Balancing 2.17 Devblog - December 02, 2013 - [Nerodos]
In parallel to the new content added in the 2.17 update, we've had a little bit of time to work on some class balancing. On the menu: spell modification on Ecaflips, Srams, and Foggernauts. And, more globally, a rework of the pushback damage formula!
In update 2.17, we have added a new interface feature that should please players who have mountains of unused ingredients in their inventory.
But allow me to quickly introduce myself before going into the heart of the subject. I am [Hyl-Harant], the latest addition to the client development team. It’s my pleasure to tell you all about this new interface through this devblog article.
In an earlier Devblog article about the future of Dofus (eggs), we explained that, among other things, our intention was to make all Dofus permanently linked to the account of the character that gets that Dofus.
This article led to significant debate within the community, which we have been following with a great amount of interest. The team was quite invested in your discussion of the article because this decision was also debated at length within our team before the article was published. It was a thorny decision, because both sides provided many positive possibilities, but also some potentially negative counter-possibilities.
New Breeding Equipment in 2.16 Devblog - Game Design - October 07, 2013 - [Izmar]
Version 2.16 will include some minor changes that will directly impact our Dragoturkey breeders! Here's a quick rundown:
  • New breeding items, craftable using boss resources.
  • A dragoturkey's energy has now a direct impact on breeders and not just on adventurers. Their energy is now fixed and independent of their level: At level 1, your dragoturkey will have a maximum energy value equivalent to that of a level 100 dragoturkey prior to the 2.16 update.
  • The majority of the old breeding items will no longer be craftable, but remain usable. Some can still be crafted but their recipes have been reviewed.
  • It is now possible to exchange used up breeding items against brand new ones. For that, you need to talk to Bobby the Builder in the Koalak Mountain Breeder Village, where he will exchange five breeding items of the same type for a brand new one.
  • Around 60 new paddocks have been added to the game.
Intrigued? Read on to find out more...
Since the introduction of guild alliances, the community has, on multiple occasions, raised the issue of insufficient rewards offered by the conquest of territories. We have worked on this aspect of AvA for the 2.16 update.
Puppets of Dramak Part 3: Making of a Game Map Devblog - Game Design, Graphics - September 18, 2013 - [Izmar]
In this third article about the creation of Krismahlo Island, it’s time to create the decorative elements and build the area with the Level Design team!

In this new area, we started with a simple foundational idea: The Theater. It seemed a natural choice for us, because we wanted to give life to a true, archetypal villain: a deeply manipulative individual consumed with resolute egomaniacal fervor, two of the necessary ingredients for dominating the world! This is how we created Dramak the Schemer.
Puppets of Dramak Part 2: Making of a Monster Animation Devblog - Game Design, Graphics - September 12, 2013 - [Izmar]
In this second article about the production of Krismahlo Island, we’ll take a closer look at the work of Flash animator Rumo. We’re going to see a step-by-step breakdown of the creation of one of the new monsters from Krismahlo Island: the Morongrel.
Puppets of Dramak Part 1: Making of a Cut-scene Animation Devblog - Game Design, Graphics - September 10, 2013 - [Izmar]
This article is the first in a series of three, in which we will introduce you to the different skills and professions at work in the graphics team, and also show you all the steps that must be completed before our artistic endeavors are ready for you to discover inside the game.
The future of the Dofus (eggs)! Devblog - Game Design - August 13, 2013 - [lichen]
For a long while now, we’ve been talking about how we eventually want to take a fresh look at the balance of all Dofus eggs and re-evaluate how they are obtained.

Many of you have expressed regret that some Dofus (yes, the plural of “Dofus” is “Dofus”) are not powerful enough, their stats are too variable, and acquiring many of them is a process that is slaved to chance and luck rather than merit.

In this article, we’ll present a summary of what we expect to change in the short term and the long term to improve the function of these Dofus and how they are obtained.
Meet the Mimisymbics Devblog - Graphics - August 08, 2013 - [Izmar]
Mimisymbics are useable items that allow you to add the appearance of one piece of equipment to the characteristics of another piece of equipment. This new type of item gives players the opportunity to finally wear those cute items purchased in the Great Emporium without sacrificing their stats. You won’t have to use quick-equip slots to swap between being cute and being battle-ready; you can choose the look that suits you, even when fighting.
[2.14] Improvements to Wabbit Island Devblog - Development, Graphics - August 01, 2013 - [Izmar]
For the 2.14 update, we decided to improve Wabbit Island. It is one of the oldest islands in the game, and much of its content seems outdated compared to the changes that have taken place on the mainland and other islands over the years. We’re improving the appearance of this island by adding a lot of new, fresh details to its decore and giving each of the smaller islands that make up the Wabbit Archipelago their own unique feel. We’re also updating the look and theme of the dungeons on this island.
[2.14] Improvements to the AvA System Devblog - Game Design, Development - July 30, 2013 - [lichen]
For the 2.14 update, we have continued to work on improving the AvA system and Perceptors, based on the feedback from the players on the forums. In this update, our focus in the realm of AvA is to improve the “King of the Hill” (KotH) mode and address concerns about multiaccounting in the KotH system.
Update 2.13 and the Heroic Server Devblog - Game Design - June 10, 2013 - [Izmar]
In our previous devblog article, we gave details about the new guild wars and alliances system and how it works. Today, we’ll address the specific modifications to the Heroic Server.

