In early February, we reached out to get your various ideas about modernizing the Blacksmith Dungeon, so let's revisit the topic!

Hear ye, hear ye, adventurers of the World of Twelve! Today I take up my Tofu quill to bring you news of a dungeon that some of you know well! In early February, we reached out to get your various ideas about modernizing the Blacksmith Dungeon. Please find below the results of the survey we shared with you a few weeks ago ingame:

Do you think we should bring changes to the Blacksmith Dungeon?

Rank the possible changes to the Blacksmith Dungeon from most promising to least encouraging.

We won't dwell on why we're late revisiting it:
despite doing a survey (we'd like to thank the community, who took part energetically!), we didn't find a truly satisfactory solution to offer you.

Too restrictive, too drastic, not fun enough… nothing was really suitable. Anyway, we're sorry for the delay.

But we're pleased to share what we put together for you, which will appear when Version 1.35 is released!
We decided to remove the fight against the Chest.

I know what you're thinking: "That's it, DUSK has lost his marbles, the Pawger Hazard event took its toll", and you'd be right, but let me explain. We're doing this because we feel there is no reason for this fight to exist, either in terms of what it means or the frustrations it generates.

We closely examined what this boss represents: a lottery that lets you get a certain number of kamas and items.

Then… it struck us: We're going to revive a feature that a certain YouTuber recently put back in the spotlight.

"To take or… to take, the show with Arthur?"

As you can see, you can choose one of the four chests in the room. Just like Gobball Roulette, the chest you choose will randomly generate rewards and then take you out of the dungeon.

Which chest will transport you to an island paradise and which one will be somewhat less lucky? You're just one step away from finding out… The idea here is to make for a moment of excitement rather than a moment to be feared.

We won't go into detail in this mini-devblog, but expect a drop in the average number of kamas up for grabs.

In parallel, we are currently testing several possibilities, one of which is to give you the chance to win – if you are lucky – a jackpot that's bigger than what the boss offered.

Another one – if we give in to our sadistic side – is the possibility of losing kamas if you hit bad luck.

We hope you like this approach, and we look forward to reading your reactions in the comments. We'll see you soon to present Version 1.35 to you in more detail!

The DOFUS Retro Team.

Category: Game design