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With spring's arrival, you must be feeling a new longing taking root in your soul. To express your blossoming mood with a prestigious set and matching interchangeable headgear, head to the shop by May 12!

Like anyone, we'll bet you like to take it easy on the weekend. Well, too bad! This Saturday, you'll have to work hard instead! Roll up your sleeves and enjoy a 50% XP bonus on professions, valid for DOFUS and DOFUS Retro! Early to rise is professionally wise… even on Fairy Lax Day!

Here's a summary of the Ankama Live Twitch stream from Tuesday, April 27.

There was a buzzing in my ear, strong enough to rattle my whole skull. Besides the lack of sleep and the couple of drinks I'd had the night before, I was also just plain confused. For two days, I hadn't had one lead, not a single solitary clue. Zip. And now… within just a few hours, I suddenly had three suspects to deal with…

The free character transfer service between Temporis V servers is now available. Space is limited.

The island of tasty delights, with its guarantee of 100% pure cocoa (and 100% pleasure), is welcoming back Twelvians hungry for adventure! Head to the Waddict Foundry now to mix with the irresistible Mawabouwaino!
Treat yourself to the Skratiay Clan Set and support DOFUS esports!
It's just incredible… As soon as the Temporis servers open, BAM! They show up! Djinn and Logan are doing it again and inviting you to take part in the first Tempo Weekly of many – Ecaflip City style!
Ecaflip City... You're finally here! Those endless nights, perfect for burning through every last kama on every kind of fun and games. Those moments when the air crackles with tension between players – so thrilling, they're almost intoxicating… And that precious moment, frozen in time, when you finally win it all! Temporis V is underway in DOFUS right now!
Online game Update 2.59 Is Here! Updates - April 20, 2021

Self-care is important. The DOFUS MMO has taken this to heart! Log in to the game now and check out the latest improvements made by the team. To keep the flame alive… 

"Welcome to the show, my dear kikitties! Make yourselves at home. I'm your divine benefactor, your great pink power, and your host: Ecaflip, in the flesh (and fur)! Since I'm in control of Temporis this time, I've decided to run my own show too: the Wheel of Destiny. My disciples and my own progeny have sometimes experienced extraordinary fates. Did they become heroes? Legends? Or just pretentious boors? That's for you to judge! As for me, I just spin the wheel, meow! Round and round it goes… Aaaaaah! Well, this should start things off on the right paw… Friends, today I present: the tale of Atcham and the hunters three!"

We've entered the next phase of the fifth-ever Temporis, and big things are gearing up for the server opening. But before that, let's take a look at pre-registration numbers. How many of you answered Ecaflip's call? Read on to find out!

Your turn at the table has finally arrived! Ready for a trip to Ecaflip City, the town where anything goes? Jump into the game on Wednesday, April 21 and take this flashy and exciting new Temporis experience for a spin!
Dofus Retro Lorko Kasko Pack Shop - April 16, 2021

It's been a while, eh…? Today we're offering you a new subscription pack! What's the occasion, you ask? Does there need to be one? Why, for love's sake… Love with a capital L. That which we feel for you! Is that not reason enough? It's probably how Lorko would tell you. Before planting his axe between your eyes.

85's jaw dropped so fast, it nearly hit the floor. I turned around with the strange feeling that time itself had been stretched and that I was moving in slow motion, as though I were swimming. My head certainly was… Only my heartbeat was speeding up, creating a vaguely nauseating dissonance with the rest of my senses. She was standing right there in front of me, surrounded by a pack of bodyguards

Plenty of ink has flowed under the bridge since the start of your adventure in the celestial kingdoms of Wukin and Wukang. But Pandala still has a few surprises in store for you… Including some very nice ones! For example, take this new Zhenbaisu pet. Look carefully and you'll notice a distinct resemblance to a miniature Imagirorukam… Wouldn't you agree?

Read on for a summary of the 2.59 livestream on Tuesday, March 23!

If you were a god whose divine sense of hearing could reach to the very edges of the Krosmoz, you would surely hear an astral tomcat purring with anticipation as he lounges comfortably in his enormous wicker basket and curls up on his royal cushion stuffed with chimeric feathers. But you’re not a god…

Twelvians have been in a mad dash to pre-register for the Temporis V servers, screaming for joy as they go. In your euphoria, don't forget to pick up the Flash Pack that just hit the shop! It's just the thing to dazzle others when you visit the City of Lights!

Good news: He has meow returned! The coolest Grampy in the Krosmoz reveals his wildest adventures. Hurry and watch the first 10 episodes of the animated series DOFUS: Kerub's Bazaar!

I was ready to give up. The situation with the little Eni hadn't made me any fonder of the Twelvian race. After years of trying to eradicate evil, I'd started trying to understand it. Being on the right side of the law… It had been an obvious choice, ever since I was a kid. But well… By now I'd come to realize that the line between "them" and me was no thicker than a kaliptus leaf. So I'd made my plans to leave. To get off the ship before I sank for good. Before I started turning into one of themAnd then someone just had to stick me on this case.

You're being followed! A new Blind Box has arrived in the shop. To celebrate the reopening of Fleaster Island, we're offering the means to go noticed and leave a trace: with a Blind Box containing 4 Fleaster trails!

They're back. And they're more lovely, more creative, and funnier than ever. Alvi and company unveil all the latest Ankama news in a new episode of Ankama (Not) Live. Hurry up and watch it!
Online game Beta 2.59 Has Arrived! Info - March 31, 2021

Primarily focused on debugging, the 2.59 update will bring forward some quipment and class balancing. But that's not all… Curious? Find out in the beta right now!