The Heroic server has been experiencing several malfunctions (mostly related to the alignment system) or has game mechanics that are not adapted enough to the specific rules of permanent death. While working on the new system of guild wars and alliances, we wanted to take the opportunity to correct most problems linked to the alignment and to globally improve the function of this special server.
For the 2.13 update, the development team has been working on a system of guild alliances and a system of alliance and guild wars that will allow guilds to conquer territories, compete against each other, or collaborate together.
Hello everyone!

The DOFUS team is working relentlessly on the development of the Alliance vs Alliance system for the 2.13 update, I'm also swimming in PvP as I'm in the middle of preparing the next edition of the Goultarminator.
Interface Improvements in 2.11 Devblog - Development - April 10, 2013 - [Sili]
The 2.11 update is less than a week away, and like most major updates, it will bring along some new interfaces and client improvements. We've already talked about the new status system and the integrated bestiary, but that's not all! Here's a partial list of the other major improvements that you'll find in your client this coming Tuesday.
DOFUS Bestiary Integrated In-Game Devblog - Development - April 04, 2013 - [Sili]
With the 2.11 update, a new interface is coming into light: The Bestiary. As you might guess from its name, it will enable you access to lots of information on each of the monsters that populate the World of Twelve.
Improvement to the Chat Status System Devblog - Development - April 03, 2013 - [Izmar]
In the 2.11 update, the dev team wanted to introduce a feature that should delight the more sociable players (and the more misanthropic players too, for that matter): a new status management system that allows you to manage invitations, private messages, and more!
New 2.11 Equipment Devblog - Game Design - April 02, 2013 - [Izmar]
We’ve told you that Frigost 3 will bring new areas, new monsters, new resources, and new items to DOFUS. And how to better celebrate the long awaited “Frigost finale” than by rolling out the red carpet for the biggest wave of new items in a very long time, if not the largest collection of new equipment added to the game since the beginning of DOFUS?
While the restrictions on the number of weapon strikes per turn is intended to generally balance the function of weapons vs. spells, we are also including additional balancing measures on individual weapons. In this devblog, we’ll explore that process. Let's take a look...
Weapon Balancing in 2.11 Devblog - Game Design - March 15, 2013 - [lichen]
For the 2.11 update, we’ve planned to include the long awaited global weapon balancing with the following objectives:
  • Make weapons less essential in relation to spells.
  • Diversify moves performed during a turn.
  • Provide the players with more choices.
  • Increase the tactical aspect of PVM and PVP combats.
Frigost Statistics, Before and After Devblog - Game Design - March 06, 2013 - [Izmar]
A little over a year after the article "Frigost: what we’ve learned so far, and where we’re heading," and approximately two months away from the release of Frigost III, here's another truckload of statistics related to visitor traffic on Dofusians' favorite icy island.
Changes to Recipes in 2.10 Devblog - Game Design - February 20, 2013 - [lichen]
For the release of Frigost episodes 1 and 2, we used a new recipe format for equipment recipes, the equipment sets released in these updates were each associated with one dungeon and all ingredients needed to craft them could be obtained through the monsters of the corresponding dungeon.
This recipe format was intended to allow casual players to have easier access to the necessary ingredients, thus avoiding the need to run a multitude of dungeons in order to gather all the necessary ingredients.

Even though this type of recipe was not a source of complaints, beginning in 2011, we have decided to no longer follow this formula for creating equipment recipes. This trend is continuing in version 2.10.
2.10 Class Balancing Devblog - Development - February 13, 2013 - [lichen]
Our Balancing Policy In 2.10, we've decided to keep working on several class projects that we started a few updates ago, mainly by balancing the individual spell levels in order to make any spell viable even at level 1. We've gone even further by generally removing the reduction of AP costs between levels 5 and 6 (sometimes by increasing the AP cost of the level 6 spell, sometimes by decreasing the AP cost of the spell in levels 1 through 5).