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Kwismas is the season of giving and we (the CM team) would also like to give you something and celebrate with you the festive period.

Online game Happy Holidays, Everyone! Shop - December 21, 2018

The holidays are fast approaching, and we wouldn't want to miss this opportunity to give you all a little gift. And, while we're at it, bring back, from December 21 to 25, a subscription plan that you loved!

You voted for your favorite participations, as did our Ankama jury: it is time to reveal our winners!

…the Kwismas Pack" now in the shop! It's easy to confuse the Kwismas Pack with Father Kwismas's sac given how full it is, but it's here to stay – through January 14, that is.

A triple dose of challenges for the final trial before the best server of 2018 is crowned! On the program: turkeys, eggnog, and gifts! It's only natural right before Kwismas! The top server will win (among other things) the title chosen by the community through a survey: Hyrkulean Force! Be there from December 21 to 23!

Online game Pets Every Weekend! Shop - December 14, 2018

In the run-up to Kwismas, a special new Mystery Box is making a showing, or rather several showings. Every weekend until December 31, you've got a date with the Kwismas Pet Mystery Box!

The latest DOFUS update hit hard, with the highly anticipated arrival of the Ebony Dofus in the game. The news, which had as much effect as a Rogue bomb, was announced in a trailer, the music for which you can now find in Ankama's all-new SoundCloud platform! Find out more in the article below.

You've been waiting for the reopening… Well, it has finally opened its doors! What's in your stockings this year? Kwismas Island and a slew of new features!

Who will win the ultimate title of Miss and Mister World of Twelve? It's your chance to tell us who your favorites are.

The time has come, heroes! The Ebony Dofus has made its appearance in the World of Twelve!

Online game A Painted Shadow… Shop - December 12, 2018

Its slender curve and the cutting edge of its blade reminded him of a female he once knew well. One of the many who had allowed his sinister lineage to be assured. One among many others who was unable to resist his reptilian charms. But also – and above all – the only one who left him with a lasting memory…

Online game Free Ice Dragoturkey Shop - December 10, 2018
From today through December 17, the Ice Dragoturkey harness can be yours with any 9,000-ogrine or more purchase in a single cart. This offer won't leave anyone out in the cold!

A cozy little cocoon, big enough to receive friends around a table for a nice hot meal: That's the Winter Haven Bag! And unlike some adventurers, it's ready to spend the winter indoors, all nice and warm in the store (priced at 3,500 OG). And until December 10, it'll also be all cozied up in packs of 13,000 OG or more!

December 11th is a date to circle in red on your calendar! The update "Endless Stories" will be deployed after the weekly maintenance, and will mark the end of the first season of the Kolossium Leagues and the start of the second.
Check out all the details of this upcoming update, as well as other information!

Ankama Gifts from the Ankama Shop! Shop - December 06, 2018

While you're thinking about who's on your Christmas list, the online Ankama Shop has a few gifts in store for you! Until December 25, the Bow Meow Stuffed Toy and the DOFUS mug will come free with all purchases!

After the 2nd competition, we now have a male and female representative from each class. It's time to decide who best deserves the title of Miss and Mister World of Twelve for the year ahead. The lucky winners will receive an exclusive title, a Kwismas pack, and a ceremonial headgear.

After two years of the same DOFUS World Series format, the competitive format of the game will take a new direction in 2019.

Online game Advent Calendar! Info - November 30, 2018

Cold red nose? Sudden gingerbread craving? Wonder no more: You're suffering from holiday fever! Not surprising since the Kwismas festivities are near. We have the prefect cure for you: the traditional Advent Calendar! Starting tomorrow, get ready to be buried under an avalanche of presents!

Dofus Kwismas Island Beta! Info - November 30, 2018

You've been waiting for the reopening… Well, it's here now, starting today in the beta! What's in your stockings this year? Kwismas Island and a slew of new features!

Dofus Update Delayed Info - November 30, 2018

Following feedback from players on the beta, we've decided to postpone the release of Update 2.49.

Jeu en ligne The Equal to the Gods! Info - November 28, 2018

Legend says that whoever reunites the six Dofus will equal the gods. What do you think? Do you believe the legend? Discover the new Dofus trailer on the Reunification Quest!!

+ de Dofus Operation Black Friday Shop - November 23, 2018

No, it's not a joke! Black Friday is back! From now until 11:59 p.m. (Paris time) on November 26, you can make the most of a 10% to 85% discount at the Ankama Shop and a 50% discount on all your purchases paid with Ogrines (excluding Mystery Boxes), in the DOFUS online store. Don't miss out!

At the conclusion of the first round, all servers are represented by one male and one female character from each class. Now it's time to decide between them! Which will be the most beautiful representatives of their class across all servers? That's what the "Dungeonology" round will reveal, taking place from November 23 through 30.

It's been a while, but the most exclusive guild in DOFUS is once again looking for new members!