In this devblog, you can see everything that's included in Update 1.35 for DOFUS Retro.

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Full Changelog

Read on for a complete list of the changes applied by the June 2 update:

1. New Features

  • The game features two new dungeons with resources, mechanics, and equipment.
  • The resource crusher has 6 slots instead of 4.
  • The monster "Jellidice" is now included in the list of monsters on Minotoror Island.
  • The monsters "Soft Oak" and "Koalak Gravedigger" will drop an additional resource.
  • To encourage the conquest of Dopple Territory, the unique resources in class temples can now be obtained from the corresponding Dopple. These can also be obtained from the Dopples in temples.

2. Graphical Fixes

  • Several visual aspects of the interface have been updated to enhance the game experience.
  • Fixed the color assignment for male Feca artwork.
  • Fixed a size problem with the "Sword Onik" item.
  • Fixed an incorrect in-game appearance of the "Bow Gotta" and "Bow Nuss" items.
  • A cape no longer covers a shield on male Sacriers and male and female Pandawas when they look to the north.
  • Headgear no longer covers a shield on male Fecas, male and female Osamodas, male and female Srams, male and female Ecaflips, male Iops, male and female Cras, female Sadidas, male Sacriers, and male and female Pandawas when they run to the south.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the "Eniripsa Dopple" from playing the attack animation for some spells.
  • The "Lady in the Water" monster no longer plays the appearance animation in a loop.
  • Fixed an incorrect appearance for the "Fisherman Scroll" item.
  • Fixed a problem with the larva transformation while on a dragoturkey.
  • Fixed a display problem with the animation for the "Backlash" spell.

3. Remastered Fixes

  • Improved the animation for the "Jump" spell.
  • Fixed a color problem with certain animations of the "Brown Warko" monster.
  • Fixed a flickering problem when the "Royal Pippin Blop" monster died.
  • The quality of the "Clock" spell's dial has improved.
  • Optimized performance for the "Bonta Sewers" and "Brakmar Sewers" areas.
  • The quality of the map of Incarnam has improved.
  • The quality of the background of Incarnam has improved.
  • The icons for special spells have been reworked to bring them closer to the original 1.29 design.
  • The "Lady in the Water" monster had not been converted for the Remastered version.

4. Usability and Improvements

  • The animation for the "Divine Sword" spell has been updated to more accurately reflect its area of effect.
  • The animation size for the "Sword of Iop", "Shrivelling", and "Dark Ray" spells was reduced in a previous patch in order to avoid in-game slowdowns. Given the various improvements made to the client since then, we are restoring the initial value.
  • The points of interest "Passage to Brakmar", "Wabbit Castle", "Grocery Store", "Ilyzaelle's Lookout", "Boat to Otomai Island", "Gobball Roulette", "Qu'Tan's Sanctuary", and "Scarplanes", as well as the various boats, are now marked on the world map.
  • The Fishermen and Fishmongers' Workshop appeared twice in the list of Brakmar Zaapis.
  • The Blacksmith Dungeon now has its own sub-area.
  • The second Smiths' Workshop in Amakna and Brakmar, and the Jewellers' Workshop in Porco Territory are now correctly marked on the world map.
  • Gobball Roulette is available again at the fair. To make it more fun, we are multiplying the cost of participating by five, and dividing the likelihood of winning the jackpot by five.
  • The game's soundscape is richer: Certain older and newer areas now have their own theme.
  • To resolve issues with the Tab key, it is now disabled except on the login screen.

5. Non-Combat Fixes

  • A problem was making untranslated text appear in the house sharing interface.
  • A problem was preventing the "You crafted the [item name] item for [character name]!" text from displaying the item name in the Spanish version.
  • Fixed a mistake in the name of the "Alignment" channel in the Spanish version.
  • The "Another Means of Transport" and "Very High-Speed Scarplane" quests now have a prerequisite of level 30 in order to limit abuse through automated actions.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the "Hammer Smith Scroll" item from being dropped.
  • To be more consistent with other dungeons in the game, the Blacksmith Dungeon Key can no longer be obtained in said dungeon.
  • Changed the requirement for the quest "The Master's Henchmen" related to the Blacksmith Dungeon.
  • The monsters "Brumen Tinctorias" and "Rok Gnorok" now appear correctly.
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