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You're being followed! A new Blind Box has arrived in the shop. To celebrate the reopening of Fleaster Island, we're offering the means to go noticed and leave a trace: with a Blind Box containing 4 Fleaster trails!

They're back. And they're more lovely, more creative, and funnier than ever. Alvi and company unveil all the latest Ankama news in a new episode of Ankama (Not) Live. Hurry up and watch it!
Online game Beta 2.59 Has Arrived! Info - March 31, 2021

Primarily focused on debugging, the 2.59 update will bring forward some quipment and class balancing. But that's not all… Curious? Find out in the beta right now!

(Last updated: 5/06/21) Follow all news about the next edition of Temporis in real-time! You'll find the newest videos and most recent updates here on this page!

It's time to rush over to Temporis! But don't be too hasty in your selection: arrange with your friends to make sure you all end up on the same server!

Online game Temporis V – FAQ! Info - March 30, 2021

In the starting blocks since the grand return of the Temporis servers was announced, you're ready for the starting pistol to go off on April 21. In the meantime, we'll explain every detail of this fifth edition!

To achieve perfection, sometimes you have to tear everything down and rebuild it better. Home designer Pawger Hazard certainly won't argue with that! As the first version of our "House for Sale!" event didn't receive the enthusiasm we'd hoped for, we're back with shiny new plans that are more in line with your housing needs!
We've made accessing your account more secure. This change will be practically seamless for you.

You've waited long enough… It's time to find out where this new edition of Temporis will be taking you! Don't wait a second longer to check out a trailer that's sure to make you purr with delight…

As you know, the fifth edition of the temporary Temporis server is opening soon! Do you want to know more? If so, just tune in to the livestream on Tuesday, March 30 on our Ankama Live Twitch channel. 

There's no mistaking that familiar aroma, as inviting as it is addictive… The island of tasty delights, always guaranteed to be 100% pure chocolate (and 100% pure fun), is open for business once again!As for you, you might want to close your mouth… It looks like you're starting to drool!

Online game Glorious Pack Shop - March 25, 2021

Whether you're ready to fight for a bag of chips or to defend the honor of your nation, you deserve the status of Warrior of the World of Twelve… and the Glorious Pack! So, go get yourself one!

Formed from swamp mud by the god Osamodas himself, Crocabulia has long wished for just one thing: to become a real dragon. But in fact, a completely different fate awaits her… Do you dare confront the mother of crocodyls and guardian of dreggons?
Online game 25% Off Services! Shop - March 20, 2021
From Saturday, March 20 through Sunday, March 21, all services available in the DOFUS and DOFUS Retro online store are 25% off! This is a fresh opportunity to enhance your in-game experience without emptying your Enutrof savings account!  

As you look closely into the future of your favourite game, we can't forget that the first overall maintenance update for DOFUS is around the corner. Let's take a moment to tell you more about what it contains!

Now that the opening tournament of the fifth Krosmoz Tournaments Arena season is winding up, it's time to get to the heart of the matter – the league tournaments!

Online game Class Pack – Eniripsa Info - March 04, 2021
Everything They can cure almost all ills with a single word. When they speak, it's not just hot air. They not only walk the walk but also talk the talk. Well, is it on the tip of your tongue? Yes, we're obviously talking about Eniripsas! Their class pack is available until March 17 inclusive. Don't miss out!
Now that the single-account servers have been merged, the time to acquire rare properties (houses and paddocks) is finally here. One thing's for sure – the most skilled are bound to walk away with something by the adventure's end!
Dofus Dungeon Rusher: Vortex Event - February 22, 2021

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. will be Ergo, when you look into Vortex's eyes, you'll see he's got a few screws loose… If that doesn't scare you away, head to the divine dimension of Xelorium between Friday, February 26 and Monday, March 1!

Fitsef, the Meridia of Fun, loves to see people enjoying themselves and having a good time with friends or around a gaming table. revealed That's why he works day and night to create more and more opportunities to party! And this year he wasn't satisfied with just Flovor 16, so he is back today!

Dofus Mask Parade Pack Shop - February 16, 2021

Twelvians just don't know how to quit partying! Already missing the wild vibes of the Too Faux Karnaval? Not to worry, because now through Wednesday, March 17, the party continues with the Mask Parade Pack!

on Feline's With 2020 now behind us, it's time to take stock of the past year and, most of all, to plan and focus on the year ahead.
Dofus Retro Polykrome Soft Oak Hat Shop - February 12, 2021

The krosmic calendar is full of festivities, as you most likely noticed! There are those who celebrate with their head in an oak barrel of fermented bamboo milk, and then there are the others who make a fashion statement by wearing a polykrome Soft Oak Hat. What about you? To which category do you belong?

For a few days now, Twelvians have been wandering about with a dazed, almost idiotic air about them, but they aren't fooling anyone. Saint Ballotwine is fast approaching! Do you enjoy slaying hearts or slaying gobballs? Or perhaps both?