Dear adventurers of the World of Twelve, today I take my tofu-feather pen in hand to talk to you a bit about the future of DOFUS Retro. Last August, we presented the content of version 1.33 in a livestream that included a very special announcement: We raised the possibility of a potential update that would provide you with a way to obtain the last two Primordial Dofus in-game. Once this exciting livestream was over, we checked in with you to see what you thought of the idea. A huge majority of you were in favor of this plan, and so today we're finally presenting a few more details about update 1.35.

Have a seat, grab a nice cup of coffee or tea, and let's get started!

Introduction of the Ebony Dofus and Ivory Dofus and two new/old dungeons.

You might not have known this, but there are a fair number of areas, items, monsters, spells etc. that are hidden in the game files but have never actually been revealed to players. We've told you about some of them, but others have remained hidden away in our studios, just waiting for us to share them with you. Today we're opening our bag of tricks to pull out two items and two dungeons that have never been explored until now.

Designed and implemented with the tools and game design concepts of their time, these dungeons are built for very high-level adventurers who don't mind a tough challenge! They were initially designed as level 100 dungeons, but we decided to increase the difficulty to offer you a richer variety of adventures.

The various creatures and champions who reside in these dungeons use spells with some fairly unique effects. For example, besides inflicting damage and applying penalties, some of them will give you bonuses. Will you decide to remove them to avoid receiving too much damage, or keep them to really show the bad guys who's boss?

These two dungeons offer a real pre-Otomai flavor while also providing a distinct experience.

Although the game design of this era had a bit of a "pre-fab" feel, our various teams have added some major polish to provide you with the retro experience you deserve.

When producing new content, it's not unusual to use "placeholders" that serve to illustrate an idea by recycling existing content. Since a large majority of the monsters' animations and appearances were visually the same as for other monsters, we opted to focus on the monsters' visual aspects to give them a little more shine while maintaining the original spirit of these dungeons.

And that's not all! Not only will this update dazzle your eyes, it'll be a real treat for your ears as well. Guigui, the most famous troubadour in the whole World of Twelve, has composed a few new themes to accompany you through these dungeons, and for Otomai as well! With a perfectly retro ambiance and the classic instrumentation that you all know and love, these themes will really put you in an adventuring mood! The sound department has also prepared a little surprise for you that we'll be revealing very soon. 

The community has also expressed its desire to see some other new items besides the Dofus added to these dungeons, as an additional motivation to explore them. So here are the visuals for those items, along with some additional details:

Ilyzaelle's Lookout

In this dungeon overlooking the vast Cania Plains, Bonta's greatest champions will block your path to Ilyzaelle, guardian of the Ivory Dofus, who won't hesitate to draw on her powers to attack you from afar. Scholars, soldiers and other intelligent creatures will stop at nothing to prevent you from reaching the top of the mountain.

A proud band of victorious warriors!

And here, in no particular order, are a few resources from the dungeon, along with the Ilyzaelle Set, which will consist of 4 parts and be very high-level.


Qu'Tan's Sanctuary

Qu'Tan's Sanctuary is a cave lined on all sides with statues dedicated to Rushu, and populated by creatures that seem to come from some other world. Although they have familiar faces, you've never seen them in the Sidimote Moors before. You can feel a strong concentration of magic emanating from the depths… could Qu'Tan be behind it? There's only one way to find out!

You guessed it, folks: Qu'Tan, the former lieutenant to Esra'Ruoy'Dnim, has mastered the ability to summon demons, and he'll also be using the power of the Ebony Dofus to give you a good thrashing.

Here are a few random resources from the dungeon, along with the Qu'Tan Set, which will consist of 4 parts and be very high-level.

And finally, the power of these new guardians is so great that you'll need to acquire some special protection before facing them… or suffer the consequences. After all, you don't get to be the guardian of a Dofus by winning a contest on a cereal box – you have to earn it.


Introduction of a modern 32-bit client

A few months ago, access to the Boune server was restricted to the 64-bit client, which offers increased security and improvements like the "anti-lag" mode and desktop notifications. With the release of version 1.35, a 32-bit version will be made available with all of the benefits of the previous client and reduced memory (RAM) consumption, as well as compatibility with less powerful machines.

You'll be able to select it directly in the DOFUS Retro options in the launcher, just above the Classic/Remastered option.


The Chameleon gene

Your character's appearance and clothing are just as important as the bulging muscles they're so desperately trying to show off. But your loyal steed deserves to look good too! This update will introduce the long-awaited Khamelerost Potion. It will be available for purchase in the shop, and will enable you to apply the "Chameleon" gene to the mount you have equipped when you consume the potion.

With this ability, your mount's colors will match your own, for a truly striking effect.

Once applied to a mount, the chameleon gene has a small chance of being inherited by their offspring… Ecaflip willing.

The Events Channel

You caught a little glimpse of this during the "House for Sale!" event, but that was just one small part of what we have in store. Version 1.35 will introduce the new events channel, which will appear alongside the other channels over the chat window and act as your connection to life on the server.

There's a lot happening on the servers on any given day, but while that may be obvious to us, it can be tough for regular players to keep track of it all. So now, when someone wins a Vulbis Dofus, a message here will let you know. If some lucky player wins the Gobball Roulette jackpot [which will be back and working properly in this update!], a message here will let you know… and those are just a couple of examples of how this system will work.

Of course, it will be possible to deactivate this channel like any other, and users can also remain anonymous if they prefer by setting an option.

As you can see, there's a lot of potential here, and over time we'll be adding more activities that will be reported to you. If you've got suggestions, we're all ears. The key word here is "reasonable": we don't want this channel to be flooded with messages, so we'll only report rare or truly interesting events.


The Blacksmith Dungeon

A few weeks back, we posted a short devblog article on this somewhat unusual dungeon that causes players a lot of frustration for various and sundry reasons. So we've decided to give it a new identity while still holding on to the original idea.

The chest fight will be replaced with a sort of lottery that will let you win your rewards in a new and more enjoyable way! More details are available in this devblog article.

As you can see, this new update is a pretty big deal. With this update, we're also opening the beta server, where you can test certain features and balancing updates. See this news item for more information.

Other additions will soon appear in the devblog, and they'll be catalogued in the changelog that will come out just before the update is released. Certain aspects which are eagerly awaited by the community, like the reunification of the six Dofus, will be included in a dedicated update.

The whole team has worked hard to get this update ready for your in-game enjoyment, and we can't wait for you to check it out!

The DOFUS Retro team

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