Edited on 09/21/2020:
We have published this Devblog some time ago and meanwhile content has been changed. To keep up with the changes, we replaced the outdated visuals and updated the information in the text, marked in red and italics for your convenience.

Some of you regularly use the KE interface to get kamas and Ogrines. This allows you to buy subscriptions in the game and items or services in the shop using ogrines. Others prefer to get kamas so they can buy items right in the game (Marketplace, etc.). There's enough to make anyone happy.


You'll be able to rediscover the in-game KE through its new streamlined interface!
We're well aware of the many issues the in-game Kama Exchange caused, and we've redesigned the whole interface. The idea is for everyone to be able to use it easily, based on what they need, and much more smoothly.


This streamlined version gives you only two tabs:

  • A "Buy Ogrines" tab corresponding to "I Want Ogrines" in the old version.
  • A "Buy Kamas" tab corresponding to "I Want Kamas" in the old version.

Inside each tab, you can do two things:

  • On the left: "Buy Right Now".
  • On the right: "Submit Offer".

These two features are now in the same window, so there's no need to go from one tab to another. That means you can easily use one option or the other at your convenience.

Viewing Offers

All offers can now be viewed right in the "Buy Ogrines" and "Buy Kamas" tabs. This gives you greater visibility of all offers and direct access to them.
Tip: If you select an offer in the table, the data will be automatically entered into the fields above so you can either adjust your request/offer or buy right away.

Collecting Kamas (Kamas Awaiting Transfer)

You'll collect the kamas you bought using the KE automatically unless the server is not responding. In that case, your kamas will be transferred and the information will be visible in the "Kama and Ogrine Exchanges" interface, next to your kama storage. You'll have to manually collect the kamas being transferred to your bank later.


Linked Ogrines

As a reminder, when you exchange kamas for ogrines at the DOFUS Kama Exchange (KE), the ogrines you receive will be linked to your account. This is also the case with ogrines bought on Steam with real money. Linked ogrines can no longer be used on the KE. However, they are still valid for subscriptions, item purchases, and using services in games that accept ogrines. Careful, though, as any ogrines obtained from the KE expire after 90 days.

Your linked ogrines will appear under "Ogrines" in the "Kama and Ogrine Exchanges" interface. A yellow notification button will appear when your ogrines are soon going to expire (within one week), displaying a tooltip with the expiry date(s) for your linked ogrine packs.



You can find the average rate for Ogrines and Kamas in the regarding tabs.

The detailed value of ogrines is still available on the website:

Are you eager to test out this new way of making exchanges using the KE?

[Moosty] (UX Designer)
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