As you may know, Update 2.59 is mostly dedicated to debugging, but that won't stop us from doing some balancing!


Of course, there will be less balancing than there may have been in previous updates, which is for two reasons (well actually, just one): the priority is debugging, which therefore requires most of our workforce, but also because adding or changing things for balancing can increase the number of bugs to fix. This is obviously not the goal, so we tried to find a reasonable compromise that we're happy to present without further delay.

As regards equipment, you will mainly be offered buffs in reaction to the December update. The nominees are: Corruption Pestilence, the Ebony Dofus, and lastly the Lavasmith Dofus!

As regards classes, we focused mainly on nerfing certain "top-third" classes to bring them closer to the power of the other classes. The nominees are: Sacrier (whoa, what a surprise!), Huppermage, Sram, and lastly Xelor!
Between the KTA matches taking place at the moment (for the PvP aspect), the various videos and streams, and your feedback on the forums and social media (as well as the many experiments and tests of yours truly), we chose to set our sights on these classes in particular. Clearly, some other classes still need nerfing and others need buffing, but we must do one thing at a time. As we said above, we preferred to focus on a modest scope so we could do things properly in the time we had, and especially without adding a host of bugs, but the next update will obviously have its share of balancing.


Corruption Pestilence

  • Since its nerf in the last update, Pestilence has undeniably become forgotten. In a way, it was good for everyone not to see it again after the not-so-great meta; we must admit it was quite imposing at the time. That being said, it is still an excellent cloak, if only due to its characteristics; it can thus be avoided, even if wrongly so in part. The problem is its legendary power, which has really become quite difficult to harness given the constraint it imposes. We obviously don't want to make this cloak "broken top meta" again, but rather keep how it works while reasserting its value; this way, the item will still be for highly specific builds that revolve entirely around it, and it will be worthwhile in this case. So the solution we're now offering is actually rather simple, but it should be enough to restore interest in this legendary cloak: an increase in the poison's damage, so it will once again become a useful source of damage for its wearer, and a serious threat for opponents to take into account.

Ebony Dofus

  • Aaaah, the Ebony Dofus! Its recent nerf – like with the Corruption Cloak – definitely cleaned up the meta, allowing classes to refocus on their own gameplay and mechanics rather than "poison spamming". That being said, the way it now works makes it more situational and more or less difficult to use depending on your class, which was quite clearly the goal, but too many people see how it is used as not rewarding enough. According to what we've heard, tested, and observed, classes that have no difficulty using it are continuing to do so and are really benefiting from it. On the other hand, those who have more difficulty doing so because of their gameplay are complaining. However, even with these classes, the Dofus remains quite useful, firstly due to its Dodge bonus, but especially for its poison damage, which can be very useful in some PvM content or some PvP fights, as long as you use the right build and spells. Based on our analysis and your feedback, the problem mainly comes from how worthwhile it is to use – in other words, reserving it a Trophus slot, investment in fixed damage, and a need to be more exposed, especially for ranged classes. Rather than changing the loading and applying mechanic – which would put us back in the previous situation where anyone could use it easily regardless of the situation and so clearly isn't desirable – instead, we propose raising the poison's damage. In this way, equipping the Ebony Dofus and playing with it will still require investment, but it is already more worthwhile. We shouldn't forget that an Ebony Dofus – placed as soon as it is available – means more base damage than a Leek Pie, every turn it cannot be parried or dissipated, which can apply at short or very long range and overrides the opponent's damage reductions! Anyway, we will obviously keep a close eye on how this improvement is received.

Lavasmith Dofus

  • The final item modified in this update is the Lavasmith Dofus. In this case, its recent buff has caused issues, namely the shield's being activated by the various teleportation effects. Guess who needs to teleport all the time? Xelors, obviously! This buff did provide an effective counter to the "Hand-spamming" Fire Xelor, but it also did a lot of harm to the other elemental paths that didn't deserve it. As you will see below, adjustments are being made to the Xelor class, making it possible to safely modify the Lavasmith Dofus. The goal for this Dofus is therefore to make it less "anti-class" – and "anti-monster", but we won't elaborate, since you'll already know – by making it consistently effective from one opponent to another, especially thanks to its maximum effect stacking. We also wanted to make it more effective against characters who are oriented toward pushback damage, since that's its main goal.


We set the following goals for this round of class balancing:

Sacrieur - BETA 2.48 - Forum - DOFUS, le MMORPG stratégique.


  • Lower the passive values to reduce offense and defense overall.
  • Overall, reduce Sacriers' power in PvP without altering their appeal in PvM too much.
  • Slightly lessen the ability to position others.
  • Greatly limit the stacking of offensive or defensive effects for elemental or utility spells that already have a powerful passive.
  • Since the class has a lot of potential "counters", but also a lot of "counter-counters" to protect against them, minimize the ability to protect themselves or to retaliate too easily.
  • Promote some least-used spells.

Huppermage - BETA 2.48 - Forum - DOFUS, le MMORPG stratégique.


  • Decrease offense and the ability to place great damage too easily.
  • Among other things, restore line of sight to several spells, to prevent Huppermages from hitting too easily without being hit in return.
  • Still on the issue of damage, drastically decrease the maximum damage potential for the pushback damage path.
  • Make some elemental combinations that are currently too effective less powerful.
  • Readjust the AP/MP reduction values for a better balance between spells that use them.
  • Moderate the dominance of Critical Damage/Critical builds in favor of "Critical-free" multi-elemental builds.

Sram - BETA 2.48 - Forum - DOFUS, le MMORPG stratégique.


  • Mitigate the omnipotence of Srams in single-player PvP with minimal impact on team PvP and PvM.
  • This includes reducing its erosion and positioning/interference abilities.
  • Promote some least-used spells.
  • Boost a path that is rare but no less appealing: Fire/Pushback Damage.

Xelor - BETA 2.48 - Forum - DOFUS, le MMORPG stratégique.


  • Reduce Xelors' positioning ability at very long range without having to move oneself or use significant cooldowns.
  • Reduce the power of the Fire path.
  • Thanks to the Lavasmith Dofus's nerf, re-emphasize the other elemental paths' gameplay in PvP.
  • At the same time, make the reduction mode(s) less essential in this game mode.
  • Promote some of the least-used spells.
  • Improve "anti-Gravity" tools.

You'll soon be able to check out a breakdown of the changes in the detailed changelog once the beta is available!

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