An all-new system has been implemented to fight detrimental in-game practices. Many of you have asked about this subject. Here is some information to answer your questions.

It's been a week since we implemented an all new kama debt system. The goal is to prevent some detrimental in-game practices, in particular: phishing, botting and the economic problems arising from them. This is part of a comprehensive effort including a number of measures we have already adopted, which we will continue to improve upon over time.

If you have already received a debt or want to know more about restrictions, blocked actions or any other information, you can find an explanation on the Support page right here.

A new anti-kama trafficking system

We've seen a lot of questions about how this system works. We aren't going to lie. For obvious reasons, we aren't going to give details about how this system works because that's exactly what "cheaters" want, so they can get around it. Please know, however, that our teams have been working on this behind the scenes for a long time. They observe how players behave, so they can identify how cheaters work and easily detect them.

This is an additional in-game tool intended to limit the impact that cheating and bots have on everyone's gaming experience.

Never fear: the system won't punish you for recovering the kamas of your friend who stopped playing the game or because he gave you some kamas for your birthday (unless they were bought illegally). If you believe you've been unfairly punished, Ankama Support is at your service. They'll address your concerns and make all the necessary verifications. ;)

What are the benefits of this system?

Selling kamas outside the Kama Exchange is illegal. Not only is it prohibited, it has a negative impact on server economy, and it promotes bad practices in-game: bots (bots are used to farm resources that are then converted to kamas and sold on illegal sites), account theft (accounts are stolen, the resources and equipment are converted to kamas, and they're later sold on illegal sites), etc. We could just as easily ban players permanently, but we would like to offer an alternative that is more educational.

Some players think a more appropriate punishment would be to ban offenders permanently. Actually, you might think this kama debt has the same effect for less invested players (in-game prospects have diminished significantly), however, it offers players who have already played a lot, and who make an error in judgment, the chance to make up for it and save their character. They just have to pay off their debt.

The Kama Exchange is there for this very purpose: you can securely buy or sell kamas, and the prices are determined by supply and demand. It's not Ankama who determines these prices, it's the trades between players. In this way, currency isn't created; kamas are simply transferred from player to player, which doesn't negatively impact server economy.

For some people, the Kama Exchange price is too high and warrants going to a third-party site. We feel obliged to warn you: not only do these sites directly and negatively impact the experience of ALL players, including you, they often also enrich themselves at your expense. The money they make will not be invested back into DOFUS to further develop and improve the game. Moreover, we will have to allocate more resources to protect you as best as possible. You may think you are getting a good deal, but you are actually encouraging, and exposing your account to, theft, phishing and all kinds of scams.

Please know that this matter is very important to us, and we will continue our efforts. Kama debt is but one of many tools at our disposition to help make your gaming experience as enjoyable as possible. Whether it's bots, phishing, or account theft, we work hard to protect you, and we continuously try to improve and find better solutions to these problems.

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