The previous update featured a complete overhaul of Pandala, both in its graphics and in its content, which was massively enriched. But a small area off the coast remained untouched, like an unfinished Araknawa web. You've already had a glimpse of what's awaiting you there: a swampy cemetery that makes a perfect final resting place. But now it looks like its inhabitants may be done resting… As promised, we're proud to present the new Nolifis Island – an update that's simply to die for!

This update was also an opportunity to make a few improvements to the interfaces and general user-friendliness of the game.

When night falls over the tombstones

Nolifis… a cursed island, haunted by ghosts. A once-sacred land where Pandawas honored their ancestors. A terrifying place that only the bravest souls dare to explore, risking their lives with every step on its swampy soil.
Now that the spirits of Pandala have returned, did you really think the dead would stay underground?

Two in one

Accessible by boat from the Terrdala region, Nolifis Island now consists of two areas and two dungeons: the Nolifis Cemetery (dungeon: Shogun Tofugawa's Tomb) and Mount Tombs (dungeon: the Spirit Abode).
The Cemetery area is for adventurers from level 150 to 160. It is overrun by specters from the Army of the Mists, led by Shogun Tofugawa.
Mount Tombs is for characters from level 160 to 170. This necropolis is the playground of the Tombstone Yokai, who act under the influence of Koumiho, the nine-tailed Kitsoune.

The Army of the Mists

Made up of samurai, ninjawa and other disembodied warriors, the Army of the Mists controls most of the Cemetery. The only ones who dare to challenge their supremacy are the Slayspirits, a group of ghost-hunting Pandawas.


Eyes to the east

To form the Army of the Mists, we did a bit of picking and choosing among various historical and mythological references – mostly Japanese, but with some Chinese sources as well. In their names, their designs and their fighting styles, we've mixed different genres to create some truly exceptional monsters.
The Jiangshi-Nobi is obviously a reference to China's Jiangshi, a unique sort of vampire that's very different from our Western vampires. The body bag on its back evokes the idea of a reanimated corpse, strongly associated with the original myth, and makes it an interesting case study of how bodies transform into relics during their time in Externam.
As for the Tsukinochi, she's a mixture of three distinct references. Her name is inspired by the kunoichi, or female ninja. Her armor design evokes samurai armor, and her ornament is the source of the "tsuki" (moon) in her name. Finally, her weapon is a dual-bladed naginata, which was the weapon preferred by the female samurai known as Onna-bugeisha.


The ranks of the Army of the Mists


Shogun Tofugawa
The last representative of the Tofugawa clan, the Shogun was the greatest warlord of his era, despite his rather modest size. He is said to have triumphed over many enemies before finally perishing in an epic battle, his body riddled with arrows. But death was no obstacle to his ambitions – far from it. He assembled an unwaveringly loyal army and has no intention of resting in peace. Known as the Mist Rider, he never goes anywhere without his Yokomainu.

The Tombstone Yokai

The great elemental spirits have turned Pandala's ecosystem upside down, and this major event has also had repercussions for Nolifis Island. Responding to the call of primitive powers, Yokai that had been dead for ages began appearing in the island's high places.
Don't judge a Yokai by its cover
Inspired by strange creatures from Japanese folklore, the Yokai are as numerous and varied as they are fascinating to study. Some of them are directly inspired by existing Yokai, like the Bakazako based on the Kasabake, the evil umbrellas that turn up in many different stories. Others are references to "false" yokai that are still well-known in popular culture, like Miyazaki's No-Face, who is not actually a character from Japanese folklore.

Some Yokai were created out of thin air based on some other reference. For example, the Madura is based on a Daruma doll, a figurine that lets you make a wish by painting pupils in its eyes. So this one was not originally a Yokai, and our more observant players may have noticed that another Yokai appearing in the "Mind Your Spirits" quest also refers to a Daruma.

So there are no specific rules for creating Yokai in the World of Twelve, except that they have to make sense in some way. That may mean that a given Yokai evokes a certain idea through its design or theme, as much as through its original reference point. The stranger its underlying concept is, the better, because that's really the core essence of these creatures: to horrify us and raise questions in our minds even as they fill us with wonder.
The Ghostly Yokai
Koumiho the Kitsoune
People whisper that this nine-tailed Kitsoune has returned from the dead to avenge someone… but who? Her story is full of secrets. Thanks to her exceptional charisma, Koumiho never had any trouble getting the other Yokai to obey her. She made her home in a building high on Mount Tombs, an abandoned temple to the goddess Inali. Legend has it that the place is haunted by all sorts of spiritual creatures… Only madmen – and adventurers – would dare set foot inside.

One in two

Heroes who sought to learn the reasons for Pandala's transformation discovered that it was caused by two dragons: Orukam and Imagiro, the real cause of the spirits' awakening. All evidence seems to suggest that these two dragons were originally one and the same. The mystery of their separation remains to be illuminated, and indeed this is the goal of the main quests associated with Pandala.
And where there are dragons, there's sure to be a Dofus…
After acquiring the Domakuro, or Inky Egg, a second Dofus appears on the scene: the Dorigami, or Paper Egg, with its immaculate white shell. Could this legendary object be the one that a certain Lenald, well known to Dofus seekers, has been talking about all this time? To find out, you'll have to go to Nolifis… and beyond.

Update 2.57: other changes

Deactivation of community challenges

Introduced in 2016 and "nerfed" after extensive abuse, the community challenge function is no longer fulfilling its intended role. It is very rarely used in a legitimate way, and is mainly a source of scams or a "hidden" way to exchange illicit kamas. For this reason, we have decided to remove this function from the game. Ongoing challenges will be deleted when the update takes effect, and no reimbursements will be made for registration fees or prize pots.

Dungeon achievements visible during fights

Players have been asking for this for a long time. Achievements associated with dungeon bosses are now displayed and updated during the fight. Yes, we're talking about achievements like "Kardorim (Zombie)" or "Tal Kasha (Statue)" (this does not apply to achievements linked to idols)
Specifically, all of this information will appear in the interface that is already used for challenges, but you'll be able to easily distinguish the "basic" challenges by their icons with an orange background.
In terms of functionality, everything will work the same as for a normal challenge:
  • Information like "[Logan] failed the Nomad challenge" will appear in chat.
  • The icon will be updated with a green check mark or a red X when the achievement is completed or failed.
  • Finally, only the achievements that are actually possible for your team to complete will be displayed:
    • Duo only if the team has 2 characters, Duel or Tight if you're not alone…
    • If an achievement has already been completed by all team members, it will not be displayed.
We also took the opportunity to revise the descriptions for all of these achievements to explicitly mention the corresponding challenge, and to make the text more legible in the achievements UI.
Before - After

In-game Kama Exchange

A devblog was published somewhat prematurely last year on the overhaul of the in-game KE (you can read it here), but this time it's really coming out! To give us time to do a last few tests, this feature will be available 1 or 2 weeks after the update.
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