Pandala is an old zone in DOFUS that hasn't changed much since it was created. In the last few years, many of you have expressed interest in seeing the island brought up to date, and this project was important to us too. As an iconic zone in DOFUS, Pandala deserved more than just a graphical overhaul. And so, with enthusiasm and great care, we completely revamped it.

In addition to major geographical changes, there will be an expanded version of the history of Pandala. The flora and fauna will be different, which will affect the items made from resources collected on the island. Players will get to complete new challenges and be rewarded with glory, power, and wealth. And our more experienced adventurers needn't worry, as Pandala Island will have many secrets yet to be revealed in the summer of 650.
This update will also allow us to continue the work of balancing classes.


Can the future change the past?
Fueled by desperation in the wake of the disastrous Eliocalypse, a dragon decides to break all the rules and travel through time and space. His goal: prepare the World of Twelve for the trials the future has in store for it, thus allowing for a different future. This dragon is none other than the protector of Pandala Island.

Only the ancient spirits tied to Pandala can alter the course of events. Their powers are great. However, nature being untamable, in response to the dragon's call, the entire island is forever changed in a cycle of destruction and creation.
This time of great upheaval seems endless to the Pandalans; for all other Twelvians, it will have lasted for a single night.

Pandala's Awakening
The Pandawas had to adapt to their new environment and coexist with the spiritual beings, resurrecting previously forgotten faiths and traditions. At the same time, rebuilding efforts continue.

As Pandala reconnects with its past, the elders notice a worrying threat. The spirits seem agitated and are sometimes hostile to the Twelvians. What is causing their behavior? Is there any way to soothe them? What are their intentions? Could the dragon's cure be worse than the disease he's fighting against?
All these questions will eventually be answered… But one thing is certain: Pandala will never be the same again.


Pandala Island is emblematic of the World of Twelve. Maintaining the identity of the place was important, made more difficult due to its old graphics and having been built with outdated tools under outdated technical limitations.
Pandawa culture is largely inspired by China, of course. Well, the first thing you notice when you look at the ancient island is that, except for Feudala with its debatable volcanic appearance, it is entirely flat. And yet the "sugarloaf" mountains of China are intrinsically linked to the giant panda's ecosystem.

The 2020 version of Pandala was therefore built around a set of round, very vertical mountains that frame the whole island. In Aerdala, of course, but also in other zones, including the village, there are mountains everywhere, offering a nice feeling of terrain and navigation. We then gave each area its own graphical set to highlight the element it's associated with, in a way that's much more evident than in the old version.
  • Akwadala is dotted with rivers and waterfalls; water is much more present there, instead of simply surrounding the conquest village like before.
  • In Terrdala, rocks are now featured prominently as works of art.
  • Aerdala rises up to dizzying heights and is covered in windmills and kites.
  • Feudala has changed the most; instead of a volcano, it is a place centered on spirituality tied to incense smoke.
  • Finally, Pandala Forest is now Plantala and is covered in moss and vegetation fit for an area designated a "forest".


Although the Primordial Dofus storyline quickly brings you to Pandala Island, the content of the island is not really suited for characters that have just left Astrub. Other zones in the game already serve this function (e.g. Kingdom of Amakna and Cania Plains) and offer content and challenges adapted to these characters.
When Pandala Island was added to the game over 14 years ago, its content was meant for medium- to high-level players. Since then, the average level of characters has gone way up. This is due, among other things, to players' veteran status, changes to the game, and faster leveling compared to when the island came out.

To make sure Pandala still appeals to veteran players, the overall level of monsters encountered on the island will be increased, and the early zones will now be intended for players of around level 100 to 150. The goal here will be to provide a seamless block with greater continuity, as with previous zone revamps and additions.
The bestiary will also be completely updated. Whereas currently, the combination of monster families and their level are uneven (you may encounter a group of monsters where the level gap between them is over 50 levels), the number of families will be reduced and you'll no longer get weird combinations. Duplicates will be removed (Daggero's Lair and Kitsoune Dungeon); each monster and each family will have their own distinctive gameplay (no more Kitsoune with only the color and element changed); and there will no longer be a significant difference in power between two monsters of the same level (Pandulums' damage, Bulbs' resistance, etc.).
There will be a total of five monster families, some new and some updated, for adventurers to (re)discover. As for the ghosts in Nolifis Island, they remain true to themselves, but for how long?
The monsters in Pandala will continue to occasionally add archmonsters to their ranks. However, since the number of monsters on the island has been reduced, several archmonsters will migrate to other lands to be paired with other monsters. Pandala monster souls in players' possession will disappear; only archmonster souls will remain.
Some wanted monsters aren't fond of the upheavals that Pandala Island has undergone. As a result, four of these are moving to the continent, while the other three will stay firmly rooted to the island. New fugitives may, at some point, decide to take their place and settle on the island of the goddess and spirits.


