Infinite Dreams Devblog - November 09, 2018 - [Korri]

"So that the dream may dream itself, so that its thirst may be quenched when the fountain has ceased to flow, I created the Well of Infinite Dreams. A well where the material world and dream world intermingle, where dreamers face their own hopes and fears… An inexhaustible source of stories, fables, and legends that will be sung or whispered until the end of time."


The Temple Dopples are getting a makeover! Devblog - Development - February 27, 2012 - [Korri]

The Temple Dopple system has only had one major change - in April 2009, when 1.27 was released. Ignoring the addition of the Rogue and Masqueraider classes, it’s functionally the same now as it was three years ago, whereas other aspects of the game have developed and expanded.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to bring it up to date and implement several changes. Although the general idea won’t change much, here is a list of improvements that we hope will be of interest to players regardless of the level of their characters.


"Why is the big cuddly plush toy so mean?"