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Online game Game of Crowns, Season 2 Event - January 03, 2020

A new year means new challenges. We're starting again and trying to do better! Let's see… What's the 1st event of the year? Let your gluttony do the talking, it's right on the tip of your tongue… yes! The Thwee Kings Cake! And for the 2nd year in a row, you won't just nibble on it…

Games, publications, board games and even animations – many projects are in the works for 2020! But before all that, let's take a last look at 2019, a year that was also full of fantastic stories…

Following the exploitation of a bug by ill-intentioned players, we are forced to proceed with a wave of sanctions and to return to the December 28 backup. We sincerely apologize and present you with more context regarding the situation. 

Four horsemen have emerged from the Apocalypse But, er… Who are they, exactly? And why are they so mean? After a first comic-strip devoted to War, it is now time to meet Servitude!
Dofus The Kwismas Pack is here! Shop - December 24, 2019

Influenced by this past Black Friday, this year's Kwismas Pack is very generous! On the other hand, the happiness you'll feel when you discover its contents is dear to our heart...

Ohhhh, you… Something tells us you've been naughty this year… Don't look so surprised! If Father Whupper is back for a new Dungeon Rusher Rewind, it's because he has a good reason – givin' you a whuppin'!  

For a month, you lived to the rhythm of the DOFUS Cup. Two weeks ago and after 16 especially intense rounds of play, the tournament came to a close… Let's take a look back at this emotion-filled event!

Kwismas Island is open since yesterday on all RETRO servers!

Online game Kwismas Pet Mystery Box Shop - December 13, 2019

Are you the kind of person who, like a little kid, dreams of discovering a box containing an adorable little bow meow under their Itzing? This mystery box is a dream come true, and it contains not just one, but 9 Kwismas pets! And quite a few other things too...

Online game New subscription packs! Shop - December 11, 2019

The least we can say is that the 2.54 update is dreamy! At a time when Twelvians have a hard time distinguishing between dreams and reality, let us turn our attention to more down-to-earth concerns for a moment: subscription packs!

We regularly conduct maintenance on our game servers to ensure they are running correctly.
While under maintenance, the game server may be unavailable for several hours. Here is an overview of the various existing cases.

Four horsemen emerge from the Eliocalypse and they are about to tell you some home truths… But, uh... who are they, exactly? And why are they so mean? It's time to discover it with a first blood stirring strip dedicated to War!

Soon enough, War, Corruption, Misery, and Servitude shall arise from nowhere (or elsewhere), determined to unveil their 4 truths! The 2.54 DOFUS update will be released on Wednesday, December 11th: that gives you some time to write up your will!

Dofus Cra Class Pack Info - December 05, 2019
From now until December 11, the goddess Cra fires a pack that's sure to hit the bull's eye!

As the final stages of the DOFUS Cup are in full swing, we've increased the cash prize to 10 000€!

It emphasizes your overwhelming victories and your dismal defeats. It provides the tone, rhythm and color of the situation. It helps you decide if you should stay there chilling or run away as fast as your legs can carry you. On Thursday, December 5, take a seat in front of Ankama Live: We'll be talking about the music of DOFUS!

The Launcher has been officially available for one month now, after a beta lasting several months. Today, we're taking stock.

Black Friday is back! Starting today, there are two offers in the DOFUS 2.0 and DOFUS Retro online store. The first: 50% off on every purchase paid in Ogrines (offer valid through December 1), except Mystery Boxes and subscriptions. And the second: 30% off on all services (offer only valid on November 29).  Also, enjoy 4 new packs created especially for the occasion!!

Better than Enutrof bingo or Pandawa sudedoi, it's the DOFUS Advent Calendar! Starting Sunday, use fire up your noggin and you'll take home 25 presents before Father Kwismas even has the time to set foot on your chimney!

+ de Dofus Black Friday is back Shop - November 28, 2019
Starting today, Black Friday is back* in your online Ankama Shop! Prices slashed by 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%… how low can they go?! From now through December 2. That's not all! Black Friday also arrives at the DOFUS shop tomorrow!
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Dofus Retro Retro: Croum or Scarador? Shop - November 22, 2019

On one side, you have an iron will in a suit of armor; on the other, a heart of gold in a body that's just as precious. Between the soldier and the beetle, which pet will you choose?

Dofus Foggernaut Class Packs Shop - November 21, 2019
From November 21 to 27, class packs are going full steam to appeal to Foggernauts! It's time to check in on Oktapodas. Let's dive near the ol' octopus face to see what he's got in store for you!
Dofus Dungeon Rusher Week Tour Event - November 21, 2019

You've been annihilating dungeons since your very first Dungeon Rusher. Boostache, Daggero, Skeunk, Merkator, Dantinea, Missiz Freezz, and Count Harebourg: you faced them all! But surely you must know that was all just a warm-up…