Among the changes accompanying the Pandala bestiary overhaul, the number of resources that can be collected from monsters has been drastically reduced. Each monster will provide fewer types of resources, but each of these resources will be more useful (and therefore potentially more valuable). Resources that are now obsolete won't be deleted from your inventory; the resource vendor in Pandala Village will exchange them for other resources.

Pandala resources are used in hundreds of recipes, all of which will be adjusted following these changes. This includes equipment as well as breeding items, keys, and others. These changes will in no way impact the level or effects of equipment; these aspects will remain unchanged in the update. However, the transformation of the island will feature various new sets and equipment. Whether you're looking at stats or appearance, there'll be something for everyone.
There are several pets that hide in Pandala, and they too will be affected by the transformation. Changes will be made to their spawn criteria and the resources needed to collect them. A handful of them will become temporarily unavailable until a new hiding place can be found, which will take a few months at most.

We've started discussing the social aspect of the game, the future of guilds and alliance, and the conquest system. Given these uncertainties and due to the impact of recent events on production, conquest villages in Pandala Island will be removed, and the resources found there will be made accessible to all. It's much too early to predict their fate in the long term, to say whether they'll return to the game, and if they do, what they'll look like.
Treasure Hunts
Mainly because of time constraints, treasure hunts will initially be impossible in Pandala Island. This feature will become available on the island later this year.
The story of the island will be largely fleshed out and linked to the changes and improvements made to Pandala; the existing storyline will be considerably impacted.
As when we revamped Astrub, several quests will disappear, and others will be adapted to the changes. As mentioned above, regarding the Eternal Harvest in particular, it will be handled the same way as was when Cania, Sidimote, Dreggons, and other elements were overhauled: Monsters that are now obsolete will be replaced by other monsters, and archmonsters will remain unchanged.
A number of quests will allow you to discover the new Pandala Island and its secrets, introducing you to local drinks and the Pandawas' ancestral martial art.
Achievements linked to Pandala will be significantly affected by the update. Achievements associated with monster families and dungeons will be disabled. Characters that have completed these achievements will lose the points granted but will keep all other rewards earned (ornaments, titles, etc.). Counters (number of quests, achievement points, etc.) will be updated, but the achievements they are associated with will remain confirmed if they have been unlocked.

Of course, new achievements connected with Pandala will be added and available to all characters.

Specific Challenges

A minor new mechanic will accompany Pandala's awakening: monster-family-specific challenges. Quite simply, these are combat challenges designed to highlight the specific features of a monster family, and to more properly reward your combat-related feats. These challenges only appear in fights occurring in the target zone and nowhere else.
With these new challenges, we hope to make combat a little more varied from one zone to the next. They encourage you to adjust your play style to the monster family and reward you for doing so.
For example, the new monster family in Akwadala places static summons on the field that deal damage to nearby units. Here are examples of the challenges associated with these monsters:
  • Have each monster defeated by an enemy summon.
  • Have two monsters defeated by an enemy summon in one hit.
  • Kill none of these summons.
As this is a new system we're testing out in 2.56, we invite you to post in the forums to share what you think about these challenges. Tell us which ones you found interesting, which ones you didn't like, and share any ideas you might have for new challenges. Our main goal with this update is to determine, together with you, whether you like this feature and how we can develop it and perhaps expand it at some point.

