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You'll be aware of this news if you've caught today's AnkamaLive: The beta for the upcoming Update 2.60 known as Pandamonium goes live tomorrow! And make no mistake – it's gonna slay… 

Gobbstock is here, and that means it's time to show off your pipes! Get those vocal cords vibrating and make some music! Show us what you're made of and try to score a bunch of prizes!

A new group of demons are about to visit. Get ready to watch the Livestream on the subject of this throng that intends to stir up trouble in your cushy little adventuring routine. Come meet the Destroyers, the stars of upcoming Update 2.60: Pandamonium! 

Twelvians are behaving very strangely, and a new kind of demon has appeared… You finally get to see the trailer for the next DOFUS update: Pandamonium.

Here's a summary of the Ankama Live Twitch stream from Tuesday, June 15.

If you've been following our news, you know that a new game was just published by Ankama. With Super Nano Blaster, we're departing from the Krosmoz and delving into the bowels of technology. Check it out now in the Ankama Launcher!

Well, hey there! Look what the bow meow dragged in! Back for more, eh? Stories about Ecaflips are like those cylinder chips… Once you have one, you'll never be done! Alright then, let's give that wheel a spin. Off we gooooo! Man! Listen to me talkin' like a young incarnate! Aaannnnd… Oh! Here's a good one! Nomekop Wodly. One of the greatest bandits to ever live! Let's see what he got up to back when…

From Friday, June 18 to Monday, June 21, head over to Moon Dungeon and show the owner not to monkey around with you! There's a Trophy Moon Shield up for grabs!

That's not a lousy pig being slaughtered – it's your neighbor singing in the shower! The Gobbstock Festival is back! Log in to the game starting tomorrow and through Tuesday, July 6 to celebrate the event.

Over the last few Ankama Live sessions, we had a lot of information to share with you all and, as such, we were unable to answer all your chat questions. For this edition, we will talk about Temporis V, followed by an extensive Q&A session.

Waiting for the next subscription renewal can seem like a dog's age… For some of you, it really rubs your fur the wrong way. Well, how about a little bone to gnaw on in the meantime? Today we're offering the Pooch Pack!

We're departing from the Krosmoz for a bit to announce a new game coming to Ankama Launcher on June 16: Super Nano Blaster! 

Greetings, kikitties! Once again, the Wheel of Destiny spins for you! What exciting tale will I, Ecaflip the great, regale you with today? What was that…? Did I hear somebody say "Ecaflip the gross"?! Hey! I'll have you know I practice impeccable hygiene! Why don't you just watch the wheel spin… (Ticka-ticka-ticka-ticka-ticka… ticka… tick… tick!) Ah! That's unexpected… Care to visit a different time period? Join me in the future, where we'll discover the unique story of an Ecaflip who's more like a Rogue than he seems (and vice versa)… Allow me to introduce Boris Eca!

Here's a summary of the Ankama Live Twitch stream from Tuesday, June 1.

How time flies! It's been a month already since Ecaflip City rolled out the red carpet for you. If you like taking risks to get that adrenaline rush… then you can ignore this! Because today, there's no chance of being disappointed: With the Kitty-Neko Fatal Blows Blind Box, you're guaranteed to win!

Helloooooo, my fuzzy friends! We're back for another episode of The Wheel of Destiny. And as the Iop saying goes: "What comes around goes around!" What feline character will we chance upon this time…? Who will share one of their untold stories? Let's spin the wheel and find out, shall we! Anddd… it's Calypso di Mettronome! Think you know everything about the blinded seer? We'll just have to… SEE about that! (Hardy har har!)

Pandala still has surprises in store for you. Today the island unveils one of its most beautiful gems. The ink dragon and paper dragon, Orukam and Imagiro, join together in a captivating dance… The lovely two-piece set of paper & ink dragons enamel pins is sure to win you over.

Shiny new subscription packs featuring the Armoured Dragoone (new!) and the Armoured Dragoturkey are available now in the shop, along with two new services. So saddle up quick and check them out today!

It took 15 years to come full circle and get all six of the coveted Dofus into the original game for players to discover… Now you need to go out and find them! The DOFUS Retro update you've all been waiting for is now available. The final quest for the Six Primordial Dofus can begin!

Our servers have had stability issues over the last few weeks. We're very sorry about this, and we'd like to make it up to you through several arrangements and a super double XP weekend for all! It's on us!

It took 15 years to come full circle and have the six coveted Dofus within the original game and ready to be discovered… Now you need to find them! After a few delays, the update to DOFUS Retro you've all been waiting for is coming on Tuesday, June 1. the final quest for the Six Primordial Dofus can now begin!

The original soundtrack of your DOFUS Retro game is finally available on music streaming platforms! Including no less than 33 tracks, it immerses you in the unique world of 1.29. It's bound to bring back some very fond memories for many of you!

Here's a summary of the Ankama Live Twitch stream from Tuesday, May 24.

Meow-meowoooo! What a pleasure to see you again, moumouse hunters! My last tale was a blast, wasn't it? I thought it was pretty funny. Well, let's see who we're destined to learn about today… by spinning that wheel! Around and around it goes – feels like the day after Saint Potrick – ANDDD… it's Ush Galesh! One of my most dreaded children! Aren't you just a bunch of lucky devils… Now discover his story with me!