In order to improve performance and your in-game comfort, a new update, version 1.30.9, is being rolled out to correct several recurring problems. But we're not stopping there! Our work continues with the upcoming release of a new update in a few weeks' time!

Details of the changes made in 1.30.9:

• Performance has been improved in certain cases with the 64-bit client: when displaying a great number of items and when the characters on the map move around.
• The "E" command now makes it possible to hide merchant modes as well.
• Some particularly annoying bugs have been fixed: the end-of-combat bug and the one involving monsters that blocked lines of sight even after dying.
• Cache problems in the 64-bit client have been fixed.
• The DOFUS Retro cache in the 64-bit version is now correctly isolated from the DOFUS 2 cache. It will no longer be reset each time you play version 2.
• The appearance of tactical mode has been improved on a number of maps (black blocks have been fixed).
• Right-clicking the game window has been disabled in the 64-bit version.
• The moonwalk bug (character running on the spot when a new movement is initiated before the character has completed the previous one) has been fixed.
Category: Developpement