Class Balancing

In response to the needs expressed by players and issues that have been observed, for this balancing phase we focused on the following classes: Sacrier, Foggernaut, Huppermage, and Ecaflip.
Since the most recent changes, certain bugs have unfortunately disrupted the experience of Sacriers along with that of their opponents, occasionally distorting the outcome of a fight. The changes made today are intended to correct these bugs and prevent the abuse they enabled. This debugging comes with several nerfs, as well as a few minor improvements that you can check out in the changelog.
Between these bugs and the many defensive spells and effects, the Sacrier's tanking was excessive. Our goal was to limit reduction stacking with the defensive spells and the passive, while limiting the rotation of these spells to give opponents more opportunities to fire during combat.
Following the changes made to Foggernauts and Huppermages last summer, these two very versatile, so-called "Swiss Army knife" classes had their gameplay relaxed and their overall power increased. However, they turned out to be overpowered in several different roles within the same fight when compared with so-called "specialist" classes. This is particularly true with the eroder role, where they're supposed to be a secondary choice relative to the main eroders, namely Iops, Ouginaks, and Ecaflips. Their capacity for erosion has therefore been reduced so as to maintain this capacity while also giving the primary eroder classes more opportunities to flex.
More precisely, Foggernauts will mainly see a reduction to the resistance of their turrets and the protection they can offer allies. In terms of improvements, the MP reduction mode (already somewhat used in PvM) has been emphasized, along with the Earth path, which was a bit low on damage, through the Trident. A number of spell descriptions that were wrong or incomplete have been corrected.
As for Huppermages, their individual tanking capacity has been reduced. The flexibility provided by certain spells related to managing elemental states or positioning via runes has also been weakened. Regarding improvements, bi-element spells that were applying states in the wrong order have been fixed, and the Arcane Torrent spell has been completely reworked to emphasize the management of elemental combinations, and therefore multi-element modes in general.
Ecaflips tend to struggle more often than their peers mentioned above, especially in PvP. The changes we're offering are meant to give a boost to the class in this respect, especially by placing greater emphasis on its role as an eroder. The spells Tails or Heads, Bluff, Meowch, and Nerve didn't work in an ideal way and have therefore been updated to serve that purpose.
The Clover spell, which is no longer central in gameplay since the passive was added, has been completely redesigned. Pushback damage paths have been slightly buffed. Rekop and Trickery have been reworked so that their randomness works in a more appealing way. The Misadventure has also been modified to work without the Clover and to provide a more appropriate mechanic.
As usual, we kindly ask that you test out these changes and give us your feedback in the relevant forum threads. We'll very closely track the development of the classes affected, while preparing the necessary changes for the next set of classes to be put through the balancing mill during the next few updates.

New Music in DOFUS

We are very excited to announce the release of part 2 of the DOFUS music revamp!

The sound department has been working tirelessly to provide a music and sound experience fit for the World of Twelve. As Guillaume Pladys, your steadfast composer for the music in DOFUS, explained in the Twitch episode last December 5, we strive for a subtle balance between music and sound effects so that the listening experience is unique.

With the first batch of tracks added during the Eliocalypse, next we'll be releasing no less than 40 new titles as part of the Pandala patch.

Let's start with the dungeon music. As there is a very high number of these tracks in DOFUS, we decided on a musical composition by theme. For each one, there will be exploration music and combat music. This way, you'll hear the music alternate between mysterious, enchanting, frosty, childlike, jungle-y, sinister, subterranean, warlike, industrial, and magical. These 10 or so well-defined ambient tracks will liven up your wanderings throughout the game.

Then, after inspecting the ins and outs of a dungeon, you stumble on its guardian… For the final boss, the musical aesthetic needs to be different, and much more epic. So the final confrontation in a dungeon will happen to the tune of strings, woodwinds, brass, and especially vocals! The entire symphony orchestra is used, along with a full choir. Perhaps they'll inspire you to defeat these bosses?

We've also added unique tracks for the most iconic characters in your favorite game. Who hasn't dreamed of a battle with Count Harebourg set to amazing music that does justice to the guardian of Ilyzaelle's Lookout? Or maybe you've imagined collecting the Vulbis Dofus with a majestic choir singing Crocabulia's praises in the background.

As you've rightly expressed in the forums, areas like Ilyzaelle's zone, the Bwork Camp, and Agony V'Helley lacked a specific musical sound. With the revamp, this is no longer the case; we've diversified the music you hear in the largest areas of the World of Twelve. By way of example, Pandala Island will feature 10 different musical tracks.

And last of all, we're officially releasing music from the game on audio streaming platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, and more). You'll be able to immerse yourself in the Krosmoz wherever you go! To tide yourself over until then, visit Ankama's SoundCloud for a special preview of a rearranged Pandala track.

The Sound Crew



After waiting and waiting, you'll finally get to see the new and improved Pandala Island.
Be sure to participate in the beta test for Pandala, available on the dedicated servers, and then share your impressions on it. Your feedback is important as it allows us to fix recent bugs and tweak the game experience.
Though the five elements will be in the spotlight this summer, the waning of sunny days will benefit other spirits, who will surely appear when the opportunity arises. So, plan to extend your trip to Pandala Island beyond your summer vacation.
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