRL? And made some room for them at your side? Minikrons and Gobgobs give you… snugly softness! Find them at the Ankama Shop either individually or, in the Minikron's case, in a limited-edition pack (only 200 packs available).

Online game Temporis II: What a Rush! Info - February 01, 2019

Time has a strange habit of slowing down or speeding up based on what we're doing and feeling. Launching Temporis II sent us on a rare and exciting wild ride in which time sometimes moved lightening fast and sometimes at a snail's pace!

The free character transfer service between Temporis servers is now available here. Space is limited.

Not got the right emote? Don't despair – there's still time for change! This is your last chance to grab your favorite emote. The last of the three Emote Mystery Boxes is available from now until February 3!

Dofus The Secrets of Xelor (1/2) Info - January 30, 2019

While in our world, the Temporis servers have opened their doors, in the Krosmoz, in the Dofus Era, a young adventurer is in the middle of a crisis of faith. "But… What's that got to do with anything?" you ask us. In one word: Xelor! Born into a family of Fecas, Varkonos, on the eve of his sixteenth birthday, has just made a radical decision – he'll go elsewhere to become a disciple of the god of time!

Several weeks after the introduction of the Infinite Dreams in DOFUS, the functionality evolves.

Online game DOFUS e-Sport in 2019 Event - January 25, 2019

Discover the new competitive format for your favorite game in 2019!

In the starting blocks since the grand return of the Temporis servers was announced, you're ready for the starting pistol to go off on Tuesday, January 29. Until then, our game designer Korri's here to explain the details of this second edition and we'll reveal the new rewards.

As promised, the Emote Mystery Box is back and not just for the weekend! Check out the new content of the week, available as from now until Sunday!

How does a weekend on the outskirts of Feudala sound? Sounds good? Then head to the Firefoux Dungeon for a brand new Dungeon Rusher! From Friday, January 25 (4:01 p.m. CET) to Monday, January 28 (8:59 a.m. CET), overcome the boss's resistances and head home with the Peki Peki shield!

+ de Dofus The Winter Sale Continues! Shop - January 23, 2019

An initial avalanche of discounts recently struck the Ankama Shop. And it's far from over! Prepare to be once again buried under new deals, with products discounted by up to 85%!

Online game Temporis II: D–8! Info - January 21, 2019

In one week, on January 29, the temporary servers are turning back on for two months! Pre-registration has already been open for a week. Don't delay any longer if you want a starring role in Temporis season 2!

Online game It's Time for Temporis II! Info - January 14, 2019

Do you remember your first time? In DOFUS, of course… that feeling of discovering a new world where anything is possible, where there's so much to be done? To let you relive those exceptional moments, the Temporis servers will reopen from January 29 through April 02! Pre-registration is open!

Change can sometimes be emotional. Well, this is a good one! With the Emote Mystery Box, get your fill and change into who you want to be! Check it out three extended weekends in a row, with a new item of content each week!

The three kings already came and went. Now there's another one knocking at your door! Discover King Crusher, the new title from Ankama Mobile, released yesterday on iOS  and Android. The war of thrones is on!

Here are some answers to the latest questions from the community.

Ankama The Winter Sale Is Here! Shop - January 09, 2019

Hooray, it's winter sale time! That's right, today marks the start of the winter sale in your online DOFUS store and the Ankama Shop. Don't miss out!

The double XP weekend isn't even over, and the first event of the year is already here: the Game of Crowns! Before January 20, collect as many Lucky Figurines as you can to earn up to 3 titles, and also keep an eye out: you may get a rare ceremonial item to boot!

Online game Event: Game of Crowns! Event - January 04, 2019

This year for the Thwee Kings Cake season, you'll receive lucky figurines! But they won't just fall into your lap: You'll have to earn them and then exchange them for an honorary title*! How do you earn them? It's a regular Game of Crowns!

Dofus DOFUS: Join the Legend! Info - January 02, 2019

Check out the new trailer for DOFUS aimed at new players!

Online game Happy New Year! Event - December 31, 2018

Since the sixth Dofus arrived at the end of the year, the adventure continues! The year 2019 will be starting off strong, with a double XP weekend for you to get into the swing of things! We hope 2019 will be a wonderful year for you all. It certainly will be for us because we'll be spending it with you!

+ de Dofus GAMAKNA #10: Make a Wish… Info - December 27, 2018

One year is drawing to a close and another is beginning – it's the circle of life, and it moves us all (you know the song). Inspired by this period, Gamakna is about to turn a page so it can write a new one.

Online game Go far with Salar! Shop - December 26, 2018

From the Grougalorasalar-type monster family, you choose Salar! Good pick! This new ceremonial pet is showing up just in time to aid you during the dark days that have befallen the World of Twelve. No questing or combat required: simply choose it for yourself! You can get this pet from the Shop until December 30!

Online game Dungeon Rusher #23: Nelween Event - December 24, 2018

Here's a brand new Dungeon Rusher to close out this year full of thrilling adventures! From Friday, December 28 through Monday, December 31, head to Brumen Tinctorias's Laboratory to defeat the Whitish Fang Nelween. Make sure you don't lose your fangs!