We talked to you about it yesterday in our first KrosmoNote – the next expansion, "The Four Horsemen of the Eliocalypse", will be available on the beta server soon!


Before going all-out on the details of the contents of this expansion, we wanted to remind you which narrative context it fits into. This extension concludes Eliocalypse: Resonance, the first chapter in our new narrative arc.

But What Exactly Is the Eliocalypse?

The term appears in Eliotrope prophecies. The rare Twelvians who remember these forgotten texts consider them to be fables, because they refer to historical events that never happened, or that never should happen.

And yet… When the god Xelor instructs his Watchers to find out more about the temporal anomalies, and then the foreboding nightmares haunting Twelvians' dreams, he discovers that the source of these upheavals lies in the far future, which is unknown to him. Is it possible that the prophecies have an element of truth in them? Do they foretell an even more devastating catastrophe than Ogrest's Chaos?

While reading the Eliotrope predictions, another important event attracts the Watchers' attention: a war that will rage in the Cania Plains. The war does not appear in the records of the Divine Clock…

Could it be a consequence – or a premise – of the Eliocalypse?


The Four Horsemen of the Eliocalypse

This new expansion will be rolled out in two stages: a first part containing the greater part of the expansion will be available to all players in December 2019, whereas the second part that concludes this expansion will be available in early 2020.

Available in December

Requirements to trigger the new Eliocalypse series of quests:

  • Minimum level 50
  • Completed the six prologue quests
  • Multilevel quests

Requirements to trigger the Four Horsemen of the Eliocalypse main quests:

  • Completed the 7th quest of the multilevel series
  • Minimum level 180
  • Completed the Kanigrula series of quests

The end of the Four Horsemen of the Eliocalypse main series of quests will be revealed to you in early 2020!

New achievements and rewards are linked to this content: sets, ornaments, and a few surprises!


Five New Zones

The Horsemen remain beyond time and space, and five distinct biomes, four new monster families, four brand-new dungeons, and new resources are waiting for you:

  • Flooded zone (a mandatory waypoint to move between the regions)
  • War's zone
  • Misery's zone
  • Servitude's zone
  • Corruption's zone

It should be noted that all characters at level 50 or above can access the Horsemen's zones without meeting the requirements.

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