After an early announcement for the 2.58 update, this new feature to guide you in your progress will see the light of day on the 2.59 beta server.

This feature will be available this Tuesday, March 30th, in the 2.59 beta server. If you have any feedback to give after testing it, don't hesitate to comment below!
In order to help you during your tests, here's a quick reminder on what this interface is about.


This is another new feature with its own interface that players can access via a button on the interface. The aim is to guide the player in their progress.

The suggestions recommend activities for you to complete during your game session. Up to 6 suggestions may be displayed at the same time. The suggestions renew every time your character logs in. However, if certain suggestions don’t interest you, you can refresh them all or individually. You can also lock suggestions so they won’t reset the next time you log in or when you use the refresh function. Suggestions can also be refreshed when you use filters. In fact, you can filter suggestions by level, zone, and category.

What activities are suggested?

The suggested activities are those which your character hasn’t yet completed, for example, completing a dungeon, visiting a zone, or using a feature. In this way, the suggestions are a discovery tool. Even the most generic suggestions help remind advanced players of all the different activities available in the World of Twelve. Whether it’s breeding, a harvesting profession, or simply going to the Kolossium, suggestions help add some variety to your game activities. As soon as your character completes a suggested activity, it disappears, and a new suggestion appears. Unfortunately, there is no reward for completing a suggestion.

Suggestions may also announce events in progress! Now, when an event is in progress, a specific map for the event will automatically pop up, even if the suggestions are refreshed. This will indicate the event’s start and end dates. For bigger events (Fleaster, Vulkania, Kwismas, etc.), additional maps may also appear among the other suggestions.

What’s the format of a suggestion?

Generally, a suggestion will contain a title and a brief subscription of the proposed activity. Although the suggestions consider your character’s level, you can also see the suggestion’s recommended level. Lastly, the suggestion may also indicate the location of the activity. This may be the zone, the sub-zone, or even clickable coordinates that will add a landmark to your map. The different suggestion categories will be easy to distinguish by their picture and their frame.

Category: Game design