You can now see your friends from Ankama Launcher on DOFUS's "social" interface. So, now you can interact with them and see their activity.

How it works


Send a friend request

The "Friends" tab is now "Ankama Friends." Ankama friends must receive and accept a friend request. This friends list also appears in Ankama Launcher.

You can send a friend request in-game by using the "Add" button in the "Friends" tab.

Your pending requests sent and pending requests received are visible on the list at the bottom, where you can interact with it directly (cancel a submitted request, accept or refuse a request).

You will also receive an in-game notification when you receive a friend request from another player.

Filter options for your friends' list are available at the bottom of the interface. You can hide DOFUS friends who are not online and hide Ankama Launcher friends who are offline.

Friend activity

You can see your friends' activity:

  • Ankama Launcher or Ankama game icon
  • A phrase indicating what your friend is doing or looking for (playing DOFUS, looking for equipment for Kolossium, etc.)

This way, you can signal to your friends that you are looking for a group of players for a specific activity. To the right of the tabs, you can customize your message by:

  • Seeking group for Kolossium
  • Seeking group for a dungeon
  • Seeking group for quests

If you do not change anything, by default, it will say "playing DOFUS." A customized message will disappear when you quit the game.

Talking with friends

You can talk with your Ankama friends using the /w *Account username shortcut or by clicking on the account name in the chatroom or "social" interface, then "send private message."

Your message history will be saved in Ankama Launcher, but not in DOFUS.

You can talk with DOFUS friends not logged into DOFUS if they are online with Ankama Launcher or playing another Ankama game.

You can also send messages to an Ankama friend who is offline. He will see them as soon as he logs into Ankama Launcher.

You can always communicate with a character by private message using /w Charactername, but the message history will not be saved.

In-game contacts and mutual contacts in-game

These two types of contacts are saved. As before, a mutual contact will allow you to see the information of the character being played, to enter his Haven Bag, to join his combat, etc.

Over the long term, mutual contacts and Ankama friends will be merged in order to simplify the interface and player interactions.

Enemies and ignore list

These have been combined into one tab: "Blocked contacts," into two different lists: "In-game contacts blocked" and "ignored."

Over the long term, the blocked contacts list will merge with the Ankama Launcher blocked contacts list but, for now, they will remain separate.

Category: Developpement